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When night falls in Puerto Galera, the party starts--and it never stops until the sun rises the next day. It's crazy. It's bold, it's fun fun fun!!!!This is probably one of the many reasons why Puerto Galera is very famous not just to locals from Manila but to foreign tourists as well. This is especially true during Holy Week in the Philippines since pubs in the Metro are closed in observance of the occassion, but in Puerto Galera---there's no such thing as holiday,whatever the day of the year maybe.

Or maybe let's take Good Friday as an exemption where loud music is prohibited but booze is still overflowing and guests pour into the beachfront to have good conversation over overflowing alcohol. And there's another thing to it. Since Good Friday categorically lasts until 12 midnight, pubs usually start playing loud music past 12--that means party party again!!!

fire dance_puerto galera
the ever energetic fire dancers of Galera. :D

fire dancers


some guys promoting condoms durinh Black saturday---kumusta naman.haha

party @puerto galera
The fire dancers, the concerts, the party animals dancing on top of the tables, the guys who promote condoms on balck Saturday and who knows what else. It's all in Puerto Galera.If you wanna experience it, stop looking at the pictures and go there yourself. After all, the experience will never be the same unless you try it with your own senses.I have been curious about it for the longest time and I am glad i was able to see it myself. It's a feast to the eyes and the ears and ....... You need not to worry--- you cam always be careful not to over-indulge ayt?lols

Indeed it's true, WHEN NIGHT FALLS in puerto galera, the partying never stops!!!!



  1. astig ng shots.. lalo na yung first photo.. gusto ko din maka-witness ng firedance. :)

  2. Wild nga! Naalala ko nung kwinento mo sa akin to nung nasa Palawan tayo. Dunno how to react na Good Friday nung kinunan pics na yan :| Masyado ganado much to gimik sila hehe. Gusto ko pa rin ma-experience yung nightlife dyan, although hindi siguro in a holy week. Matatabunan beauty ko char

  3. natutuwa ako sa joke na sinabi sakin sa PG--yung mga babae daw pagbaba palang ng boat me mga lalapit na at mag-aabot ng free bus tickets sa kanila pabalik ng manila.hahaha

  4. @ Mica--ah--Sunday ko na to nakuhanan.walang party nung Friday night--nung past midnight medyo me unting music na---pero ang inuman at malakas na kwentuhan ng napakaraming tao sa tabi ng beach nung Good Friday---walang makakapigi;.hehehe

  5. astig ung fire dance. ganda ng kuha. :D

  6. Hindi ko tlga hilih ang magnight out pero after seeing the photos, parang naentice ako! Love the girl above ung nagfire dance...Astig! Looking forward to visit Puerto Galera pretty soon! :)

  7. super like ang una at pangalawang photos. Astig!

  8. Nice shots Anton! Mukhang wild nga ang crowd here, m such a loser, haven't been to galera pa! Hahaha :D

  9. Parang si Gladys Guevara lang yung singer. hahah! Hindi ko pa naexperience mag night life ng bongga. I want to experience it too somehow. Yung tipong gapang kung gapang sa lupa sa sobrang kalashingan. haha! maiba lang. Great shots. Ganda nung firedance.

  10. whahaha. i miss galera esp pagholy week, daming chikas na mameet.
    wala ka ng shot ng isang lalaking kumakain ng apoy si manong erwin, namiss ko yun,
    hahaha tama ka diyan tuwing holy week laging may ramp show ng condo at yung c2 din..

  11. buhay na buhay ang night life diyan. kaya dami din talagang pumupunta.

    i must admit... di pa ako nakapunta diyan

  12. Wahihihi ... Gusto ko rin matuto mag-firedance! LOL. :D

  13. Sobrang nag enjoy din ako nung unang punta ko dito sa Galera...kaso puteks! na mindoro sling! hahahaha! nalasheng ako...at nahiga sa dalampasigan! woot! woot!

  14. venta tong post na to ha---look out for a follow up--HOT POST bukas.hehehe

  15. hang daming bading! yun lang!

  16. PG is becoming a party scene like Boracay's night life... Ngayon ko lang nalaman na meron ng firedance din sa PG, hmmm unti-unti ata nilang ginagaya ang Boracay night scene but having been there I say PG's night life is so alive, kickin' and cool every night... much more siguro now.

  17. galeng :) asteg din mga shots :) idol po.

  18. galeng :) asteg din mga shots :) idol po.

  19. natawa naman ako sa post ms.chuniverse!


    galera is sooooo gay! :)


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