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being happy.........


You are where your thoughts and actions during the last few years have brought you.

Whatever you will be experiencing in your next 10 or 20 years will be influenced by what you do today. Your friends, your family, your job, your bank balance, where you will be living---all these are being shaped by what you choose to do.

Life is a building process.What you do today affects what you will have tomorrow. Life doesn't happen in 24-hour water tight compartments. Today's efforts creates tomorrow's results.

Whether you eliminate a bad habit,
whether you spend an hour with your family,
whether you set your goals,
whether you save or spend,
whether you exercise your body,
whether you stretch your mind
----your decision makes the difference.



The ignorant never see it. Astute people know it. What we do today is important.

You can get away with being casual and careless for a while but, sooner or later, THINGS WILL CATCH UP WITH YOU. Leave your bills unpaid, your work undone, and your problems to everyone else and you may manage for a month or so. Then one day the walls fall in and you wonder why there is no fun in your work, no money in the bank and nobody is very friendly anymore. It is life reminding you that one day plus another has an accumulative effect......


-----this from the last chapter/page
in Andrew Matthews book
BEING HAPPY--a handbook to greater confidence and security.

Thanks to Alex---
he said that this book
made him annoyingly optimistic
so I decided to grab a copy.


  1. indeed, what we choose to do today today defines what will happen to our future...

    mukhang masaya nga yung book. at may illustrations pa. cool. hindi ko matagalan yung mga self-help na maxadong austere yung dating...


  2. i think it's much cheaper to read other people's blogs... mas updated yun... hehehe...

    but it's a good book though.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. You are where your thoughts and actions during the last few years have brought you.

    now this is definitely
    a must-grab book for me...
    though m not a bookworm
    but i read naman every once
    in a while at ganitong klasi
    ang gusto ko...
    tnx for sharing it parekoy...

    wla, napaepal lang...
    meow! meow!

  5. have read this book before at ngayun ko lang naalala ang ilan sa mgga nakasulat! how true!! kailangan talaga ng effort para sa future kahit papaano ^^ be happy!

  6. ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~]---if you could only inject happiness ayt---I would buy a lot of vials.

    lucas ---austere---lalim nun a---asan naba dictionary ko--keke

  7. gillboard ---akala ko ba yung isang book ang ayaw mo---kaw talaga.

    mavs --i think must read talaga.....go get a copy

  8. Pardon?
    Annoyingly optimistic? Talk about oxymoron, is this entitled to be one? LOLZ Ahehe

    I enjoy reading self help books, Norman Vincent PEale is one of 'em. Booster kasi minsan to live our lives the way it should really be. Parang manual. But I think Bible is the most "must grab/must read" book.

    Mga tao ngayon masyado nang pessimistic, ako, di ko alam kung puno na 'ko ng optimism sa katawan pero gusto kong maramdaman ang maging annoyingly optimistic, ahahahaha!


  9. but sometimes we have to be 'put' in the 'unhappiness'. coz hopefully, being in that 'unhappy' box makes us value the happiness better. aint it? just my 2 cents :) x

  10. Juiceko, kelangan na talaga ng aid ng self help books? Peace!

    Nowadays, being happy daw requires talent...

  11. you have a point!

    may tama ka! hehe

    naalala ko may isang self-help book akong favorite NUON. yung The power of positive thinking hehe

    mantakin mu yun? nagbabasa ako ng ganun dati.. pero it helped me.

  12. self-help books, what would be life like without them?

  13. i love love LOVE this book!

    2003 was my hellacious year, then i read this book bam! it made me realize that happiness indeed is a decision and so ss misery...

    yeah there are some things we can't control from outside forces but it's a waste of time and energy kung magpapaka-emo pa ko

    life's not perfect it's given...

    nasa sa'tin na yun how we're gonna deal with the situation. the happiest people don't have the best but they make the best out of everything...

  14. Dylan Dimaubusan ---you've been through a lot of heartaches and now you are very optimistic---I think that's a solid foundation.

    |a|r|i|e|z|a|--I also agree---we get to see the difference once we experience both---and that way---happiness becomes more of a bliss....

  15. Chyng---uo---I wanna take the opportunity to learn fro the situation---not that I am desperate but I think this is a good opportunity to learn----

    and I agree with you---it takes talent talaga---and some are just happy by nature.

  16. onatdonuts---if it helped---then it's woth it ayt?

    Niel Camhalla--uo nga---good thing nauso sila.

  17. alex ---well said, well said---and I guess your experience really cemented this change in you to be very optimistic.

    i hope to learn my own lessons from my current predicament......It is indeed an opportunity to learn.

    The book has already me realize a couple of things...if I may say, one would be that I am taking life to seriously---I should learn to loosen up a bit and learn to really live in the present.....

    thanks talaga Lex for introducing this book.

  18. mukhang kailangan ko rin ng kopya niyan ah? hmm...

    napaka negative ko kasi eh hehehe

  19. Hurry, magbook ka na for Cebu Pac!

  20. gud explanation
    will buy it later
    perhaps ebay got it

  21. that's so true! happy na happy pa! saan kpa! great posting! it's a choice dba?

  22. Fjordan Allego--kaw pessimistic? I really cant believe you----

    Chyng ---nakakakuha na us ng ticket kanina---keke---pero sa October pa ang lipat---enuf to save pa---jejeje

  23. joegrimjow ---why not just storm the nearest bookstore---glad you like it.

    darkhorse ---yep---now I agree---happiness is a choice in as much as it is a mindset.....

  24. hala noh.. i don't really read books but ill try this one.. hope this will give me more optimism to stay happy.. ;) sana itoh na ang sagot sa mga drama ko sa life.. hehehe..

    mishu ton! vi-a-v! ;)
    stay happy!

  25. austere...uhmmm..parang maxadong strict or technical ang dating. ahehe!

    nakakamiss tuloy ang probinsiya, noh?

    naghanap din ako nun para ma-download eh wala tlaga eh. sa imeem ko lang siya nakita.

    peace out!

  26. I must agree with Chyng!

    being happy requires a talent! and i'm currently enhancing this talent,. hehehe

  27. bena--puro kasi magazine Bena e---try this one......

    lucas--basta --pag me nakita kang mp3 file tell me ha---keke

  28. Christian Bryan---and you know what---picture palang, i could tell that you are a bubbly person Bry---keep it up. thanks

  29. marvz ---me ganun talagang effect no? keke


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