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I was sleeping yesterday at around noontime when I received the call from a fellow travel blogger Joel Aldor. He mentioned that he was supposed to have an interview with Zyann Ambrosio of ABS-CBN but he's out of town so he recommended me instead. TV PATROL WEEKEND wanted to know the views of bloggers about the the Department of Tourism's latest campaign slogan----IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES.

I junked my first ever chance for a tv interview last time due to schedule conflict on work so I made sure I won't miss this one.It's Abs-Cbn and TV PATROL WEEKEND for God's sake, so I dragged myself to shower and prepared even if my head was still heavy due to lack of sleep from the booze drinking session I had with other bloggers the night before. Zyann Ambrosio, the news anchor of TV PATROL called me and we agreed to meet in SM Taytay........
TV PATROL  INTERVIEW w/ Zyann Ambrosio

Security is tight in SM Malls so we ended in a carenderia near SM Taytay. I was nervous at first but it all disappeared the moment Zyann talked to me. It was a casual talk at first. She asked for my info and we checked my blog. Then the cameras rolled and I was wired for the questioning. She asked me first about the negative comments I have been hearing. I was tweeting when the slogan was launched 10am Friday and the reception was good.It was just later during the day when issues about the authenticity or originality of the slogan was raised.Some also said it lacks punch while other mention that the word FUN in the slogan seems to invite pedophiles and sex tourists in the country. I said that's a funny interpretation coz you don't have to get dirty to have fun, CLEAN FUN, that's what we are offering. I was quick to stop myself from saying that if it is dirty fun that we are offering, we will never beat Thailand in that area. hahaha

Asked about the reaction of bloggers, I declared that most of the bloggers, at least in my circle and my sphere of influence are POSITIVE and EXCITED about the campaign. On my part, I said that I am also supportive of it but I made myself clear by saying that it is also important to look past the slogan and that is, for us to be able to claim that IT"S MORE FUN THE PHILIPPINES, we have to ensure that the experience they get is really fun. Yes, we are fun and fun loving people and we know how to make light of even the most difficult circumstances but we also have to consider that maybe it's just us. Communting to SAGADA for 12 hours might be fun for us but is everybody buying the idea? If we hardly noticed that our NAIA TERMINAL 1 has decayed into the sorry state that it is now coz we always look at the fun side, it doesn't mean foreign tourist would also see it as such.Some tourists are unforgiving when it comes to bad facilities and services. We should look into that aspect. That's what I meant by looking past the slogan.

Again, tourism is convenience. That said, tourism= accessibility.


It was quick and smooth.Zyann Ambrosio made it easy for me as I felt casual and comfortable talking to her.It took only a few minutes and it's done. I immediately went back home and waited for it to be aired at 6pm. I was happy my part made the cut among the many people interviewed that day.  In all fairness, even if my remark "MERON NAMAN TAYONG TINATAWAG na CLEAN FUN" was the only part shown, I am pleased that mine was among where the report centered.There goes my 7 seconds of fame. :)

Thanks TV PATROL and Ms. Zyann Ambrosio for this one and again to Joel Aldor for the head start. It's more fun in the Philippines.Cheers!!!


  1. Wooohooo! Congrats Anton!! More blogging success to come!!!

  2. Lanya ah! Sana pala nagpa bati ako sayo sa TV....kaya lang, wala naman akong plasma eh...LOLs!!!!

    congrats, you are breaking grounds pare...i never thought, grabe, but then again, i knew you'd become something someday, para ano pa na tinatawag mo kaming desperate housewives lols!!!

    good job!!

  3. ikaws na na-iinerview. naks.

    baka sa susunod, may segment ka na sa tv. hahaha

  4. Yohoo! It's the start of your showbiz career. ;p

  5. ayun napanood ko din,,,,clean fun~!
    nice anton...
    next time more than 1 minute na exposure mo sa tv hehe,,,^^

  6. congrats sir! galing I just watch the news also kahit maigsi yun exposure pero still andun laman ng story.
    kip it up!

  7. May exposure nga! Haha. You already!

  8. naks. celebrity. hehe

    for me naman, ano nga ba tanong? ah basta i support the slogan. nakakasawa na din kasi maging kontrabida. =)

  9. ang bilis ng mga pangyayari...pero tulad ng iba, I am happy for you.

  10. hahaha. i saw you on tv.. congrats...

    followed your blog...

  11. susunod host ka na ng remake ng trip na trip :D

  12. Pa autograph, new idol. celeb.. short but cool! at least may exposure in 7 seconds and may participation ka sa new DOT campaign :)

  13. Lupet!!

  14. Next time you will be invited na sa mga talk shows and documentaries!

  15. salamat sa lahat for the good comments!!!!cheers.

  16. ayan. kita ka na rin ng mga followers mo sa tv.


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