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I love stuffing things in my fridge. When I am too lazy to cook, which is most often the case, i just take anything  from refrigerator that can tame my hungry stomach. That's why I was glad when I heard that we will drop by Bakers Hill after Mitra's Ranch. To be honest, I didn't know what to see in Baker's Hill. The mere mention of the word baker in the name of the place made me think there should be a bakeshop there And there is!!Even more.....hahaha
Baker's Hill Palawan

I was really surprised. Since we missed the city tour last time and never posted about it here, I have lost interest in researching about what the city has to offer. As a matter of fact, I almost wrote a blog indicating that the 600 per head worth of city tour is a waste of money. Good thing I never posted that blog entry, or else, I would be having a hard time retracting  my statement. True, Puerto Prinsesa has a lot to offer in its city tour. Bakers Hill is one of them.
At first, you will get confused. Once at the gate, the first thing you would notice is a big 4-storey modern house on the right side. I was confused if it is a residential or commercial area. When we entered, we saw open spaces with life size statues of Marilyn Monroe and other Walt Disney characters. Another question was added in my mind, is this a theme park? I didn't bother to ask for answers. We kept ourselves busy posing with the statues.hahaha
At the far end, there is also a playground for kids. A mini-park. As you go deeper, you see more restaurants. It's  a residential-commercial and amusement area wrapped into one. If what I heard is true, this place is owned by a single family? cool.

I guess I should not be surprised, after all, its located in what locals call millionaires lane. The street lading to Mitra's Ranch is where some mansions of prominent personalities are located. Many Paquaio also owns a vacant lot here.
What I love the most is this alley leading to the restroom and the children's park. The trees adorning the pathway resembles that of cherry blossoms. Or maybe just my feeling? I imagined them with flowers during winter with me walking through them, the wind suddenly blows and the petals fall one by one. Emo mode?hahaha
After looking around for a few minutes, we thought of checking the bakeshop. Of coarse, the experience will never be complete until you try their delicacies. Try their hopia which comes in different flavors. Hopia is my favorite. I remember buying boxes way back in college. I bought ube and mongo flavors for myself and my wife. I also got some chocolate bread. Really delicious.....
Baker's Hill is a gem in Puerto Princesa City Palawan. No entrance fee is needed so you might want to try going there for a change.This was part of our city tour itinerary during the Familiarization tour of Puerto Prinsesa sponsored by AirPhil Express.

Full tour summary here :
AirPhil Express flies twice daily to Puerto Prinsesa Palawan.


  1. mukang nakakatakam ang binili mong hopiang baboy. :D

    hehehe, bat walang pics ng pagpopose nio dun kila bugs bunny?


  2. Nice ganda ng place relaxing sa bangs. Sarap ba mga pagkain?

    - Tero

  3. I super miss Bakers Hill! Jan ang pinakamasarap na polvoron! :)

  4. taray, ganda ng place tapos hopia (ang) ang tinda!
    walang main entrees?

  5. Bakit wala akong picture dito?


  6. ay hopya! hehehehe. di ako mahilig dun. pero nice ang place ah. parang ek na walt disney etc. lol

  7. ung Hopyang Ube, the best! Btw, about dun sa can I be a member?

  8. @ Chyng--tumambling ako sa commnent mo.hahaha.oi. me mamahaling tinapay ha. me binili ako, worth 200 na chocolate bread something.hehehe

  9. @Don--fave ko rin yung Ube. ako--pinapak ko dito sa bahay.

    about yopho. add me muna sa facebook then leave a message---para ma-add kita sa fb page namin. I am one of the fb admins ng group kasi---friends nb us fb?

  10. @ Robbie--amp. puro nalang pics mo.hahaha

  11. @Khanto--awts--ayoko namang magpose pa don kay bugs bunny.loko ka.hahaha

  12. Unang basa ko ng title akala ko tungkol sa bakeshop din, ganda nung place in fairness, sarap magafternoon walk while eating hopia :)

  13. Hi, interesting blog. =)

    Bakers Hill hopia is a must try!

  14. Nung last time na andyan ako, naalala ko meron isang lolo na panay pa-picture dun sa isang estatwa dyan ng isang babaeng sexy hehehe. As in ang daming pose nung lolo :) At yung taga-picture ay yung apo niya.

  15. Sabi nila ang Baker's Hill daw parang Tagaytay... bakit parang wala namang masyadong makikita sa lugar na yan?

  16. This is the first time I've heard of such a place in PP - I love hopia too. Perhaps they sell them in the city center as well?

  17. If we come at 5pm, open pa ba ang baker's hill?

  18. nde lang pecture maganda ang bakers hill.kapag kyu mismo ang makaponta sa bakirs hill talagang ma papawow kyu sa ganda na logar


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