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spread the news-----


heard the story of another
Pinay OFW being mistreated overseas
from a blogger friend curbside puppet----
I cannot imagine the emotional
torture that she is undergoing now.....
her name is Marife Quinit Tuberra.

Hope we can support her indeed by
spreading the news....government agencies
are sometimes complacent about cases like this
unless deemed sensational.
I say---every
Filipino life is worth saving.

kudos to Bajie for leading the way. You can check the full story in his blog.


  1. hay. Di na ba talaga matatapos to? Kawawa naman mga pinoy. tsk tsk. Kaya natin yan.

    happy flag day nalang.

  2. i think manny villar's offering help for this cases. i hope this news gets to the best people who can send immediate help.

  3. nabasa ko rin to kay curbside puppet.. sigh

  4. i agree. every filiino is worth saving for. i am one with this.

  5. not only filipino.. everyone of us ya =) all the best

  6. allen--- at me happy flag day talaga ha----diko lam yun. hehe

  7. dong---- yeah---I think so---we have to bark on the right tree--

  8. gillboard--- sad, sad, sad----

    Lawstude---tama ba grammar ko---hehe

  9. fufu --- that's true fufu---I agree, I agree.

  10. i read emily's letter. the thought that one our fellowmen suffering like that--it's just appalling.

    yeah...i totally agree. i think Matthews was right. When we grow old sometimes we tend to forget the significance of the simple things that bring happiness. This knowledge has taken from us by time, along with our innocence.

  11. Why can't the government help our OFWs who are in trouble from abusive employers, unexpected tragedies, health problems, lost documentations, etc...? The OFWs bring in a lot of money to the country, the government should assist and protect them anyway it can. Lip service is not going to do it.

  12. lucas---tama ka dyan Ron---gusto ko yung sinabi nya---

    -----adults switch offby the time of adulthood, many of us have forgotten what a magic place this place is.....

  13. bertN---sa dami narin siguro nila--- sa labas---so I guess we have to help each other---whatever way we can.

  14. bakit nga kaya ganun noh? for some strange ways we tend define happiness is a very different way as we get older unlike during the days of our youth...

  15. KRIS JASPER ---please do-thanks

    lucas---oldo I guess theres nothing wrong being careful.....


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