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this is the 2nd SEGMENT 
of the MOUNT PINATUBO climb

I was not told about this. Based on my initial research, the hike is only around 15-30 minutes depending on your pace and age. The day before the trip, our contact in Pinatubo told me that it will take us an hour or so. 

THE REASON: part of the SKYWAY leading to the original set-off point was damaged by heavy rains in the past few months. That means, shorter 4x4 ride and more hiking. While it might sound like a burden to other people, I find it exciting. Past travels made me realize that this country has beautiful terrains because the destructive force of nature makes wonders in shaping the natural environment. I was not mistaken.
deep valley beautifully crafted by nature....

We had to go down this valley which obviously was the path of lava during the explosion of Mount Pinatubo. It created a depression on the landscape with trees lining up the edges.The rocks in this area are big but the soil is loose so its best that you secure one footing before making another step.
Cai and Karlo on the rocks.:D

Now that the lava is gone, it serves as an outlet of rainwater as it rushes down the plains of Tarlac. Even during summer, you will still see a small stream, flowing through this valley. Yo have to pass through this stream on several occasion so it's best that you proper hiking footwear.

Mel with her I AM ALIVE MOMENT with the

The registration office in SPA TOWN opens at around 7am. Let's say you are ready to go by 7:30am, the 1.5 hours of 4x4 ride means you will get to the set off point at around 9am. That's kinda hot already so better bring a hat of anything which could protect you from the sun. 

It is also important that you eat breakfast before the hike or else you will starve. When you avail of the 1,500 per person rate which includes lunch, you will not be bringing packed food in the summit. It will be served to you when you get back to Spa Town. So let's say you get to the summit at 10:30am and stay there for a few hours til 1pm. 
Team Pinatubo hiking to the crater

The 1 hour hike downhill plus the 1.5 hour 4x4 ride would mean you can have your lunch at around 3:30 or 4:00pm. I remember that I was already shaking when we got to the summit, partly because of exhaustion and partly due to starvation. Good thing me and my wife bought some snack before the climb. The nagaraya nuts saved the day.hahahaha. Also, heavy as it may be, bring lotsa water. Bottled water is very expensive in the summit. 

Once in the summit, every effort will be worth it. As my friend Chyng Reyes beautifully puts it, the WOW MOMENTS in the crater of Mount Pinatubo will blow you away. That, I will share in the next post.:p


  1. It was a nice hiking experience!
    Sana ako din makapaghike. Saan ba banda yung pinatubo? Dati pa ako nagwowonder kung sa Zambales ba o Tarlac :]]

    1. geographically part ito ng zambales. meron na ring trail mula doon papunta sa crater. pero hindi pa ito controlled ng department of tourism at ng LGU as far as i know...yung jump-off from capas tarlac ay ang official route na inopen ng DOT sa public. sila ang may control kung sino, ilan at kailan pwede itong akyatin ng mga hikers. dahil delikado ang trail kapag konting ulan lang, may advisory silang binibigay kung pwede o hindi akyatin ang pinatubo.

  2. ang ganda... sana makapunta din ako dyan soon.

  3. aww di pala kau ng spa sayang ang sarap pa naman yun hehe... whahha oo sobrang mahal nga daw ng tubig diyan eh... kaya dapat more more more water....

  4. ganda maglakad lakad. buti di gaanong tirik ang araw. hehehehe.

    sana magkaroon ako ng chance makapunta din dyan. wakokokk

  5. yan ang gusto ko...mahabang lakaran, kahit pa mainit. Pag narating mo na yung pupuntahan mo, sulit na sulit! Lalo tuloy akong naiinggit. :D

  6. kapagod naman! pero sulit naman ang hiking nyo hehehe. kaso sa tulad ko'ng gutumin, wala pa'ng kalagitnaan ubos na ang baon ko'ng pagkain

  7. grabe talaga ang suspense bago makarating sa crater, abangan ko ang last installment :)

  8. antonio may mga taong bang nakatira dito?

  9. Namimiss ko ang Mt. Pinatubo.

    Ive been there 2 yrs ago with Dong HO.

  10. those this what we i've been missing. ok na ok sa akin tong mga long hikes! yung tipong dugodugoan ka na sa pawis. haha

  11. Naku matagal tagal na pala akong di nakakagawa ng ganyan... ehehehehhehe... ganda ng view oh... hehehehehehe

  12. nakakapagod yan.. pero kung ganyan man lang makikita kung tanawin, for sure mawawala rin. :D

  13. sulit na sulit naman ang pagod nyo! ganda ng mt. pinatubo eh. sana makapunta din ako. hehe.

  14. na-i-imagine ko na face mo sa trek and ang mga expressions. hahaha. joke. but this one's really an exciting adventure. who would have thought that after a few years, yung mismong mga lava flows ay pwdeng maging daan. pag pumunta ako ng mt. pinatubo, sama tayo anton! :-)

  15. Amazing! It's hard to imagine na a few years back e hot lava ang dumaloy doon... Can't wait for the next installment

  16. nice one kuya pusangkalye! sana ma experience ko din maka punta jan sa Mt.Pinatubo ^___^ hehe... nga pala kuya sensya na kung now lang ulit ako nakadalw dito panu ba naman kasi sobrang busy namin sa thesis eh! defense kasi kahapon!

  17. Hi, Anton! Few months after Mt. Pinatubo erupted, I could remember the time when I was in Porac, Pampangga. Helping my uncle to shove LAHAR in their front-yard, those were the days.. Sarap sigurong mag hike dyan, can't wait to go back in Pampangga! =)

  18. ay ang galing.. parang eksena sa 127 hours. lahar nga lang. Hindi ganyan yung nadaanan ko nun. Gubat lang. Salamat sa post na to. Updated uli ako. Prang mas exciting nga yung sa inyo e, nakakpagod nga lang

  19. sana makapunta din ako dito before this year ends . thanks for sharing

  20. and when you're toting a camera, the 1 hour trek would double to two hours. at least ours did hehe


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