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AIRPHIL EXPRESS + Puerto Princesa = happy barkada

Tropical storm Falcom was on its way to Luzon when I recieved an email confirmation from AirPhil Express mid last week. It's about the Puerto Princesa Familiarization Tour for bloggers where I was one of the chosen few.People around me were a little worried.

There are reasons to be cautious. A few flights were cancelled the day before and there was forecast of more rains. But I have faith in our airport personnel, more so with the pilots of AirPhil Express as I know that they have seasoned aviators. With a little prayer in my pocket on Friday morning, the 24th, I went to NAIA-3 and joined my buddies.I know it's going to be a barkada trip so I was very excited!!!
ousangkalye in puerto prinsesa
pusangkalye flying AirPhil Express.ftw!!

The fam tour includes some of the best bloggers in the country and I am honored to be one of the ones picked.
After all, I miss traveling with my barkadas  Mica and Robbie. The last time was in Western Pangasinan and I have been longing for a fun tour with them ever since. I was also excited to travel with Winston (a.k.a batangyagit) as we have been planning about it months ago. Not to mention , I knew Enrico Dee will be there. Who wouldn't want to meet the legendary byahilo ayt? In the case of Rochelle, we have seen each other in a blogging event before so it was only JC and Eric that I haven't met previously. That assured me that things will be comfortable.
We flew out of Manila at 7:30am and were in Puerto Prinsesa Airport after an hour. The flight was very smooth except for a few turbulence. It was a little cloudy but no rain so we were all glad. We went straight to our accommodation Marrianne Home Inn along Quezon Street  Extension. 
Marianne Home Inn
Lobby of Marianne Home Inn

We quickly unpacked and left for Honda Bay. It was the start of the 3D/2N fun fun fun tour of Puerto Prinsesa!!!Here's our itinerary for the tour.
Sta.Lourdes Wharf
Day 01 : Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour

0930     Depart for Honda Bay Island Hopping
1030     Running tour of these islands: Luli, Bat, Meara Marina and Starfish island         
1130     Buffet Lunch and Swimming/ Snorkeling in Pandan Island
1400     Snake Island
1630     Scheduled boat ride back to Sta. Lourdes wharf.
1730     Back to accommodation. Free Time.
1830     Dinner 
1930     Depart for Firefly Watching Tour.
2200     Back to accommodation.
snake Island
fish feeding_
1st group shot in snake island honda bay

Day 02 Underground River Tour
0600     Breakfast at the accommodation.
0700     Depart for Underground River.  A UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
1200     Buffet Lunch at the restaurant by the beach in the afternoon.
1600     Back to hotel to rest for the activities the next day.
1830     Dinner inside accommodation (Marianne Home Inn)
1930     Free Time.

Two and a half hours of land travel via aircon van along scenic landcape leading to Sabang where the Underground River is,is an experience you should not miss....  

sunbathing in sabang
kissed by the sun!!! in Sabang Beach

Day 03: AM City Tour -Depart for Manila

0700     -Breakfast at the accommodation.
0730    - Depart for City Tour (4 hours tour).  Visit:
- Baywalk (local version of baywalk of Manila)
- Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral
- Plaza Cuartel
- Souvenir shop/market
- Crocodile Farm
- Binuatan Weaving Center 
- Mitra’s Ranch
- Baker’s Hill
1130     End of Tour. Back to accommodation. Check out. 

puerto prinsesa city tour
Plaza Cuartel beside Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral
plaza cuartel
Puerto Prinsesa Baywalk
VIET ville
Viet Ville --parang farmville lang.hahaha
mitra's ranch
Mitra's Ranch
bakers hill
bakers hill
Binuatan Creations
AirPhil Express has a total of 140 flights to 28 destinations including Puerto Prinsesa.

I do a lot of D.I.Y. travels and there's pleasure in knowing that you are capable of arranging everything on your own. But package travels has never been this affordable in the Philippines. It's good to try it from time to time. It's really fun because you don't have to go through the pains of booking your plane tickets, looking for contacts and figuring your way in and out of your destination. More so with the public transportation which could be unpredictable in some areas. 

And yeah, this is what I like about Airphil Express. You get affordable seats and still get to travel with 15kg baggage allowance. For people like me who don't know how to travel light, this is perfect. Plus they have good partners. That's what you call affordable-comfort travel.
Ms. Anne
best tour guide ever!!!!--Anne

The Puerto Princesa Extreme Adventure Familiarization Tour from June 24-26, 2011 was definitely one of the best tours I had. It was my second time in PPS but the excitement was as high as ever. Thanks to the bloggers whore were very cool and funny. Added to that was the awesome team from AirPhil Express who really took care of us. Ms Line, Mike, Brian and Hazel. Not to mention the very good accommodation in Marianne Home Inn and the best tour guide eveeeer!!!Ms Anne. Perfect holiday!!!!

I suggest you take advantage of the group tours and experience the difference of Flying AirPhil Express!!!It's perfect for your barkada!!!!
Puerto Prinsesa airport
meeting Marky at the airport who surprisingly boarded the same flight with us (back and forth take note) ---with his special someone? hehehe

the deal is out: AIRPHIL Express PALAWAN TOUR PACKAGE
For as low as PhP 6886.00/person 
(based on Quad Sharing Room) 

•Roundtrip Airfare (ASF, YQ & TSC & 12% VAT)
•3 Days/2 Nights Accommodation
•Roundtrip Airport Transfers
•Daily Breakfast
•A choice of either Honda Bay Tour or Underground River Tour
City Tour

There's so many destinations to cover and photos to show. There were places I have missed during my first trip in Palawan and I will definitely have separate entries on them. Look for my posts on the city tour--Plaza Cuartel, Binuatan Weaving Center, Bakers Hill, Mitra Ranch, Firefly watching and Pandan Island on the next few days. 

AIRPHIL EXPRESS + Puerto Prinsesa = happy barkada!!!!

For queries on group tours and airfare, feel free to visit their website.


  1. wow! inggit! super fun naman! :D

    Sana this august when I visit PPC it will be bright and sunny din :D

  2. ang bruha ng pose ni robbie. hahaha! panalo! un'kabog'able.

    naks! umaariba sa panahon ng kabagyuhan. buti mukang you're blessed with uber nice weather. Sabi nga nila, malas na lang daw talaga pag natapat ka ng masama ang panahon sa Palawan dahil nuknukan ng dalang ang bagyo dun. Lusaw na bago pa man makarating sa side nila. Yung Ondoy daw ambon lang sa kanila e.

    punta din ako dyan! hihihi! excited much sa upcoming post mo. =)

  3. panalo ang sceneries, ang ganda! there's really a lot of beautiful places to explore here in our country alone :)

  4. Ang saya ng trip! Ikaw na ang super duper bida! Hehe thanks sa magagandang larawan, Koyah <3

  5. Namiss ko rin magtravel with barkada! Spell j-e-a-l-o-u-s!

  6. whaha palawan.. makakapunta din ako diyan....
    inggit mode.... grabe.. ang saya ninyo..

  7. dami nyong napuntahan ah...kami underground river and honda bay lng tas dinner sa Kalui.

    Kayo na ang sponsored naks

  8. saya! hehehehe.. inggit mode

  9. definitely fun, fun, FUN! :)

  10. Ay. Magkabarkada ba tayo?
    Char. Hahahaha.

    Ang saya saya lang di natin naranasan ang hagupit ni Bagyong Falcon. Hahaha.

  11. at eto ang dahilan nun kung bakit ala ka sa eb. heheh. anyway at least kitang kita na nagenjoy ka. hehehe

  12. ang bilis magpost. saya nga pag mas madami. galing at ang ganda ng panahon.

    siguradong hahanapin ng mga bibista sa post na to ang guide na si anne.

  13. wow so organized naman ng tour nyo!! kainggit! namiss ko ang gumala...haaiiist nalungkot tuloy akong bigla....

  14. kainggit pero hindi dapat kasi makikita ko din ang ganda ng palawan sa darating na aug. :D

    nakakasabik makita ang honda bay. at ang underground river. :D


  15. walang bakas ni Falcon, ayos!

    .. sayang naman ang BKK trip kala ko pa naman dun tayo magkikita.. haha :P gusto ko rin ang South Korea(na)! hehe :)

  16. i looove palawan!!!

    will definitely check out airphils! been hearing good things 'bout them. eyeing ilocos this chuesok :D

  17. serious ka sa Ilocos? @Alex
    -go for it. saya dindon.

    guys--watch out for their Puert Prinsesa Group tour packages. I will post it here as soon as I have it confirmed. Basta this July yan.hehehe

  18. halata sa mga pics na mukhang nag-enjoy kayo dun ah... buti na lang nice ang weather sa PP. hehehe...

    ano kaya ang susunod na adventure ni pusang kalye with the gang! :)

  19. sunny day in PPS!
    at buti hindi kinabog ni Robbie si mica sa swimsuit! hehe

  20. the deal is out na guys!!!!: AIRPHIL Express PALAWAN TOUR PACKAGE
    For as low as PhP 6886.00/person
    (based on Quad Sharing Room)

    •Roundtrip Airfare (ASF, YQ & TSC & 12% VAT)
    •3 Days/2 Nights Accommodation
    •Roundtrip Airport Transfers
    •Daily Breakfast
    •A choice of either Honda Bay Tour or Underground River Tour
    •City Tour

    check their website. haba ng selling period so me time pa to save. go!!!

  21. Wow PPS!!! 'loved and excited to your stories about this beautiful place of our country! Dami mo ng napasyalan this year, Anton.


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