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Soulsearching in Capones Island......


I didn't go back to Pangasinan
for All Saints day but decided
to go to Zambales instead.....

If I may note, Josh lured me to it with the idea of going to Capones Island coz he said he needs somebody to share the boat rental. Since I don't know where to put my extra money, (as if I got a lot.haha) I said okay......

As I said, I made up my mind.
I need to keep going.
Capones Island off the coast
of Pundaquit Zambales is the place to be......

We were in Pundaquit 8 months ago, but never in Capones. I only saw it in blogs of lawstude and Dong so I thought of experiencing it myself.

Our set-off point was not Pundaquit this time but Brgy. san Miguel where we contracted a small bangka (boat) for 800 pesos, ($17). I found out that most boat owners are from this area.

The island looks near but it takes around 20-30 minutes to get there. Fun to see the mountain on the left and the blue South China sea on your right.......

Then, as you get closer to the Island, the excitement mounts up.

As soon as stepping onshore, I might say that I was a bit amazed with the sand. I didn't anticipate that it could be close to the white sands of Boracay. Of course Bora's sands are still the finest that I saw.

This picture though reminds me a lot of PUKA Beach except that this is Capones Islands' Southeast side.

Once in the island, we unloaded our stuffs then went back to the boat. The boat owner was generous enough to voluntarily offer us a ride around Capones. If you go here, I would highly recommend this. The view is just amazing.

Most of these pictures were taken on the opposite side of the main beach area almost facing the South China Sea. Farther on this side you could notice the rocks with evidences of the battering ocean, maybe during the typhoon season.Capones Island is a testament to how a particular piece of land could defy the strength of the angry sea.

Must really be fun to camp here overnight.
Oh, did I mention that there is a lighthouse
somewhere here?

We tried to reach it. Will tell you about it next time.
Was fun.


  1. Hoyeah!

    It's really amazing scenery there!!

    The beach looked awesome!!

  2. still very beautiful. i actually consider capones as one of the best islands that i've visited. you will appreciate it more if you had the chance to trek up those hills. ganda talaga doon.

    but you're really lucky coz when we were there, waves were really huge that we hardly had the chance to get shots from the boat.

    worst thing was, we didnt had the chance to really explore the island thru the boat as the waves were reall huge on the south china sea side. im happy to see those shots on that side in this post.

    byahero ka rin naman pala. one time invite ka namin sa byahe. kung interested ka. email ka lang sa

  3. nice island!!! did you guys stay a night there?

  4. wow pilipinas!

    ayos to ha, anlapit pa...

  5. pinapahanga mo ko ah! try mo anawangin cove next. unlike capones which has pretty nasty waves, very calm ang dagat sa anawangin cove.

    sana may pics ka nung old lighthouse dyan sa anawangin.

  6. capones and anawangin are the best places to be especially if i have problems and i just want to relax without going too much far from the city.. i've been there so many times.. it always facinates me... i love it!

  7. ZARA---really a beautiful place. My 2nd best place next to BORACAY.

    Dong---cguro nga. At swerte kami kasi unti lang tao. 3 groups lang nakita namin then after umikot kami sa island nawala na sila. Off season kasi. So yung mga locals nalang na taga-San Miguel andon.

    I only travel pag me time at me pera. keke. But I really love it. Been to couple of places narin kaso lately lang ako start ng documentations. Hinayang tuloy ako sa iba ko napuntahan na wala manlng pics like DINGALAN Aurora at Mindanao. sayang. Thanks for the invi....

  8. Frog---unfortunately not coz we were in the area for only 2 days. The 1st day was for All Saints day. During our trip to this island, we got to go back to the mainland the same day coz we need to go back to Manila. Work sucks.....keke

  9. Chyng---uo, I would really recommend the place. 4 hours bus ride, tryk for 20 minutes, boat 20 minutes. don kana.mas maganda group tapos overnight.sarap

    Puppet----san ba anawangin cove. Sa Capones parin ba yun? o sa Bataan?sowi. diko lam.keke

  10. Never been here, based from the pictures I am now eagerly wanting to go there. Most probably next year nalang.

  11. 2 thumps up for the shots and views..gud to see josh in the pictures..ano ba blogsite nya friend?..sige,just have fun!

  12. glad you had a great time there. like what dong said, isa ito sa mga pinakamemorable na place na napuntahan namin. hope to have you in one of our tours. ingats.

  13. She===really a relaxing place. parang sarap overnight.

    Puppet also mentioned alawangin. I think I missed it. yun ba yung me lighthouse?

  14. wow! kakainggit... it's really an ideal place for soulsearching!

  15. Ar-wee-der-yet ---since you travel a lot. This place should really be part of your future itineraries.

    Aquamarine---thanks. wlang blog si JOSH. lam mo na tamad. super pilit ngako e. kaso ayaw....

  16. Lawstude ---nakita ko nga yun sa blog nyo. overnight kayo don diba? must really be fun. lalo pag group. ilan ba kayo nun?

    I am Bong---maganda nga talaga don muni muni--keke

  17. Really a beautiful island. Still well preserved.

  18. aw! i hate you! nainget ako sa photos! sarap magbeach!

  19. falcon---sad to say, I spotted a couple of portions in the island where there are trashes left by some tourists. Hope the local government do something about it coz It seems as if some of them have been there for quite sometime......

    Joshmarie--time to get away I guess. You deserve a break.

  20. kanami sang lugar ah bongga

    very peaceful and solemn


  21. Can you do any fishing in the island? What about the availability of fresh water?

  22. You really got some neat photos of the island. It was neat to see it from the sailboat.

  23. it's so cold here, i miss beach with scorching sun..

    phillipines have really nice islands. is that a cliff in the last few pics? with lighthouse on top? ;) so envy of u!

  24. Antoine GF ----peaceful and solemn indeed.

    bertN ---it's a small island so there is no freshwater reservoir. Fishing, plenty of fish around the island. Our guide caught a couple of fish just with the use of a sharp metal stick something.donno how to call it.keke. but definitely many fish in the area.....

  25. fishing guy---there are lotsa fish around the island. It's actually my first time to snorkel and I saw a lot of fish just a few meters from the shoreline. Really fun.

    LZ---go here, we got 7,100 islands to offer. keke. the cliff is part of the island.....

    ....there is a lighthouse in the island, I will tell you about it in my next post.

  26. Another discovred treasure in phils, worth visiting.

    I wish our tourism department in Phils would spend serious efforts to promote beautiful spots in our country.
    Kung hindi pa sa blogs, we dont know places as beautiful as this.

    Worth visiting nga.

  27. konti nga lang talaga pumupunta dyan sa capones. mostly kasi sa anawangin nag oovernight.

    nung time namin, grupo lang namin ang nandun pero 14 kami kasama si lawstude.

    the best ang malaking alon na experience. signal number one ba naman si typhoon igme. hehehe...

  28. Capones?? Never heard the island before, maybe---Catanduanes, Camarines--pero Capones--ngaun palang--

    ANyway, pictures are amazing, absolutely beautiful---

    Plus---u organized ur thought well---


  29. Ms Francesca---I heard that the French are starting to discover the beauty of the Philippines and that the DOT is promoting the country heavily there. Have you heard of the survivor series in France shot in CATANDUANES?

  30. the donG ---okay yun a. sinugod nyo bagyo. kami medyo kalmado alon. pero medyo maalon parin. lam mo naman area. Dinaanan din namin yung maliit na Island, para kasing walang masyadong room kaya mas okay parin sakin Capones. dina kami bumaba. mas marami tao don nung dumaan kami. sa Capones, 3 groups lang nakita namin and then by noontime 2 groups nalang us, with the locals of San miguel.

    Mys Lyke Meeh ---it's a bit famous in the blogosphere, but I donno why the D.O.T is not promoting it. Maybe they want it to just go to waste....

  31. wow!! ang sarap!! nakakainggit!! gustong gusto ko na rin magbakasyon!!! hahaha kahit kasisimula pa lang ng pasukan huhuhu!! kakainggit talaga!! tsk tsk!

  32. Fjordan Allego---why not. Zambales is just 4 hours away. go go go

  33. hala! ang ganda nga... sana talaga ma promote ang tourism sa pilipinas... sigh...

    good to see that you had a good time sir. And it looks like the weather went with you ok.

  34. kris---stop calling me sir please. Naalibadbaran ako. keke.

    I got this idea that the Brits don't like the Phils. Maybe, they don't even know where the Philippines is or if it ever exists, ayt?

  35. ganda ng place ha...

    kainggit naman...

    white sand din xa...

    dami u na napupuntahan ah...

  36. wow! the place is really wonderful..good for you..kainggit na rin kita..

  37. beautifullll! you have a talent my frind! hope you can find the serenity you are searching!

  38. Marvz---the 2nd best place I've been to next to BORA.

    Mavz--you should also try it.

  39. Denis---talent san? I realized that it takes a longer time to heal all wounds....

  40. wow! super ganda! ung lng masasabi ko.. at ano itong soulsearching mo ha?..

  41. good place to soul search!!!!

    ang taba na rin ni josh hehe

    the cliff is really breathtaking, simple things like this make me believe there's a god


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