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WARNING: this is one hot post.!!! 
or depending on your definition of hotness...
Since benta yung nightlife in Puerto Galera post yesterday.follow-up ko na.

When in  Puerto galera, you see love everywhere you look.It might not be the kind of love you view everyday or the love you wish to see, but it still is love. Through this blog I wanna share what my lens captured during our travel to the place last April. I wanna say in advance that if you are looking for some hot women here, you'll be disappointed.What can I do?There's just nothing to show on that topic. My lens can't lie.

The have a famous joke in PG. "As soon as they step out of the boat and into the beach,women are being greeted and offered free bus and ferry tickets back to Manila, sometimes me free snack pa".hahaha.When in Puerto Galera, you are supposed to open your mind. You don't need to over analyze. Just accept the things that you see.

I came accross this blog a few years ago and they ranked PG as the 8th Best Beach In Southeast Asia to Display Yourself. That was a few years ago. Now I think I already know what they mean,

Ladies and ladies, here are the SUN GODS of Puerto Galera....
hunks in galera
the SUN GODS of Puerto Galera
man_onthe beach
pusangkalye-1-2845 (2)
In Puerto  Galera, you are not to judge. Just let be. Accept that the universe works the way it does sometimes. If you don't like what you see and hear, get out. For some, it's a learning experience. A good experience I would say as it opens your mind to the ways of the world. Parang ang dami na atang double meaning sa sinabi ko.hahaha. 

Basta, point is, I envy the SUN GODS of Puerto Galera for having those bodies. That's all I can say. During our entire stay, I didn't have the courage to go topless on the beach, I might look an eyesore with my thin,sickly looking, potted body. I made a resolve to go to the gym once I get back to Manila but that hasn't been realized until now. Talk about affecting change.lols

White Beach Puerto Galera as the  8th Best Beach In Southeast Asia to Display Yourself ??in my case, kabaliktaran, 8th Best Beach in SEA to hide myself.lols



  1. Yeah they're SUN GODS indeed, no doubt. Though we're opposite in size Nong Anton, but we have similar goal which is to have 6 pack abs someday.

    Again, envy your photo shoots - very enticing! How I wish to visit Puerto Galera soon.

  2. Ang mabibiktima rito ay mga nagi skip read at naghahanap ng mga sexy ladies, hehehe! Haven't visited galera yet, I hope soon! Tnx for sharing! =)

  3. sila na... sila na ang may magandang katawan!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. di pa ako nakapunta dito hahaha.. hmm Sun Gods ba ang tawag sa kanila..pwede din naman tawagin natin ang ating mga sarili na Moon Gods.. hahahaha..mga walang katawan gaya nila. sa gabi pwede mag topless at walang masusuka sa laki ng bilbil hahaha

  6. ganda naman ng mga katawan.. kainggit lang.... makapag-gym na nga! hahaha


  7. oh they're gods or should i say goddess?

  8. Ayoko pumunta sa Puerto Galera at tyak magmukha akong basagulero sa beer belly ko hahahaha. Nice post u got here Anton. I heard of those stories milling around Galera and yet your post confirmed it.

  9. natawa ako sa mga comments.ganyan na ganyan din ang naramdaman ko---feeling ko pag maghuhubad ako baka isipin nila tagapulot ako ng basura sa beach.hahaha. I felt like a pulubi.lols

  10. ang sosweeettttt..bromance talaga hahaha


  11. Makapunta diyan bukas na bukas! Haha. Oo nga no, parang kahit dun sa picture na pinaka-maraming tao, puro lalaki ang nakikita, walang babae? Pinapa-deport nga siguro. Haha!

  12. Naumay ako dun. hahahh! Sensya na.. Hindi ko mapigilan ang sarili ko mag-comment. Bigla akong nainggit sa becky. lol! Sha sila na! Panalo yung 2nd pic. Inopen ko pa talaga sa flickr just to check if may nagaganap na kababalaghan. hahah! Paki-bato nga sa kanya ang 3.65ft na Hubadera Award.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Sana me meron ding Sun Goddesess of Puerto Galera version! Hehe...

    Ay, nako takot din ako mag-topless sa beaches baka matuyo bigla ang tubig sa katawan ko pero dun sa Hawaii, walang pikiilam mga sun-bathers from big, small, fat, thin, old body, lola, lolo, bata, sexy, hindi... wala silang pakiilam sa pagflaunt ng body basta maka-beach lang.. kaya hindi ka macoconsious.

  15. sila naaa... sila naaa ang kering keri magpakita ng beautiful beach bodies.....

    umuulan ba ng bromance sa galera? e di mas ma-oop ang mga singol girls.

  16. nice place..nice people too..women are extinguished from the view..like your humor, may free snack? hahahaha

  17. Matinding bromance pala. Haha. Pambihira!

  18. super like this. that's why most people call it PUERTO GAY-LERA lol

  19. I wanna say in advance that if you are looking for some hot women here, you'll be disappointed.>>toink. hahaha...

    Jaderated even made a new name for PG. lol

  20. Bakit puro lalaki lang ang mga pics? At, talagang magkayakap iyong dalawa ... LOL! Mga higad ... Bwahihihihihi!! :D

  21. Sun gods pero puro beki. Hahaha.

    Eto na ang favorite post ko sa blog mo. Hahahaha.

  22. di ko pa napupuntahan ang puerto galera..maganda daw diyan..

  23. Sana ako din makapunta dyan sa Puerto :)

  24. alam ko na title ng susunod kong post. "The SUN GODS of Patar" kala ng mga beking yan sila lang may karapatang rumampa hmp! ^^

  25. This post reminds me of my favorite beki quote: Ang gwapo ay para sa kapwa gwapo

  26. so, kakaibang pugad na pala ang galera ngayon? hehehe...

    makapunta nga next summer... hahahah!

  27. at wala nga talagang ni isang bebot na nahagip ng lente.. :P

    I feel bad for Puerto Galera kung ganito lang sya male-label..

  28. Pupunta lang ako ng Puerto Gay-lera pag may boyfriend na ako..lol!


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