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Monday, March 9, 2009

I am burning bridges.......

Avoid loud and aggressive persons;
they are vexatious to the spirit.

Photo by Jeff Minard

How do you choose your friends? Are you picky?
When you think they are not fit for you, do you drop them like a hot potatoes?

I am a believer that the people we surround ourselves will determine who we become.


I have been under a lot
of stress these days
about my resolve to drop
some of my acquaintances.
It's a hard decision that
I have to make for I no
longer like the person
that I am when I am with

from the words of : Bridget Webber

It can be hard to end a friendship, even when we know its for the best. This is especially so if we have been close in the past and shared many experiences together. Sometimes that bond that once held us together no longer binds us and we sense that it's time to move on.


I am 28 and should
not be sentimental.
I need to do what I need to do.
I am sorry........


  1. Wow. From the very first few words alam ko nang Desiderata galing 'to. I so love the message that I manage to memorize it, but only half of it. anhaba eh.. Wala lang trip lang, kasi nga magagamit mo talaga sa buhay. On how you should live your life.

    I have friends or acquiantances that I really don't like or doesn't fit with my personality, pero di ko sila basta mabitawan. I hate losing friends just that. May mga taong dumadaan sa buhay natin kasi may dahilan kung bakit natin sila nakikilala, lahat sila.

    Either you influence them or they influence you. It's great to have many friends pero bilang lang ang mga taong talagang totoo. :)

  2. Doing some soul searching my friend?

  3. Musta naman? Hehe :)

    Choosy rin ako pagdating sa friends... Pero may mga friends din naman ako na dumating na lang... Kasi sila talaga 'yung destined maging friends ko...

  4. sadly, all good things come to an end. may mga magagandang pagsasama na kelangan magtapos. this entry makes me nostalgic. nevertheless, it's a good post.


    on the otherhand, we meet some people that we thought we would get along well. the first few getting-to-know moments went very well, but then, suddenly, things changed.. they drop you like hot potatoes and you are left confused and trying to figure out why. sorry for this long comment. i just can't help myself.

  5. the desiderata quote is something that i follow by heart... i really am choosy when it comes to the company i keep...

    from the start i avoid loud, pessimistic, rude and snobbish people.

    and until i feel that some people are worth being friends do i consider them as one... para sigurado ako na magtatagal yung samahan at di masakit pag kelangan mo na silang talikuran...

  6. goodluck nalang sa kanya!!! hmp.
    kaydami2x moh nga frendsship eh
    wag ipilit kung ayaw...
    drop it (him/her) like it's hot
    POTATO!!! Lol.

    ^ ^ goodluck sa decision na to....

    GOd Bless

  7. Ang heavy naman. But I agree, sometimes we have to let go.

  8. hmm.. i think the world isn't big enough for people. Even if you burn the bridges the link them to you, there will always be inevitable circumstances that will make you and your 'friends' meet again.

  9. I've read somewhere na we really don't have to change friends if we are aware na friends do change...

    Friendship is a good thing. Ang i believe goodbye's aren't necessary as long as the essence of friendship is in place.

    Sometimes we get to a point that we become too close to our friends that we begin to feel pain in the slightest petty things.

    It is also good to always check ourselves if indeed we are loosing our own identity in a friendship. But then again, who's to blame? Our friend or ourselves?

    Take Care... =)

  10. I'm all for simplicity. Simplify your life, I say. Simplify!

  11. MarcoPaolo ---apektado parin ako sa desisyun.

    Dylan Dimaubusan --if wala naman na reason to cling on---I dont want to collect all the dirt.

  12. uglykidjoey---and friend searching too---

    Lionheart : Richard---uo nmn. kusa lang sila dumadating. but during the getting to know each other phase, pag di pumasa---I usually drop them.

  13. Mon ---it could be sad and unfair but better that way kesa lumalim pa at me masaktan.

    gillboard ---I guess parehong-pareho tayo.

  14. Antoine Greg ---ganyan talaga life.

    Jake ---life is really about letting go.

  15. Elay ---you can see each other but at least wl nang emotional attachments.

    ORACLE ---'"Friendship is a good thing. And i believe goodbye's aren't necessary as long as the essence of friendship is in place."'-----

    tama--therefore, tama na pag wl n reason to cling to it. then---let go.

  16. Hi,

    Pahiram ng quote na to ah: "How do you choose your friends? Are you picky?
    When you think they are not fit for you, do you drop them like a hot potatoes?"

    I-fefeature ko as one of the "quotes for the week" ng page ko.. lalagay ko din link ng blog mo. ok lang po ba? ^_^

  17. How can you call someone a friend if he/she doesnt bring out the best in you?

    Unfortunately most of us just use the word "friend" casually. Credit to you for realizing the real meaning of friendships. It's not yet late.

  18. You don't have to end any ties you've established. You just might want to loosen things up between the both of you para walang hard feelings. That way, you could still be friends, though with less communication and all. You never know, one day na magkita kayo ulit, you could reestablish the friendship.

    Para bang, things are going to be ok when the time is ripe.

  19. hehe burning bridges talaga?

    but you know what, we can never can tell *ara mina* if in the future makakasalubong mo rin sila at kelangan nyo ang isat isa sa isang sitwasyong di maiiwasan. ang hirap nga nyan. kaya ako, spontaneous lang. minsan palakaibigan, minsan suplado, minsan strikto. hehehe. kung sino gusto sakin, stay. kung sinong di makapag adjust, go. selfish style... pero kasi ayoko nang may nag iexpect.

  20. Niel Camhalla ---tatandaan ko yan. salamat.

    Mon---okay na okay--I never thought it would ring a bell.

  21. KRIS JASPER ---I think this is an honest to goodness response. I am very thankful for this comment Kris.

  22. Allen Yuarata ---Mr Congeniality---keke

    The Islander --actually ganyan din ako---pero kung kailangang drop---drop.rude no?

  23. ahh..

    I'm not picky in this matter..but people always picky when they choose me..=(

  24. ako choosy ako sa kaibigan. pero hindi ko naman sila basta basta dinadropped. hindi ko lang talaga sila papansinin since hindi naman kasi ako pala-approach..


  25. Recently, ganyan na rin ang ginawa ko, I dropped people na hindi naman nakakatulong, pasaway at pasakit pa ng ulo, at totoo rin na sometimes you adapt to their behaviour, napansin ko rin yan sa sarili ko...I'm happier right now, to tell you the truth, I have zero people that I can really say as my friend, I do have a lot of acquaintances, and yes, no man is an island, pero kung masyado ng puno ang island mo at nagkakalat na silang lahat, siguro dapat na talagang maglinis...

  26. ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] ---THAT'S FUNNY.KEKE

    Fjordan Allego ---is that you? honestly....

  27. Ako nagdrop rin ng isang kaibigan nun dahil naramdaman ko at nakita ko na hindi na ako worth sa kanya and vice versa. Andiyan lang siya kapag kailangan niya ako. Ako kasi hindi ko pinu-push ang sarili ko sa isang tao at hindi ko kayang makipagplastikan. Nakakapagod eh. Pero kapag nakita ko at naramdaman ko na worth ang isang tao at he/she is a true friend. talagang patayan hindi ko siya iiwan. I have true friends I can say mine talaga.

    Sa bawat desisyon, hindi ako nagsisi. Kaya goodluck sau.

  28. Riza --kulit naman nun---

    no man is an island, pero kung masyado ng puno ang island mo at nagkakalat na silang lahat, siguro dapat na talagang maglinis...

    haha---never heard a better explanation.

  29. REDLAN---i hope to learn from that experience of yours, I have my own lesson to take.

  30. Yes it did ring a bell. I don't understand why some people would build you up and treat you so good at first but then all of a sudden they change with no apparent reason. It pains me because I don't do that. Thank you.

    By the way, which blog are you talking about? My other blog is about the places that I've been to (not updated) and the other one features my Imeem Playlist. Nothing special.

    Exchange links tayo ah. Ano nickname mo? Thank you.

  31. Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Nice blog.. Keep up the good work.. Do find time to visit my blog and post your comments.. Take care.. Cheers mate!!!

  32. most of my friends are loud and aggressive! haha! ganun din ako eh..lalo na kapag nalalasing. haha! :P

    but seriously, you're right. we are influenced by the people around us. hence we should be cautious and let go of rotten tomatoes.

  33. Mon---sure--my pleasure--added na kita.

    star --okay I will add you--thanks.

    lucas ---ako potato---kaw rotten tomatoes---i like that.

  34. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  35. it happens but there are some things than can still be resolved. maybe thru time.

  36. uy baket? ang sad namn...

  37. not unless we allow them to define us... i always believe that we have the power to do otherwise.

  38. the donG---sabagay---time will tell~~~

    JoShMaRie---life can really be sad---

  39. wanderingcommuter ---yung isang friend ko---ganyan na ganyan ang sabi sakin.....

    Phivos Nicolaides---subject for academic discussion? keke

  40. sorry to hear that. i hope you aren't mislead by my recent posts should you be visiting mine.

  41. asus, bata ka pa no?

    im so excoted na pupunta din kayo bohol! ask me anything para makapgbigay ako tips ha!

  42. i totally agree with you mate...it's better to infect people with the ability to stay true than the abiliti to pretend :)

    yeah. i've been kinda busy with crappy stuff. hehe! kaw? mukhang busy ka ah. no new post?

  43. Curbside Puppet --nope--I guess we are the same pagdating sa mga bagay naa ganyan.

    Chyng --cge sabi u yan ha. tandaan ko

  44. lucas---I just dont have anything for m=now mate. tama nga sabi nila---you cannot share what you dont have---I lack the optimism and the motivation---para ngang gusto ko blog rest muna. sigh~~

  45. blog rest is not a bad option if you really think it would help you rekindle your motivation. mamimiss ka nga lang namin! hehe!


    creepy ba? hahaha! that's exactly the emotion i wanted to invoke to my readers this time..hehe! SUCCESS! hehe!

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  47. lucas ---mamimiss ko rin blog ko for sure e kaya ayokong bitawan muna----

    .pOot! ---I already voted before---can I vote again?

  48. Please properly credit my photo and link back, thanks.

    "Jeff Minard" -> http://jrm.cc/gallery/433-oh-bummer

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