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MOUNT PINATUBO : the crater

this is the 3rd and last segment of

Being in charge of the research and organization of the team to Pinatubo, I came to know a lot about the place through stories from blogs----- what to expect, what to remember. I have seen countless pictures too but the experience, from the 4x4 ride to the hike still caught me by surprise. This place is too beautiful to be described in pictures and words and experiencing it yourself, getting your muscles and senses involved guarantees a rewarding and unique experience.

From the set off point and during the entire hike, I kept wondering where the summit/crater is as it is not visible at all. What I mean is, MOUNT PINATUBO doesn't look like a typical volcano at all, say Mayon or Taal with a well formed cone shape. The last 15 minutes of the hike requires you to pass through lush vegetation. Gives you the feeling that you are in a forest or something and then there, until the last few steps, you wouldn't expect that you are already in the crater. 

mount Pinatubo crater

If I have to admit, I was not fascinated at first. Or at least not as fascinated as I thought I would be. Maybe because I was not emotionally ready to see it yet. You know, all the questions in my mind were not answered yet and there it was in front me. Difficult to explain. The entrance was I guess not that appealing to me with all the landscaping and the waiting sheds they put up which I thought doesn't add up. Near the marker WELCOME TO PINATUBO are 2 restrooms which I find annoying.hahaha

Well, the waiting shed I was referring to as an eyesore served as our first refuge against the already raging sun. That's where we sat for a while, refreshed with a few millimeters of water and ate my snacks as I was already starving after the tiring trek. And then we decided to go down. That's when the WOW MOMENTS started. Looking closer into the crater and the surrounding land wall made me appreciate its beauty. As we went down the steps and into the lake itself, I saw tourists swimming in the water. Thinking that under that seemingly calm water is molten rocks, that's brave!!!!
The 1,500 php fee we paid doesn't include boating. That, you have to decide on a separate charge of 350php per head. And you have to make up your mind before the climb. Glad we all decided to give it a try. Aside from the swim, your MOUNT PINATUBO crater experience will not be complete without it.

Why? Maybe because of the fear factor? Yes. And also because you get to have a 360 degree view of the crater. And this is the thing about travel, to see the world in a different angle. It pays to get up close and see the crater from a different perspective.

One more thing, the boat will take you to the other side of the crater which is really amazing.As we approach the area pictured below, I was really awed. Jaw drop talaga. It felt like being casted in the LORD OF THE RINGS movie.
Despite the heat of the sun, we stayed here for 30 minutes or so wondering at the surrounding. Some of us were busy taking pictures, some dipped into the water while others simply sat there letting the idea of being here sink.


My wife on the other hand took the time to walk around, looking at the rocks and feeling the hot sand. The strange part is that the water in the lake is colder than average. But when you step on the sand, especially near the shoreline, the sand is so hot you cant bare it for even 3 seconds.


The crater of Mt. PINATUBO is really amazing. If there is a list of  PLACES TO SEE in the Philippines BEFORE YOU DIE, this is definitely one of it. Or should I say, places too see before it explodes During the walk on the shore, I saw hot spring bubbling out of the sand. Literally is boiling. Proof that this volcano is active and  can explode any time. When it does , we have to wait years again before nature tame it down and be made available to visit again. I suggest you take advantage of it.

Don't worry, the thing about volcanoes is that they don't just explode, they show signs before they do. That's what I kept in mind while in the summit, that way, I was able to appreciate mother nature's beauty. Just like the people who came before me, I was amazed at how such a thing of destructive potential could be a thing of so much beauty........


MOUNT PINATUBO : the bumpy 4x4 ride



  1. ang mahal naman 1500 tas 250 para sa boat... pero mukhang enjoy naman eh!!

    astig yun shot sa pinatubo yung 4pic... sarap sa mata!

  2. I'm now stoked for what's in store on the other side of the crater.. will get to see it for myself.. and hopefully before it explodes again nga.. haha

    I noticed wala kang overhead shot ng crater?.. parang bird's eye view?.. :)

  3. ^ nasa FB nya yung bird's eye view.

    anyway. hhmm i understand why this place didnt seem outstanding to you. kahit ako madidisappoint din. that was not something I expected too. kagulat. hopefully the turquoise water will appear again.

  4. medyo may gastos pero sulit lalo na kung ang habol mo ay adventure at sceneries.

    Gustong gusto ko yung 2nd pic. Parang pang summer love :D

  5. just breathtaking views anton. next time na lang. basta dapat isa talaga toh sa mga places to see sa Pinas!

  6. sulit naman ang binayad nyo :)

  7. ayun, ganun pa rin pala color nung tubig pagpunta mo, at masyado ng commercialized yung place, sana hinahayaan lang sa natural state nya at ayusin lang ng konti ang trail,di na kailangang pa ng other man-made structures, nawawala yung natural charm nung place di ba

  8. I think Mt. Pinatubo is like Mt. Apo, a sleeping volcano. I wish I can get to Mt. Pinatubo. I find it very interesting after reading your post. Thanks for sharing.

  9. grabe ang ganda ng pinatubo! one place to see before you die nga! and good thing na mapuntahan na ito bago pa sumabog ulit! i think i'm doing Pinatubo solo!

  10. poooooots! ganda ng shots! kainggit lang!!

  11. I see. yan pala yung forum sa FB (thru chyng). Na black na ang color ng water.. Naalog nga siguro ang putik sa ilalim kaya nagkaganyan. Mas ma-aamaze ka talaga pag bumalik yung color before. Wala akong na feel na mainit when I went there. Siguro nga dahil nag swim lang kami sa nuknukan ng lalim niyang tubig.

    nice pictures as usual..

  12. ang ganda naman... :) hi anton... :)

  13. Wait lang Anton, can you explain bakit naging 1,500 then 350 for the boat?

  14. wow...nakakamiss na ung crater na yan....since 2007 puro pictures nlang ang nakikita ko..sana makabalik ako sa bundok na yan..

  15. medio nakaka-paranoid bumisita dyan knowing na active volcano pa rin yan... tapang ng mga turistang nag-swimming ha... delikado kaya mag-swim dyan lalo na alam mong lava lang naman nasa ilalim nyan.

  16. I think the beauty of it made the trek & expenses all worth it. It will have to go on our list of places to visit kapag may mahabang bakasyon sa Pinas.
    Naalala ko noong nagerupt yung volcano & kung gaano ako katakot tuwing dadaan kami ng Pampanga tuwing babyahe from Pangasinan. But look at it now, it must have been hard to imagine that all those lava came from that crater.
    Simply amazing!

  17. @Anton. At least worth trying to be visited before unpleasant things happen to us. This place should a must visit.:-).

  18. Can somebody help me find a tour specialist for Mt. Pinatubo day tour, Corregidor and/or Anawangin Cove? We'll be staying at Clark. We are from the South. Thank you so much!!


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