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recession proof jobs.....


with news about job cuts nagging you every time you open
your pc/tv , how can one not get affected?

Especially if your work is
dependent on an
export-driven economy like KOREA,
one can't help but wonder----

I ask myself from time to time, better be ready than sorry ayt?
The current global financial turmoil is a proof that nobody is
safe, no job is secure, no country is not vulnerable.........


maybe it's better for us to educate ourselves then:
According to yahoo, here are some of
the recession free jobs, careers in the following fields may offer
a good chance of weathering a storm this year.

* Education.
* Energy.
* Health care.
* International business.
* Environmental sector.
* Security.


Well, I am an education if you will. But Korea is expected to enter recession this year as are all other ASIAN TIGERS----Singapore, Hongkong, and Taiwan already had----an achievement in itself.

That puts us ESL teachers on shaky ground and my friend Marvin who still works in the same public school I taught for 3 years is encouraging me to go back. For the sake of stability.
I gambled August 2007 when I gave up my permanent item and I am ready to go on with it since life is about that.

Simply put, life is a gamble you lose by not playing.
Then again---it pays to be prepared and extra careful~~~~


  1. those asian countries already affected is due to their dependency on the US economy~

    may god hv mercy on us this difficult times ahead =) *amen

  2. Education is one of the sector who still have a lot of positions. They said it'll be a good chance but of course when those engineers, etc. become the teachers, how about those students who really studies to be a teacher?


    Anyway, welcome back to the education system. It must good to have you back in something which you really master of.

  3. I wonder if Dental and Insurance companies will also be affected by the recession, right now, I work for a dental company (remotely/homebased) as an insurance coordinator for them. But then, I don't rely on the economy of this world, I have been struggling for how many years (you know part of that) and my children and I survived every turmoil.

  4. We need to pray. AT extra sipag. :)

  5. Even though Im in Health Care it is actually still not safe. No job's safe these days... Maybe "secured" temporarily, but if the fundings stop, our jobs will also go dead.

  6. I would regard a government servant as recession proof job, at least for my country.

  7. im sure korea will be affected by this but not to the point of backing out of ESLs because the philippines is still relatively cheap for education.

    but again we don't know. anything can happen.

  8. true.
    one better option is engage in business. regular should only be a back-up.

  9. kailangan na talagang mag tippid sa panahon ngayon! save for the rainy days kumbaga! di natin alam kung hanggang kelan to T_T

  10. i am in energy sector plus government pa so siguro safe ako.

  11. Naku, hindi kasali ang Agriculture. Paano na kaming mga dayuhang magmamanok?!

  12. Me, I'm just grateful that I have a stable job during these toughest of times.

    Nothing wrong with staying on the safe side. Specially for you, with your plans in the future.

  13. Nasa Healthcare field ako.. so I guess in the years and years to come, walan namang sigurong recession na mangyayari at hopefully all nurses eh makakapagtrabaho here and/or abroad.

    As for your future plans, so far, you really need to think about "It pays to be prepared and extra careful."

    cheers pusang-gala!

  14. Naku kawawa talaga yung mga nawawalan ng trabaho..right now it's better to save for the rainy days, we never know when the going gets really rough.

  15. im just wondering if we could also be a Korean Tutor not for english subjects but for Technology...

    nag-apply ako dati sa Korean School sa alabang, I got accepted as a Chemistry and Algebra tutor pero di ako pumasok ng 1st day.... lolz

    pero I doubt kung affected ang tutors from 3rd world like us, mas mataas ang bayad sa native tongue, sila una mawawalan.

    never lose hope pusang gala :)

  16. JD Cole --hope remittances keep flowing---It might keep us afloat.

    ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] --nice point Zara---

    but I didn't go back to public school teaching yet---not yet.

  17. Riza ---well, I do hope your sector could see some bright spot as well....

    Niel Camhalla --uo---ST---sipag at tyaga----at tamang pang-unawa sa nangyayari.

  18. KRIS JASPER --yeah--I think so too, nobody is safe so better be extra vigilant.

    Borneo Falcon --yep---in my country too Falcon.

  19. the donG --tama ka Dom---we are part of the solution and not the problem---at priority talaga nila pag-aaral.

    The Islander --risky din masyado magnegosyo sa panahon ngyn---maybe next year--better

  20. thanks for the drop and good info, Yup, the economic crisis is catching up with us. Better prepare for the worst

  21. Thanks for the Info friend... Almost all countries naman are affected by this global crisis... God have mercy!

  22. good luck sa 'tin hehe...

    better be ready on the rainy days...

  23. cyndirellaz ---wise words---tama yan.

    Lawstude --naku---super safe yan for sure.

  24. RJ---pagkain namn yan so laging in demand.

    gillboard --sabagay--tatandaan ko yan.

  25. Dylan Dimaubusan --maswete ka--Im happy for you--

    Dennis Villegas --you said it right.

  26. Christian Bryan ---uo , mas mura us so mas marketable.keke

    Phivos Nicolaides ---right---I think that's one of the best things to do.

  27. Marlon --better be ready than sorry. ayt.

    Lionheart :--good thing nasa medical field ka Richard.

  28. we're here in Singapore and just like Korea and some other countries, sobrang affected din kami. some of the people i know here were laid off at marami rin ang nahihirapan na makahanap ng trabaho [isama mo na ko dun]

    siguro at this point in time, all we need is faith; hindi lang sa andun sa Itaas kundi pati na rin sa sariling kapasidad :)

  29. Time will tell--stay stronger as u used to...

    Who knows? Tomorrow is another day after all!

  30. Lahat dito sa mundo hindi permanente. Life is what we make it din. Basta may talent ka, i-pusue mo at hindi ka mawawala at mahuli. Dapat marunong ka rumaket. yung may kabuluhan at pinaghirapan.

    Lately, nameet ko yung high school classmate ko, sabi niya kapag tapos na ang contract ng husband niya sa middle east hindi na niya pababalikan pa. Bumalik na lang siya sa pagtuturo. Mahal da daw ang pasahod sa public school.

  31. enjoy--Oh--I am sorry to hear that. Hope you could find a job soon.....we really need to be more competitive at this point.

    MysLykeMeeh --that's the kind of encouragement that everybody longs for--thanks

  32. REDLAN --dami ngang apektadong OFW's e....nakakalungkot~~~

  33. I agree everyone is vulnerable in all temporal

  34. it pays to save and to be prepared for the rainy days. What most governments lack is a buffer for the current crisis.

  35. PG, wag ka mawawalang ng pag-asa. Sa dami ba naman ng Koreans dito sa Pinas.. kahit saan yata ako lumingon may Korean eh. :)

    No one is really safe these days kaya we should be preparing ourselves when the "recession" thing has hit us. Aja! Aja!

  36. darkhorse ---we have to hang on tight then.

    Lantaw ---saving is the best way I guess~~~

  37. ha---dont worry Mel--me trabaho pako---keke

  38. that makes life so exciting. every choice is almost always a gamble :)

    what's life without risks ayt?

    God bless, mate :)

  39. Good!..buti nlang kasali ang education ...kaso nasa building Construction din ako e..hehehe...tipid tipid na lang..

    nice post ...

  40. lucas ---I guess you love to gamble Ron---hehe

    PaJAY--uo kailangan ko matutunan tipid tipid kasi 1 day millionairre din me minsan

  41. recession. it's killing people. really.



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