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BINUATAN weaving creations

One of the few surprises of my second time in Puerto Prinsesa was BINUATAN creations. Here, they manufacture handloom woven products utilizing Palawan's indigenous fibers like field grasses, buri etc.Among the products they produce are bags, placemats, table runners, window blinds and curtains, ref covers and coaster wall hangers that are top quality they are being exported all over the world.

This was part of our city tour during the third day of the AirPhil Express Familiarization Tour of Puerto Princesa last June 24-26.  We went here after visiting Mitra's Ranch and Bakers Hill-both of which I haven't been to before. I will also blog separately about those two soon but  for now, the spotlight is about Binuatan Creations.
Binuatan Palawan

this is where it is created


We went straight to their showroom where we saw a few workers actually weaving. It was fun looking at how they patiently create these products one fiber at a time the traditional way. One can interact and ask questions. As a matter of fact, they will allow you to try it yourself should you want to. We went around freely  and tried to understand how it works. I was busy taking photos of coarse.
Binuatan creations
Binuatan weaving

1. grass being dyed into desired color
3. dyed buntal fibers
4. warping of threads to be used for weaving
5. harvesting o0f thread from warping frame
Binuation weving creations
6. setting in of thread into the loom
7. drawing of threads through heddle wires and reeds
8. weaving
9. finishing
10.cutting and packing
Export quality products like bags, placemats, table runners, window blinds and curtains, ref covers and coaster wall hangers are available and could be bought from their store just beside the showroom.
Binuatan placemats
Binuatan bags
shop till you drop with these hand woven products available for the taking. They are colorful and tempting. Just make sure though that you have enough baggage allowance if you do so. hahaha. The whole thing is a community based program so when you dish out the cash, you sure are helping local people. Talk about guilt-free shopping!!!

Binuatan Showroom
As always, the tour of Binuatan weaving center will not be complete without a group photo. Everybody glows up whenever they hear the sound of the shutter. Another reason why this trip was soooooo fun!!!!
Team Palawan in Binuatan Creations

Binuatan Creations is a travel attraction you should not miss in Puerto Prinsesa. It is where you learn to appreciate local culture and the struggle of community to better the lives of the people in it. If you have the city tour on the last day of your stay, it's also the perfect place to buy pasalubong to your loved ones. I am sure they will enjoy one or two of those creations.

AirPhil Express flies twice daily to Puerto Prinsesa Palawan.

read the summary of my entry of our tour here:


  1. Ganda naman ng mga products nila from weaving, iba talaga ang sariling atin! Nice post, I'm proud to be PINOY! =)

  2. ang ganda ah. at naisulat mo pa ang process hehehe. for sure mahal un pagdating ng manila

  3. maganda ung unang bag product. gusto ko nun. magkano kaya...

    HAhaha. sana sa pagpunta namin dyan mapuntahan din namin yan. at makabili nung woven bag. :D

  4. @Bino--yung bag na pink AROUND 500. MUNTIK NA NGA AKO bumili kaso kung anung anik anik na nabili ko so yun. I resisted the temptation.

    @ isp--uo. export quality talaga.

  5. wow nice naman ng colors ng products nila! Tangkilikin ang sariling atin! :D

  6. At eto talaga inuna mo ah :P May nagustuhan akog laptop bag, pero wah ang mahal. Reasonable naman dahil kita natin hardwork nila. Sana talaga mas dumami clients nila :)

    Btw, mas masaya yung second to the last pic kesa sa last bwahaha

  7. ang ganda naman gusto ko din makita sa personal ung weaving process..interesting eh

  8. astig.... alam ko may ganito sa baguio eh di ko lang napuntahan dahil gahol na sa oras...
    ag galing ng pagcapture mo ng mga details ha...
    at attentive ka ata sa mga details ng paggawa.. :D

  9. My auntie gave me this kind o waving bag and until now I'm still using it.

  10. Hmm parang gusto ko silang itinda sa ebay hehehe, unique Filipino products

  11. Very informative. Nice photos too. :)


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