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lunch buffet with iheartROANNE at MCafe

The first time I met Ro Anne was at the awards night of Saranggola Blog Awards way back December 2010.We've been interacting online via blogging and facebook before that and at the initial meeting I already find her nice. We already booked a flight for Macau that time and when I mentioned it to her, she immediately said she can avail us of a good discount at VENETIAN Hotel where she is working. Budget constraints forced us on a budget Inn instead.

When Ro Anne heard that we already landed in Macau, she immediately joined us even if it was already late at night. We decided to stroll around the city, mostly in Macau Peninsula district. We were in and out some of the famous hotels in the territory which were still filled with people playing Casino games. We walked pass the hotels to the well lit empty streets of Macau on a winter night. It was one of the most memorable nights in my life....................

You can read about the rest of the entry here: . That's where the friendship started. So I thought of giving Ro Anne a treat when I heard that she is in Manila for Christmas vacation---I immediately planned of having a buffet lunch in Marriott Cafe in Marriott Hotel Manila.

Ro Anne of

Why Marriott Cafe? Because it still is one of my favorite dining places in Manila and Ro Anne deserves nothing less. My wife also got the chance to meet Ro Anne again and have a chat with her. We spent almost 2 hours eating and chatting---catching up on each other stuff. I am glad he enjoyed that food (she agrees with me that it's really tasty up to the smallest bite) and our company too.....

THE FOOD in Marriott Cafe is delicious as ever. Most of the food shots I have here are desserts, sorry. I missed their sweets. ---Here's a more detailed post on MCafe should you be curious of their menu.
This February 3 marks one year of our first trip in Macau and our chance to meet a very good friend in the persona of Ro Anne. To you, I will forever be grateful for your company and assistance during our stay. We really appreciate the fact that you took the time to accompany us throughout the trip even without us asking .You've been a really good guide, travel companion and a buddy. You take care in Macau and I wish you well in your career and love life this year.

See you again soon!!!!

More of our Macau adventures with Ro Anne here: 


  1. andami kong gutom lalo na sa cheesecake! :D

    ganda ni roanne :D

  2. oo nga. isa pa sa nakakuha ng pansin ko ay yung mixed berries yogurt ice cream. punta tayong macau!

  3. wow sarap naman ng mga food na yon mawawala ang diet ko pag nagkataon hahaha lol

  4. ginutom ako dito hehe,,
    yay,,,ganda ni roanne,..^_^

  5. Ang ganda ni RoAnne, nainlove me ng 15 seconds, promise!

  6. wow bumalik ka! may promo ba ulit?

    erase erase. nagddiet nga pala ko. ^_^

  7. Almost one year na pala yun. Nasubaybayan ko yun. Haha. At may picture greeting ako galing sa inyo mainit init pa from Macau.


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