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lunch at TAALEÑA........


After Caleruega, we went back to Tagaytaay.
Dropped by the famous MUSHROOM BURGER
store for breakfast then straight to
Picnic Grove.

Not that we have never been there before.
But Scarlette's boyfriend Sachil, from
South Africa came and he decided to join us.
We thought it would be a good idea to
bring him there so as to have a good
view of the volcano~~~~~~

Taal Volcano during fall?

......but it was very foggy that day---or say cloudy so it was very disappointing. And the place seemed to suck more every time I visit. Sorry guys, I am not into ranting here in my blog but I cannot help but express my DISGUST to whoever is managing the PICNIC GROVE. Paying 50 pesos just doesn't add up. It's dirty and ill maintained.The place is a complete SHAME......

Then again, what could we do but to try to make sense of it.
And since everybody felt that paying 100 pesos for a dirty
wooden table is such an insult, we ended up in the roots of
trees. A bunch of squatters...........

Attractions like the zip line entertained some of us---not for me. I didn't try it. I just couldn't wait to get out of the place.

Good thing lunch came. We went to this restaurant they call Taaleña---

We were lucky we came earlier coz we got this place on the side which offers a very good view of TAAL below.....

Was a cozy restaurant with good food. We ordered a lot of Sinigang na Sugpo. My favorite. BY THE WAY: Chris and Cyril paid for everything, it's their Birthday month so they treated us. Thanks Chris and Cyril!!!!!

Then came the picture taking again.......

The Boys.......L-R: Chris, Ronie, Sachil, Mel, me, Raffy....JOSH was in the restroom.keke

the girls......L-R: Gleiza, Cathleen, Mai, Cyril, Daisy, Angel...

the group.......front: Cyril, Kat, Mai, Angel, Daisy, Scarlette
back, L-R: Ronie, Me, Mel and Sachil...

The we were off to another place........

But wait----I think I mentioned about the view from the restaurant. This one was taken from Sachil's camera.

I have seen Taal in more ways than one, but this picture really is different in a way I cannot explain........

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  1. wah!!

    looked so nice woo!

    Like the way u enjoy yourself!

  2. PG ay PK na pala!! Masarap nga dyan sa Taalena. Did you try the zip line? :)

  3. ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] --and the food is good too--hehe

    Mel---nope. I cannot pay 350 to scare myself---jok---wl lang ako sa mood that time. around 5 of them did...

  4. i like the last pic too!! taal really have a beauty of its own!! ^^

  5. the most picturesque view of Taal was when the skies are still dark and the sun is just about to rise from the horizon...

    it appears really ghostly and yet very enchanting...

    ahehe! minsan lang kasi ako mainspire magsulat ng light kaya i took the advantage. ahehe! thanks, mate :)

  6. cyndirellaz--also maybe because of the clouds above~~

    lucas---ghostly talaga ha--kaya pala strange dating sakin---

    nways---okay yun for a change.

  7. Nice pics.. Have not seen Tagaytay the way you guys have seen it. I'll be going there by the end of the month, so I'm looking forward to visit where you've been. Thanks.

  8. Nice to go somewhere esp when you are accompanied by people who you feel comfortable to be with.

  9. gillboard---talaga? cnung kasama? date ba yan ha?

    KRIS JASPER ---can't agree more Kris.....

  10. nice pic! especially the last one, i've only seen taal once, it's a magical sight, but yeah the pic is different...

    anyways you can type "ñ" by pressing ALT, hold that key while you press 164 on the number keypad. Ñ = ALT165

    pwede mo na i type Taaleña, or TAALEÑA

    geeky no?

  11. wow ganda naman ng mga views! pakiramdam ko nasa tagaytay din ako...nice shots!

  12. the last photo is awesome! ganda ng view!

    may idadagdag na naman ako sa listahan ng mga pupuntahan kong lugar pagbalik ng Pinas.

  13. Ganda ng taal volcano. Kaso sabi mo, foggy nga.

  14. alex --haha--really geeky--never thought of it possible. thanks lex---you are always very helpful.

    darkhorse--haha--nice effect on you I guess...

  15. JoShMaRie ---jossssshhhhh. you're back

    Eben ---ay--kala ko sa Pinas ka--san kaba ngyn?Singapore?

  16. REDLAN ---parang usok---na---fog----na ulap na diko mapaliwanag---kasi minsan nasikat yung araw---pero yung sa baba---malabo parin. I donno what's wrong with that day~~~~

  17. Nyeks, you're right, kahit sa picture mukhang basura na talaga iyong picnic grove pero andami naman picture dun sa resto...nga pala ñ is ALT+164 sa keyboard. hehehe may friend kasi akong may last name na may ñ kaya dapat alam ko iyon. hehehe

    Nagutom ako sa post...lols!

  18. Marlon ---uo nga e--inis na inis ako sa City government ng Tagytay nung nakita ko---tahnks for the info---

  19. wow tagaytay!
    i left a comment in your facebook. sabi ko na nga bat picnic grove yun eh. i recognized the stairs trail.

  20. The Islander---uo---kung anu ang nasa facebook at FS ko --yun yung nakablog---my life is so redundant.keke

  21. ganda talga ng view...sarap din bulalo nila jan....swabe, sarap balik balikan...

  22. RE: "talagang complete shift na to---pati mga kanta---tagalog na tagalog na----keke"

    Uhmm... not quite. haha!

  23. Hi Pusang Kalye! Naninibago ako kais Pusang Kalye ka na ngayon! lol

    Tagaytay will always be one of my favorite places :)

  24. hahaha... natatawa ako sa post na to. kasi pumunta din kami sa picnic grove. first time ko doon at P50 nag ang bayad pero parang hindi mo maisip kung saan napupunta ang P50.

    sayang. kaya kami din ay tumambay na lang sa isa sa mga bangin.

  25. poging (ilo)CANO ---parang Luneta ba?keke

    lucas ---at uo---english na

  26. Christian Bryan ---ako rin. nanibago kasi umaakyat kana ng bundok ngyn---este bulkan pla---hehe

    the donG---kaya nga ako inis na inis e. di kayang maanalyze ng utak ko kung anu ba mali---

  27. haha with poise talaga ha...saya ^_^


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