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Monday, January 11, 2010

avatar is a complete package

Finally saw Avatar in Imax after almost a month. We booked the tickets tru phone Wednesday and paid in Megamall the next day. If you wish for online credit card transactions, sorry, you have to do it the old fashioned way. Thanks to Marvin for doing all of it.

The whole 3D experience made the movie larger than life.Not just an ordinary SF movie. Stunning visuals, worlds beyond your imagination.

 me and Teresa....

Brings out the the child among adults and the mature person in a lad. Some say the story is predictable but I find it fitting for the film. I am just glad that a movie with such visual scale goes with a story which captivates the heart. It's too long but I didn't even noticed it because of the sustained thrill.

It offers a lot of topics for conversation, and sometimes heated debate, like what my fiancee commented that this time the humans are the antagonists-----for a change. That's human nature, as we all have the capacity to do evil. But this is also a celebration of our capacity to do good as shown by the main character who sided on the Navis. For the rest of the story, you have to see it yourself.

 my verdict:

This is it. The movie that will finally sink the Titanic. To think that both are written and directed by James Cameron  means this man is really brilliant.


  1. bonga!!!! imaxx'' pa huh!!!! ♥it!!!!

  2. Yey, finally!

    Ako nalang di nakapanood nyan, LOSER. haha

  3. anonymous---the movie could be best watched in imax kasi. try it

  4. Chyng--di naman. millions are still lining up

  5. meron akong kopya nyan kaso pirated, may tumatayong tao sa harap lolzz, hintay ko na lang original copy, next year! hehehe

  6. Lord CM--IF YOU HAVE A 52 INCH PLASMA tv at home, better wait for the video, otherwise, you really have to see it in big screen.....

  7. ahmer--just cinematic and revolutionary....

  8. hey I love Avatar! I also watched it 3D but ur 3D goggle is really big and must be better! ours is like a shade and I was sitting in the 2nd row so sometimes I saw my own frame LOL

    But, really, inspiring movie with great graphics!

  9. eunice --ahaha. that's really funny. seeing your own frame while watching the movie. the seat location when watching a 3D film is really important I guess--- we were seated on the 3rd to the highest seat and we were on the extreme right so I also had a weird feeling. But it was cool nonetheless. When tickets are selling like hotcakes and you dont have much time to spare, I guess we don't have much choice. hehe

  10. grabe yung movie
    up to now i still can't shake it off!

    wanna watch it agan!

  11. Finally napanood mo na rin nyahaha... after weeks of waiting!

  12. OMG! My wife and I should see this too!
    Thanx for the heads up...

    Happy New Year pala... Sorry ngayon lang ulit nakadalaw. Ngayon lang din kasi ulit nakakapag-online...

  13. dodong flores--- bakit ganun--the last time na click ko yung blog mo po nakalagay bandwith limit reached. sakin ba problema nun? hehe

    happy new year too.
    you should really see AVATAR. in 3D kung pwede. enjoy

  14. Great! I have seen several movies at IMAX too. And seeing movies in 3D is really a plus factor.

    I haven't seen the movie yet. But I heard a lot of positive feedbacks. But still, I don't go for a watch. Maybe I'll just content myself with a downloaded one, LOL!

  15. paulo--ahaha---whatever is pleasurable for you. enjoy

  16. maganda nga talaga ang avatar..baka malampasan na ang titanic sa kita ng pelikula..

  17. Arvin U. de la Peña--no doubt about that.....

  18. Thanks for sharing your review on this movie! I love it, too, and sa Imax ko din pinanood. Iba talaga si James Cameron pag gumawa ng movie!

  19. Love it!

    Napanood ko rin 'yan kaso Robinsons Manila lang.... Hahah!

    Its Nice :)

    Actually... Ranked 5 siya sa IMDB sa 50 best movies of the decade....

  20. Yup! ganda nga ng movie! halos lahat din ng reviews puro positive ang nakasulat...jejejejeje

  21. it's truly a movie worth raving about. minsan lang gumawa ng movie si james cameron pero puro mega blockbuster hits!

    happy new year pala, anton!

  22. Dennis Villegas--he is a great director. saludo ako sa kanya

  23. Mangyan Adventurer---talaga? now that really means the movie is not just about Special effects but substance as well....

  24. I am Xprosaic---mattas rin ang rating nya sa rottentomatoes.com

  25. the spool artist ---alo kuya Loven. happy new year too.does this mean you are back? me Imax ba dyan?

  26. yep anton, i'm back for good! (that's if procastination doesn;t get into my finger again!) nope, walang imax dito... wala ngang sinehan dito for foreign movies! they only show local films here... well, some french cinema occasionally, but never hollywood! that's why our dvd supplier is our best friend! lol.


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