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the best places I've been to......2008


This year was indeed one of
the best years of my life.
Childhood poverty has deprived me
of a lot of things and this year
satisfied a lot of my deprivations,
including the constraints of
TRAVELING. The trip in Boracay
in February is the start
of the addictive push to discover
new places and indeed new
perspective in life.

And since the year is about to close and everybody is tallying their most memorable travels, allow me to join the bandwagon.


10. Manila Cathedral-Intramuros

just around the corner but usually neglected by most of us here in Manila. the busy life blinded us of it's beauty.


The capital of Pangasinan. A town of Simplicity and yet, a town of restless transformation.....

8. Anda and San Antonio Zambales

Anda---my hometown. The place I wanted to escape yet, the same place I always want to go back to.

and Zambales---my HOME away from Home.

7. Tagaytay-Palace in the SKY.

Been here a lot of times, but never in the Palace in the Sky. This place is simply a piece of heaven on earth.

6. SENTOSA Island and Siloso Beach

Really is an amazing island resort.

5. CHANGI Airport-and SINGAPORE Flyer

If they say it's one of the best airports in the world, I say it's well deserved.

...and the Flyer gives you a very good birds eye view of the city.

4. HUNDRED Islands

why? because it offers Hundred Islands of fun.....


Were going local. Still is a different feeling at home. How can I forget this place? It made me walk uphill for 3 hours. I should have felt annoyed but after seeing what's in store in the summit, it gave me a sense of pride I took the path. It was Baguio- Tagaytay combined and the historical and religious implication of the place sent Shivers down my spine.....


I admire this place, I envy it, it beauty, it's grace, how the wind shifts from Bulabog to the long beach area in an orchestrated pattern which is key to the beauty of the coconut trees and the sands. It's amazing how this place is at peace with nature and how the sunset graces it's amazing long beach area and with Puka beach resting peacefully in it's northern shores.......

please don't mind the date---the camera is screwed up. The date was not adjusted. It's supposed to February 8, 2008---Korean new year.


Surprise!!! Why? Perhaps in the grandeur of it's gigantic Rock formations and the white sand which graces it's shores. And it's isolation against the ruthless tides of South china Sea which made me fall in love with this place.....

I really hope for more fun travels next year. A lot of things to look forward too!!!!


  1. wow...

    very nice, you're indeed a Pusang Gala.. :) hehehe

    Happy New Year! I hope we bumped into each other as we explore the world. I'm also planning to travel more next year :)

  2. I've been to Manila Cathedral alot of times before, pero maganda pala siya sa gabi.Amazing!!!

    Sana ganyan din ako next year...

    Happy New Year Pusang-gala!!!

  3. Very nice place you had been to. Keep it up.

  4. life is indeed an adventure... i would like to travel the world someday and i'll make sure to visit these beautiful places :)

    i remember one of field trips back in high school where we went to mt. samat and palace in the sky. it was a very thrilling experience.

    somehow, standing in a high place feels like you're on top of the world :)

    happy new year, mate :)

  5. Bry---good luck to both of us then. we got a lot of balancing act to do next year.keke

    gillboard---mas maganda yung kuha ni David Villegas kasi me ilaw na iba ngyn because of Christmas

  6. Borneo Falcon --thanks Falcon---I hope my pocket can keep up--keke

    LUCAS---OMG---buhay kapa RON, musta na mate ? anu---babalik ka na ba officially?

    balik kana para ako naman muna mamahinga--kk

    happy new year too!!!

  7. wow!! just keep it up! remember you still have a lot of luck in store!! happy new year!!

  8. Hello,
    What a wonderful year you had. You travelled far and wide and though your photos shared to us your wonderful world.
    I am looking forward to more of your fine travelogues, my friend!
    Take care and Happy New Year!


  9. wahh i envy you...sarap ng buhay pagala-gala lang ah...pusang gala talaga hehe

  10. weww--whatta a life!

    You enjoyed it ehh? Hope u resolved that constriction about the time for the goals u want to achieved this year...

    For all the places uve been's so refreshing in ur heart to be grateful...

    Another year to expect for ur next get-away!

  11. cyndirellaz---I will remember

    Dennis Villegas--but I broke my camera a few days ago----that might seal the faith of my travels early this year....

  12. sendzki ---medyo. keke

    MysLykeMeeh --yup I have already resolved it. Thanks a lot and I am really looking forward to the year ahead with much anticipation..........

  13. Nakarami ka this year! Next year, gala ulit tayo ng mas madame pa!

    Ano plans mo? Clue naman jan! ;)

  14. ang pagbiyahe ang isa sa mga bagay na gusto kong gawin...

    pero hindi nabibigyan ng pagkakataon dahil sa maraming dahilan.

    kaya habang tinitignan ko ang mga litrato mo...wala akong magawa kundi ang mainggit sa iyo.

  15. Chyng---for the first quarter of the year behave muna me sa pali-paligid coz i am saving for something....tell you guys soon....

    pero makaya pa-isang out of the country trip. tignan natin

  16. abe mulong caracas ---panapanahon lang po---di natin alam mangyayari sa susunod diba? lam ko me time para sayo, so be ready for it.

  17. astig naman talaga ng capones. isa talaga sa pinakapaborito kong isla yan pagdating sa landscape. tawag ko nga doon ay mini-batanes.

    astig din pala ng listahan mo. sana'y mas dadami pa ang byahe mo next year.

  18. Kuya Ton, pano pumuntang Capones? may nagtatanong e. haha.

  19. the donG ---sana nga Dom---at sana mabitbit moko minsan. keke

    Kris---you too Kris, you too.

  20. Allen Yuarata ---hmmm--

    1. sakay Victory to IBA
    2. Baba San Antonio Zambales
    3. Tricycle to Pundaquit
    4. Sakay bangka to Capones.....

    simple and fast....>>>

    go Allen

  21. the line
    "Childhood poverty has deprived me"
    saddens moi...


    haaay. cge lang kuya...
    hindi ka pa naman MATANDA....!


    go travel around the world mR. CheMist!


    marami ka talagang makukuha
    jan - syempre number 1 ung gastos.


    i hope to see more travels from you ha?!

    i fecture muh lahat dito sa blog muh!


    Happi New Year Saling-Pusa!

  22. Hello My Friend!

    it's been a long time I don't visit you. Forgive me for that. Been away from Internet since I was in home. Got technical problem there. Most of my entries previously were Auto-Publish.

    Happy New Year!
    Have a beautiful and cheerful year ahead!
    May God bless you my friend!

    Miss you so much!


  23. a great year for travel indeed. nakakatawa kasi sa top 10 mo yung intramuros lang ang di ko napuntahan. ang dalas ko sa manila pero di ko pa napasok yan.

    anyways, happy new year my friend and i really enjoyed and appreciated the returns and visits to each others' blogs in 2008. cheers for more in 2009!!!

  24. ang gala nga ng pusa ah LOL happy new year and more travels to come!

  25. anton!!!! happy new year! mwahugs!

  26. super! andami mong gala this year, nainggit ako bigla! hehehe.

  27. wow naman! gusto ko ding puntahan lahat yan kahit isang lugar lang kada taon para pagdating ko sa copones ma asawa ay anak na ako...

    bago lng ako d2..bka pwde mo din ako isama sa blogroll mo..

    hapi new yir!

  28. ano ba mate! dalawang araw na akong pagala gala sa blogosperyo!!! ahehehe! i'm officially back :) at wag kang magkakamaling umalis! ahehe!

    happy new year! :)

  29. dami ko na na miss na posts and im catching up, midnight na, france time. haha.

    we share the same passion,traveling.basta may pera sige.

  30. You traveled well last year. I hope you will continue to travel and share your travel experiences through your camera with us. Have a great year!

  31. the best talaga ang capones. swerte mo marami kang napuntahan na magagandang lugar. wish for more beautiful places you will conquer for this year. happy new year!

  32. pag feel mo ng umuwi sa "Home away home" mo, msg mo ko ah. sabay tayo uwi. kahit kakauwi ko lang d2 sa manila from there. hehehe.

    happy new year! =)

  33. You are so lucky to visit those places. Glad that you shared your pictures though. Seems like I've been there too. LOL! Happy New Year!

  34. I haven't been to Capones. Hopefully I can visit the place this 2009. Boracay is really a wonderful place, isn't it? Kahit yata every month ako pumunta dun, I won't tire of the place.

    Happy New Year and Happy Travels to you this 2009! :-)

  35. Great images to wrap up the year end. Will be waiting for the new year post.

  36. musta PG?
    how's da holidays?
    greet lang muna kita ng happy three kings!
    meow! meow!
    ganda naman ng mga places...
    tinaoB mo pa tuloy yung countdown ng show na trip na trip...
    hay ang ganda naman ng palace in the sky...
    ganda ng pic..
    more travels pa ngayong 2009!
    go go go

  37. Antoine GF ---sana nga Antoine---hope I could make both ends meet para me panggala pa.keke

    ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] --okay--now I understand---okay---I surely missed you around. welcome back

  38. Lawstude---I look up to you and DOm---Idol ko kayo and I am very glad ne napuntahan ko mga napuntahan nu---kahit sa di sinasadyang pagkakataon....thx

    prinsesamusang --kaw din po

  39. JoShMaRie ---ay---opisyal napagbabalik naba yan? mis ko na kilometric post u. keke. happy new year too.

    Akhyari ---if the budget allows me Arry. keke

  40. gentle ---at least me new laptop ka---keke

    poging (ilo)CANO ---welcome---at sana magkatotoo wish u.

  41. earth calling calling calling anton......

  42. wishing you more travels for 2009... cambodia perhaps? or even a flight at the Virgin Galactic? You'll never know! Cheers!

  43. wishing you more travels for 2009... cambodia perhaps? or even a flight at the Virgin Galactic? You'll never know! Cheers!

  44. lucas ---ganun ba---few days kanapalang nagpapapansin ngyn lang kita napansin--jok. glad to see u back mate.

    alex ---maraming salamat lex---starbucks tayo one of these days ha.

  45. Francesca---ay. Ms Francesca---ako rin. keke. masaya akong makita kayo uli dito.

    bertN ---I hope so too. but i broke my camera 2 weeks ago. hu hu hu

  46. REDLAN---to conquer talaga ha. ginawa mo akong si Napoleon a. keke.sana nga

    ::. Vanny .:--Vanny---kaw ba yan? glad to know you are fine and that you are still around.

  47. amiable amy ---medyo restless ka ata ng unti sa kakabalik sa blog ko---keke. sowi umuwi me sa probinsya ha. thanks a lot

    dyosa ---slamat s pagdalaw. tama ka dyan sa sinabi mo.

  48. Niel Camhalla ---yep, yep. thanks

    mavs --haha. talaga. taob pala sila.eto , exhausted at butas ang bulsa. lam mo na pag nauwi ak samin nahoholdap ako. keke

  49. alex ---dito nakopo---super dami kasi dapat asikasuhin e. keke

    the spool artist----

    where's Virgin Galactic kuya LOVEN? keke. sana nga Cambodia this year.

  50. wow Philippines and wow Singapore ba itoh?.. Hehehe.. You've traveled quite well last year ha. Sana ako naman ngayon.. hehehe.. wish you a happy feet this year.. happy new year ton! ;)

  51. [Nakarating dito from Hiraya:Endless Journey]

    Magaganda ang mga places! Buti nalang hindi affected ang husay mo sa photography ng nasirang LCD ng digicam mo.

    Ito ang mga salitang sinabi mo kaya hindi ko mapigilang magcomment dito: " hometown. The place I wanted to escape yet, the same place I always want to go back to." Naisip ko kasi ako'y parang ganito rin.


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