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MOUNT PINATUBO : the bumpy 4x4 ride

1st SEGMENT of the

The trip that I organized or say initiated last Sunday was a success. From four members, our number grew to 12. Finally, the plan to set foot on Mount Pinatubo became a reality. I know it's just a 2 hour drive from Manila to Capas Tarlac but  to think that I have scheduled it November 2010 made me realize how elusive the Mount Pinatubo climb was to me.

The plan was postponed due to bad weather, shortage of income and 2 trips to other destinations. When we were able to finally set the date, the strong earthquake and the subsequent tsunami in Japan made us think twice weather to push for it or not. Glad we did. There was no better time.

In the words of my friend Mel Lavadia, it was an I AM ALIVE MOMENT. Thrilling adventure and postcard perfect landscapes. I can;t wait to share the experience. But since I have tons of pictures to share, I will be cutting my travelogue in 3 segments namely;

1. the 4x4 ride
2. the hike
3. the CRATER


The 4x4 ride is the first component of the journey to the summit of Mount Pinatubo. From Spa Town where all tourists are required to register, it takes a thrilling 1.5 hours of bumpy ride to the set off point where you should hike to the crater of the volcano. This takes you in a route you can rarely see your entire life.

The first 30 minutes of it will be on the plains covered with sands from the lahar generated by the explosion of 1990. From afar, you can see hills and mountains cordoning the area. From time to time, the 4x4 jeep would pass through streams which ads drama to the experience.
4x4 ride to pinatubo
The 4x4's passenger area being open air gives you the chance to have a 360 view of the place. It's also a perfect ride if you are into photography as you can stand and take photos all you want. Mel, who shared the ride with me, my wife and Santino kept reminding me to be careful as it could really get very bumpy. You need to have a good grip of your camera and secure your strap if you dont want to ruin the moment.

Reminded us of the I AM WHATEVER IT TAKES tagline in the Nikon commercial. . hahaha


But who wouldn't want to take the risk and do whatever it takes if you are to pass through a beautiful place like this?

I wanna pay tribute to the 4x4 jeep which earned my respect during this trip. I know very well that the jeepney is a modification of this American vehicle--one of the legacies of the US to the Philippines. While I have this love and hate relationship with the jeepney, it was last Sunday that I came to realize how powerful this vehicle is. The 4x4 of MOUNT PINATUBO is one of the attractions of this trip. I can't imagine the climb of this majestic volcano without one.




  1. "I feel so alive!" Kasi :p haha :)

  2. whahaha i miss pinatubo... pag nagpunta ako ng pampanga daan talaga ko diyan... inggit mode ako ng sobra whahah :D ganda ng shot parang traveltime lang ha :D
    pude na isali sa traveltime magazine :D

  3. wow... this is so magnificent :)

  4. so nagbus kayo o nagvan to capas?

  5. naks. ang saya ng ride at shots. kailangan ba mag mask para di masyado mausukan ng lahar?(tama ba, lahar padin yung buhangin dba?)

  6. one hell of a trip! will be waiting for the next part. :)

  7. kakainggit naman ang mga ganitong lakad :)

  8. nice,grabe ang anlikabok pala, shucks, number one kalaban pa naman ng camera ang alikabok. :)

  9. Love this adventure, nakaka-miss ang 4x4 ride, saang area yung merong Aeta families sa last pic?

  10. Wow volcano climbing, goodluck nga lang sa alikabok buti ndi ka maselan..

  11. talagang 4x4 pa lang sulit na. galing at 12 pala ang nakasama. ganda g kuha nung may bundok na background.

  12. an saya nga ng 4x4 ride, dun plang adventure na :)

  13. kainggit naman ang ganitong adventure. hehe. nice pics!

  14. wow!!!! ganda ng kuha mo kuya. ikaw na adventure seeker. :)

  15. my daan actually sa taas , mga 4-5 hrs hike w. o the jeep, true enuff, jeep plng sulit na.

  16. wow! what a thrilling ride! inggit mode. sana makapunta rin ako sa mt. pinatubo! =)

  17. How much ang bayad ng 4X4 for the whole day?


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