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I was one of the many Filipino who were thrilled by the appointment of the new Department of Tourism (DOT)Secretary Mon Jimenez. I saw his interview with Boy Abunda in the Bottomline aired at ABS-CBN and I came to admire this PR Guy turned tourism Secretary for bringing hope into the department which badly needs fresh marketing strategies.As a travel enthusiast who blogs about his experience, I was excited about the future of tourism in the Philippines. Then there was silence.For a few month we waited and wondered what's next.....

Today, DOT finally made noice again.This time with the launch of the new tourism campaign: IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES.

"We need a line that is easily understood. Competitive. More fun in the Philippines is true. Keri natin ito" - Sec. Mon Jimenez. He added---"No one can own the expression "it's more fun" but it's very true for PH so it becomes ours. "FUN" is a fusion of place and people. A place is not fun if there is no fun people in it."

So what are we selling?

COMMUTING: it's more fun in the PHILIPPINES

commuting with Korean tourists on top of a jeepney in Sagada



STATUS UPDATES: it's more fun in the PHILIPPINES

The reception in social media is generally positive
Here's what they say:

 GMA News 

: Some netizens commended the slogan's simplicity, some are saying it lacks punch. Read:
 gian p. 

now the task for DOT is execute the campaign and work with BOI to ease their tourist entry process! make it work 
 Rico Hizon 

Pilipinas IKAW NA! RT “: Loud and clear: The world's social media capital has spoken!  
 bianca gonzalez 

i like it, simply because its true! its more fun in the philippines!!!! :)
 GMA News 

 slogan can boost Philippine tourism arrivals to 10 Million – Palace. Read more: 
 Tim Yap 

Because  “: Today, a worldwide trend on Twitter. Next: a premiere global destination. "

 Ronald Redito 

Suggestion to Sec  if you want Philippines to compete, lower the rates of hotels, compare it with Vietnam and Cambodia 

"It's more fun in the Philippines", Pasko, night life, beaches, shopping, eating, fiesta, birthday, kasal, pati lamay actually. 
 Tourism Department 

"It's time to be proud and competitive" 
 Abe Olandres 

The  slogan is great. Just need to make sure we make it really, truly fun.    

I'll add mine:

HIKING: more fun in the PHILIPPINES

CHURCH VISITS: it's more fun in the PHILIPPINES

even in CEMETERIES: it's more fun in the PHILIPPINES

MEETING FRIENDS:  it's more fun in the PHILIPPINES
The list continues. There are thousands of reasons why it's more fun in the Philippines and I buy that.Why? Because we Filipinos are HAPPY people. Even McDonalds agree #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines coz they're #1 in theworld except the Phils where they can't beat the fat stupid happy Yeah, let's own it, coz if there's one way to describe our country and our people, that wuld be it. We know how to enjoy. Let's show the world that.

One more thing IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES because of .hahaha

SUNRISE: it's more fun in the PHILIPPINES
I am excited about the slogan but this campaign is just the first step. We are not lying when we say we are a happy people. But the Philippines being a fun destination could be relative depending on who we sell the idea to. Bottom line is, we have a lot of work to do to ensure that the people who visit us would feel exactly the same. Say, it's not fun if  you have to fly 16 hours or more to get to Manila, get stuck with long queues in the worse airport in the world, miss your connecting flight to another destination in the country as there's no direct flight to get there.It's not fun if the taxi driver doesn't use the taxi meter and overcharge you. It's not fun if while walking along EDSA or riding the MRT, some pickpockets are waiting to steal your wallet or cellphone. It's a good slogan but we should LOOK BEYOND that.

We have to work hard to ensure our guests that conditions here are really fun, if not, the world will just MAKE FUN of us!!!!!!

PS: Photos were taken during our Banaue- Sagada trip where we met a group of Korean students on vacation:)


  1. slogan was really cool.

    I love the sunrise photo, sobrang tama!

  2. i like the new campaign!!! i don't care sa negativity ng ilan hahaha

  3. Good point. Agree sa last paragraph.. Since andyan na yung slogan, people should work harder para masuportahan yung tagline.. or else, yes.. the world will MAKE FUN of us.

    Move, Filipinos!

  4. the slogan is really real in it's truest sense... nung nakarating ako sa ibang bansa, isa lang ang naiisip ko: mas masaya pa rin talaga sa Pilipinas... I bet all Pinoys abroad would agree to me on that. #Its's more fun in the Philippines!!!!!

  5. It's way better than the last slogan. Besides, true naman talaga that it's really more fun here in Pinas.

    Thanks for sharing this insight. Love your photos! :)

  6. Noisy ang netizens sa twitter dahil sa slogan.

    andaming tweets tungkol sa slogan. may positive at syemps may nega dins.

  7. It's more fun in the Philippines because it is the Philippines. Hahaha. Nice and simple. Maganda nga. :)

  8. ok naman halip na batikusin,suportahan na lang natin...

    go filipinos!

  9. ill support this campaign. it's not for someone anyway. it's for philippines. it's more fun here.

  10. Hihihi. Mas na-appreciate ko pa iyong fact na mga Koreans ang kasama mo kaysa dun sa post mo about the slogan. LOL. Ako na affected ng hallyu wave. :D

  11. okay naman yung campaign very flexible hehe

  12. okay naman yung campaign very flexible hehe

  13. Ay naku Anton, hindi talaga ako kumurap. Ikaw na ang may TV exposure! It's you naaah already! :)

  14. ikaw talaga @Ms Chuniverse. I wanna meet you in person!!!hehehe

  15. I fully support this new slogan of the DOT as I also uploaded some of my photos at my website -


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