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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Philippine Pyromusical Competition 2011 : CHINA vs. FRANCE

It was China and France's turn to shine last February 26 in the 2nd Philippine pyromusical Competion at the Seaside Blvd. of SM Mall of Asia Pasay.

Sm Mall invited us through Melo Villareal last Saturday.Ada and I met at MRT-taft Avenue at around 5:30pm. We anticipated heavy traffic in the area so we thought of going earlier despite the competition not starting until 7pm. Surprisingly, the traffic was not heavy. See, good traffic management works. hahaha

Too much in the traffic and on to the main event. We were given VIp seats and therefore a good angle to the fireworks, with the tripod all set up, all that's left is the photographers skill. Something I have no savvy when it comes to long exposures especially fireworks. Hope my narration could compensate.lol

First to show was CHINA.I have always loved China. You know--firewoks, China-always synonymous for me.I actually saw the inviation for the Pyrolympics on its first week I but I refused to go, that is, after missing the firewoks display in Victoria Harbor last lunar new year, I simply lost interest. Good thing I got it back this time in the 3rd week of the event. Better late than never.

Philippine Pyromusical Competition

China's presentation lasted for around 20 minutes and the music which goes with the visuals sustained the show. The musical was dramatic and the display was equally entertaining and lively. We were shooting and cheering at the same time. It has been a trademark for China to have it on a grand scale, layers after layers of heavy bursts. As a result, my shots were over-exposed. haha. Only shows my amateurish take on long exposures.

team CHINA

Second in the night was the team from France after 30 minutes or so interval. Had our chance to eat dinner at the VIP area and chit chat with Ada and Gael. I missed the team western Pangasinan girls you know. Also had to adjust the settings para di na fail shots.

France was kinda photogenic because its more colorful. But I find the music kinda boring. Maybe I am just not so much into classical things. But Ada also agreed on that aspect. The choreography was also average. Some dull moments in between heavy explosions. Gave me the impressions na tinipid --like they didn't really spend enough for it. Overall, the display was just average. The crowd just cheered heavily during the closing shots.



The verdict. China was still the runaway winner between the two teams. The crowd was upbeat all throughout the show while France still has a lot of things to work on their presentation. I hope China would use more colorful fireworks next time though to make it more appealing on photos. Then again, this is a pyromusical competition, so it's not just about the cheer appearance of the fireworks but how it blends well on the music. China was successful on that regard.

Pinoy Travel Bloggers

It was a good performance night. Also got the chance to meet new people, James and Izah who are both members of Pinoy Travel Bloggers, our facebook group. Twas nice to meet you guys.

Thanks SM Supermalls for sponsoring this event. For those who are interested, there are still for teams left so better not missed the 2nd Philippine Pyromusical Competition. You have to wait another year if you do. D:

TICKET PRICES:VIP (w/ dinner) P1,500      VIP P500     GOLD P200      SILVER P100
_________________________more info here:http://www.pyrophilippines.com/
remaining competitions:
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    MAR 5
    7:00 PM
  • canadaCanada
    MAR 5
    8:00 PM
  • australiaAustralia
    MAR 12
    7:00 PM
  • philippinesPhilippines
    MAR 12
    8:00 PM


  1. OA ka, looks good naman ang set na to. achieve! =)

    so China bet mong manalo?
    UK pa din.. photos palang, Im convinced mas magadna pa din perf nila. hihi

  2. mas gusto ko ung UK. hehehe. can't wait for the finals. :D

  3. i like it.. parang nagdance yung fireworks display heheh :D

  4. nice shots, ang galing. last na naexperience ko to eh 2006 pa...hehehe

  5. hehe i love them both but France is more formal and heartfelt dahil sa choice of classical music nila like Mozart, Tchaikovsky ayun hehe pero over all maganda lahat HAHAHA

  6. ganda ng fireworks pag may color blue and green. maganda lalo pag sandamukal na colors.

    last 2 weekends na lang pala for pyro musical. kaingit much

  7. aww ok inggit much ulit hahaha ang ganda ng shots lalo na yung sa france ang colorful kasi.=)

  8. nice! parang mga bulaklak lang. hahaha

    gusto ko ung first shot :)

  9. ganda ganda naman ^_^ galinng ng ID media hehe lupetzzz ^_^

  10. anak ng weteng failed shots ba ito??? ang perfect kaya! hehe! hambol ka talaga ever Anton! Hehehe!!

  11. wow those shots of fireworks are truly amazing.. sobrang professional yung kuha.. beside from that Philippine Pyromusical sa may Mall of asia gusto ko talaga yun makita...

  12. nice shots! nag bulb shot ka ba or di na? sayang at wala pa ako napapanuod sa event na yan sa moa...hopefully makapanuod ako sa march 12...

  13. subrang naiinggit talaga ako dun sa anawangin...sayang at di ako nakasama!

  14. fail ba yan, okay naman ahhhh!

    nice to meet you too anton.
    @chyng, china parin, hope PH will do something great on the 12th

  15. maganda nga daw ang sa china pero palaban ang UK. ako hanggang pictures na lang muna kasi tamad na tamad lumabas.

    ganda ng mga kuha.

  16. nice set Anton, can't wait to see na rin Philippines and Australia :)

  17. HUWAW! Dito walang fireworks, ayaw nila ng makalat at mausok! hehehe

  18. Wow naman. The photos look good. Parang nanood na nga rin ako ng Pyromusical eh. Hahaha.

    Last week, Ate Chyng blogged about UK & Portugal (?). Now naman ikaw Kuya about China & France. Uhm, sino kaya next week? Hahaha. Aabangan ko ulit yun. :)))

  19. I think PH will outdo the rest.. mas mahaba ang running time kasi tayo ang host.. :) that's the case way back in 2007.. Mukhang sa last day ko mawiwitness to and I'm hoping to get a good spot..

    I love the 3rd shot! :)

  20. kainggit hindi ako makanood me night shift duty ako every saturday...

  21. ang gaganda naman ng fireworks as well as the shots. ^_^


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