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I am stubborn......


Granted. My camera was
broken. I messed up and I
always do. Last year, twas
the washing machine
and my mini disc.
Last month, the motorbike.
and now my
new digital camera.

I know it's not very
expensive compared to other
brands but for people like me
who have to earn every single
cent to buy anything, such
mistakes are a big HURT ,
both emotionally and financially.


Then again, I am stubborn, and I am stubborn in a good way.
These are just setbacks and I will not be discouraged.
I see this as an opportunity to think and find ways to
I feel sad but such sadness only makes me determined to work harder
and get what I want. I will gain more than I lost. I will
persist and at the end of the day, I will be victorious!!!!!


this is a personal declaration.
no need to comment on this
one. then again, thanks......


  1. I like your attitude. I'm sure it will serve you well in life.

  2. Im just like you... sobrang heartbroken, kapag nasiraan ng kahit anong pinamili.

  3. huwag kang mag alala ganyan talaga. walang permanente dito sa mundo lalo na ang mga material na bagay. sabi nga nila kapag may nawawala, may papalit basta nabubuhay lang tayo.

    sooner or later may mga bago rin sa buhay mo isa na dyan ang digicam. may determinasyon ka naman kaya goodluck

  4. gillboard--masakit kasi sa bulsa e. keke.

  5. REDLAN ---kaka-what if kasi lam u na. at syang ang pera, dami ko nang nasisira. napaka-careless ko kasi---sana nga. better things are yet to come. I will miss photoblogging for quite sometime.....

  6. ok lng poh yan... dont wori...maayos din yan....

  7. marvz ---after a few thousand pesos uli---ouch---butas na nga bulsa ko Xmas--keke


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