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Friday, March 6, 2009

staying awake in starbucks......


One of latest fun things
about Tagaytay is the
active participation of the
private sector in reshaping
the landscape of the city.

Pubs are everywhere, restaurants from
budget to expensive ones, cafe's
hotels, and villas. Name it
and you have all the basic luxuries of

If I may note, Robinsons recently
opened a small but classy shopping
mall in the area near TAAL VISTA Hotel.


A cup of coffee is a good way to crack a good conversation,
our last salvo before the drive home. Starbucks on the right
wing of the mall was the perfect place........

This branch is newly opened I guess as it still smells of fresh paint.
But there are only a few people, so like a bunch of kids, we stormed the


....some serious group pictures.

.......a wacky one.


....the coffee was not strong enough though coz after a few minutes. The sight looked like this.

try staying awake for more than 24 hours and you will understand how it feels like......


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  1. pansin ko lang sa barkada niyo, hilig niyo sa group pictures... kahit tulog group picture pa rin... hehehe

  2. hahaha... maybe you need to drink barako next time.

  3. "A cuo of coffe is a good way to crack a good conversation"

    Good conversations these days are set in coffee shops, I noticed.

  4. gillboard ---di naman masyado---keke

    the donG ---is that how you stay awake during long trips Dom?

  5. labs na labs niyo isa't isa kahit walang tulugan haha

  6. cold climate of tagaytay plus a great view plus a hot big starbucks coffee...hays...just perfect!

    xenxa na mate. hindi nko nakapagpaalam! hehe! i was busy tweaking things...

  7. naisip ko din yun. there was a brief moment i considered making it a horror post kaya lang sobrang tagal pa ng halloween. hehe!

    i agree. pero minsan kahit ganung pag-iingat at precautions, when fate speaks, wala din tayong magagawa.

  8. Lugi yung driver siya lang ang gising at wala yatang kausap to keep him/her from dozing off.

  9. bigla kong namiss ang tagaytay...
    the place where i spent 19 years of my life..
    im definitely goin back there to visit...


    im glad u enjoyed tagaytay...

  10. sometimes. another way is by talking with someone with eyes closed. hahaha...

  11. ang saya!!!
    mabuti naman nagkasama2x kau, usualy kasi busy2x sa kanya2xng lyf nuh, hehehehe

    ^ ^

  12. Lolz..

    natawa ako sa huling pix...

    ang cool ng mga unang pix tapos biglang ........tulog lahat!...


  13. was there kanina lang :) nice dun no?

  14. fun time with fun friends. hilarious. i miss my barkada all of the sudden.

  15. heheh nakatulog lahat..yan ang napapansin ko pag bakasyon ng barkada...pag papunta pa lang e anglalaki ng mga mata at dilat na dilat..pag pa-uwin na e puro tulog naman

    Nice group photos, parang ang saya ng barkadahan niyo ah

  16. heheh nakatulog lahat..yan ang napapansin ko pag bakasyon ng barkada...pag papunta pa lang e anglalaki ng mga mata at dilat na dilat..pag pa-uwin na e puro tulog naman

    Nice group photos, parang ang saya ng barkadahan niyo ah

  17. Niel Camhalla ---ay sobrang mali pala ng spelling ko---a cup of coffee--was so careless.

    sendzki ---at kahit ubusan ng pera.keke

  18. lucas ---hmmm-ewan ko ba su mate kung anung pinag-gagagawa u.lol

    bertN ---yup, we also felt guilty.hehe

  19. ~yAnaH~---wow---it's your hometown---so , you still have family there?

    the donG --anu yun? hehe

  20. Antoine Greg ---mahirap nga yang busy busy---paminsan minsan ako nakakasama---sila lagi-

    PaJAY --uo, sa starbucks pa natulog no?

  21. JoShMaRie ---yun talaga nagustuhan u ha.

    Myk2ts ---sa tagytay you mean? really nice. sarap magkabahay don----like Baguio tapos baka=bakasyun ka lang.

  22. Lawstude---nakakaamiss talaga.

    Dennis Villegas ---totoo yan.hehe

  23. sTARBUCKS. SOSYAL. opps capslock. am working while blogging. psssst, huwag maingay. back then, hindi pa ako nakatikim ng kape sa starbucks. hindi pa ako nakapunta ng metro. lol.

    nakarelate ako sa nap moment na yan.

  24. nope.. my mom and sis transferred to baguio (which is my mom's hometown naman hehehe) about 10 years ago after my dad died... sayang nga kase my mom sold our house there already eh... sayang talaga tsk tsk tsk hehehe

  25. REDLAN---honestly?

    ~yAnaH~ ---wow--from Tagytay to baguio---pero sayang parin nga yun sa Tagaytay.

  26. Maitanong ko lamang, ang butihing ginoo bang naka brown na kamiseta at namumukod-tanging nakasumbrero ay nagngangalang Mel? Pamilyar siya sa akin. Kung ako'y hindi namamali, siya ang Mel na dating namamasukan nuon sa ISETS sa Ortigas bilang isang ESL Teacher.


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