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let's pray for Allen.......


I learned about shocking news
today from the brother of a
blogger friend named Allen Yurata.

this is what he said from his blog;

Good day. This is Allen's brother, Wilson. Yesterday, Allen went off to Mt. Makiling with his friends for a 1-day picnic. They were supposed to be back before dusk. By 7:00 P.M., they weren't back yet so we tried to contact their tour guide in Laguna.

At exactly 10:00 P.M., the rescue team formed by the concerned people of Laguna went off to search for them. The search was temporarily halted at around 3:00 A.M. this morning and were officially declared missing.

I really hope Allen is okay. Please. Let's pray for his safety as well as his companions.


  1. I hope they just decided at the last minute to spend the night out there. We have done that when I was still in the Philippines when we know darkness will catch us before we reach our destination. The daytime and nighttime temperature change is not that much so there isn't any danger there. Falling off a cliff,ravine, etc...maybe but not all members of a hiking group will fall at the same time. Getting lost? A possibility if they went out without a map, a compass or now, a gps. Getting waylaid? Is that possible in the area?

    Anyway, I hope things will turn out well for all concern.

  2. pagdasal natin yan. naalala ko nung inakyat namin ang makiling, parang simple lang pero sa totoo lang isa yan sa delikadong bundok kasi maraming matatarik na parte.

    nung pumunta kami doon, a week after nahulog ang isang doctor na umakyat din doon. sana walang nangyari sa kanila.

    balitaan mo kami.

  3. There is an update about Allen on his blog. Thanks for the prayers.

  4. I hope they're alright, and just having so much fun they decided to spend the night in the mountain.

  5. Ohh...I hope he's alright...he might just missed the way, but I think they will find him..

    I don't really know him personally but I hope he'll be back!

  6. my prayers are for him and his family. I hope he's alright.

  7. I will pray for all the missing persons like Allen. I hope he's okay.

    Nu ba yan New Year pa naman?!

    My soul is missing too...

  8. you have been fooled pusang-gala!

    naisahan ka ni allen!

    kaya lang di magnda biro un ah...

    baka mangyari un di na tayo maniwala...


  9. Happy Innocent's Day everybody! I'm alright. Don't you worry about me.

    Peace out kuya ton! Hehe.

  10. Bern---So, you laos experienced hiking or climbing Mt Makiling. I have no idea kasi. I hope nothing bad really happened.

    Dom---katakot naman sinabi mo. Never pakasi ako akyat Makiling. Kaw kasi hiker ka diba?

  11. Allen---foolish, foolish.lokoloko ka talaga.

  12. I was really moved by this Kuya Ton. I've never hiked myself. I really appreciate this. And I'm surprised that you're not the only one who did this.

    But then again, you're right. It was all a bad dream. Hehe...

    Thanks Kuya Ton! Happy New Year! Hihi.

  13. Dennis Villegas--sana nga ganun=----but seems like Allen triked us. sorry

    Mys Lyke Meeh--thanks for the concern. He's okay pala.

  14. gillboard ---thanks for the concern....

    Bry--thanks din sa concern.but.....

  15. Marvz--kaya nga e---naisahan ako neto si Allen.

    Falcon---yes, he is.

  16. OMG---now i would to say sorry to everyone for being so VULNERABLE as I found out just now that it was all a joke. I wanna hate Allen for doing this, but I am really really glad that it was after all a joke and that he is okay......

    At some point in our lives, we undergo certain situations that we hope are just dreams, and we sometimes have nightmares and waking up the next day realizing that it was just a bad dream really makes you feel so relieved. That's how I feel......

  17. dati lagi kaming umaakyat ng bundok. ngayon bihira na. pero next year malamang simula ako umakyat ulit.

  18. the donG---hmmm--budok lover ka talaga DOM~~~

  19. baka pumunta kami dun on January 3. hehe. baka by that time, mawala na talaga ako. haha!

  20. Loko talaga si Allen! Nakuha ka rin nya? Well, that makes two of us.e

  21. terrible...i hope they're fine though...reading the news myself of someone missing sounds really scary to me

  22. Credit his nonsense to youthful exuberance but tell him not to do it again or an he will lose his credibiliy (a uniquely important asset in real life) not only to you but to everybody else.

    I am glad that you feel the way you do - a nightmare that wasn't.

  23. anton! kmustaness? :)

  24. nung mabasa ko lahat about dun sa post na yon, parang gusto ko syang batukan kung nasa harap ko lang. haha.


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