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16th FRENCH FILM FESTIVAL Manila : Dans les Cordes

The 16th French Film Festival Manila has successfully finished in Shangri-la Mall yesterday with the movie finale TREE OF LIFE. It lasted for 10 days from June 9-19,2011 showcasing contemporary French flicks.

This is a yearly event commissioned by the Embassy of France in Manila so it's open to the public for free. The trick is to go to the venue a queue as it is on a first come first serve basis.

FRENCH Festival Manila
16th French film Festival Shangri-la Mall  Edsa Mandaluyong

I have been dying to watch a French movie since I've heard of this festival 3 years ago and I missed on the first two. the only memory I have of a french film was the one entitle A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT ( Un long dimanche de fiançailles) which is a 2004 film. Thank to Vido City, I was able to rent one a few years ago and the beauty of the movie is still fresh in my mind. Probably one of the most touching and inspiring movie I have ever seen.Been longing for a follow up since then.

people lining up for another French movie....

Good thing despite the rain, Teresa and I decided to go out and watch a movie. The plan was originally SM-TAYTAY since its the nearest mall from our place. But since I had other things in minds, we decided to go to Shangri-la Mall instead. So while lining up for the GREEN LANTERN Movie, she checked it out and went back to me with tickets of Dans les Cordes (Inside the Ring, 2007) 


Dans les Cordes is a 2007 film starring Louise Szpindel, Richard Anconina and Stéphanie Sokolinski among others. It speaks of sibling rivalry.""A french coach has taught his daughter and his niece the sport since they were children. But when the two women face each other in the finals of the French Championships, the family's equilibrium is shattered. A dangerous rivalry begins to fester between the two boxers, raised as sisters, both inside the ring and out.""

16th French Festival

My verdict:

The characters are good. They were able to portray their roles well especially Richard Anconina who is this cool headed father who tried to balance his ambition for his daughter and niece to succeed, his struggle to keep the family meet their daily needs and the sight of seeing his wife drift away. Louise Szpindel is equally commendable. Her role requires minimal verbal communication but her facial expressions and actions connects to the audience with clarity. Even her eyes speak- if you get what I mean.

You really have to pay attention when watching this movie because aside from the fact that you have to read the subtitles, the story borders on many emotions that you have to follow each in order not to get lost.It was kinda boring if you are not into kickboxing coz there are many scenes about the training in the gym, the school and on the streets (jogging and stuff) .

I guess it was successful in making me feel the situation of the characters in the movie as it really made me uncomfortable all throughout.I find it too focused on the kickboxing thing and the emotions that goes with it. I would have preferred seeing another angle to like a little love story perhaps, or maybe a few streaks of humor.I would definitely give a good rating on this one despite it being "not my cup of tea".


Still, it is my wish that some quality French Films also get shown in our mainstream cinemas. I can't understand why there are so many beautiful movies from other countries that are not shown in the Philippines. Filipino viewers are definitely missing a lot.


  1. kakainggit!

    kahit Cinemalaya di ko mapuntahan...

    A Very Long Engagement - First and last french movie that I watched. Definitely heartwarming story about the love and hope.

  2. aww, can't believe I missed this one, and I call myself movie buff.
    .. hopefully there's next time.

  3. @Kendrick---waaah!!!thanks Video City na love ko yang A Very Long Engagement na yan.marentahan nga ulit.:D

  4. yodz---JAPANESE FILM FESTIVAL naman sunod sa Shang.abangan ang DEPARTURES.:D

  5. di rin ako makakapunta... buti na lang nadownload ko na yung Departures. XD


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