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a peek inside SONYA's GARDEN BED and BREAKFAST

WONDER about how the rooms are at your dream hotels?As a travel blogger, I get to check in to some of the best hotels and accommodations in the country---from budget to high end.And if the finances restricts, I get the privilege to peek inside the rooms by request. The thing is, we get curious at what to expect inside the rooms and the photos provided in the official websites of some hotels/resorts are not enough to satisfy that curiosity. Here in my PEEK INSIDE SERIES, you get to see more photos of the accommodations you are eying for on your next travel destination..........

Here's a peek a peek inside

Right after having the relaxing SONYA's SIGNATURE MASSAGE, got the chance to talk personally to Mrs. Brown, the manager of Sonya's Garden.She walked us through the property and even invited us to take a peek into another Sonya's Garden pride----SONYA'S BED and BREAKFAST.

This is a new addition to the attractions of the place. For sure I have heard of it before but it's something I never took seriously.So I guess you can understand my surprise when we were taken here. Who would ever think that somewhere in the deep corners of Sonya's are accommodations you would wish for.

a peek inside SONYA's GARDEN BED and BREAKFAST 

The place is sorrounded by plants, flowers and trees. You get the feeling that you are in a secure forest.The fact that Sonya's Garden is located in Alfonso Cavite, away from all the noise and pollution of an urban setting despite its proximity in Tagaytay means you are assured of a place of peace and serenity.

"All the Bed and Breakfast cottages are named after herbs, which, like her garden, reflect Sonya’s love for aromatic things. Inspired by her simple country lifestyle, the Bed and Breakfast facility was born out of insistent pleas from guests to stay awhile longer in Sonya’s private sanctuary."

Sanctuary is the perfect word. "In the short time that it has been open to the public, many have already vowed to return for a myriad of simple joys, like waking up to the smell of flowers, languishing in bed from last night’s soothing massage, contemplating in the undisturbed solitude that surrounds each cottage, relaxing by the charming bay windows that opens into a view of nature in its entire splendor, the warm hospitality of Sonya and her staff—and other delightful discoveries that has made a stay at the B&B a unique experience for every person. "
Personally, feels like entering a different world.What makes the bed and breakfast unique is because when you decide to check in, you are choosing a healthy lifestyle. At least during the period of your stay. No telivison, just books, no air-conditioners, just fresh air coming from the gardens. I asked if humidity is of any concern among guests especially during rainy season, but according to them, no guest has ever complained about it. I guess it's not a problem then.The rooms are designed with large netted windows so fresh air can flow in and out of the rooms while making sure the insects and mosquitoes stay out.

“The art of doing nothing”----that's what Sonyas is all about.


"Here seems to be something inexpressibly powerful about the restful setting at Sonya’s B&B that it has drawn families together for reunions, inspired bonding sessions among friends, even lured colleagues to conduct teambuilding activities here. Guests have rediscovered the lost “Art of Conversation”. Perhaps it reminds them of simpler times, when instead of watching television there would be long conversations that lasted well after dinner, when time was an excess rather than a luxury."

 "Another long-forgotten art that Sonya hopes to revive is the art of letter writing, which she encourages by leaving guest books in every cottage. She has even provided a rose-scented ink, a concoction she made from scratch, and a notebook of hand-made paper. This has prompted many who have been moved by the country living experience to leave her personal thank-you notes while some pages are even filled with poetry and illustrations inspired by her garden."

"One of the best times to spend the night at Sonya’s is during the hushed nights early in the week, when the garden is quiet save for crickets singing a lulling melody, or the sound of soft tinkling from glass chimes that signals the passing of a breeze. The damp months of June to October beckons the hopefully romantic who are seduced by the rhythm of falling rain and the aftermath  of a sparkling garden scene of dew-like droplets."

 Here's a PEEK into their ROOMS.................
We had to remove our shoes before entering this room and the feeling once inside is one with cleanliness and peace. Hope I didn't use the word cleanliness in an awkward way there. You just feel clean, literally.Even your bad thoughts would disappear. Even the restrooms are very spacious and clean.I can sleep here.hahaha

"Ever the haven for lovers, the B&B has become a popular destination for a romantic getaway. There have been quite a number who have even made the place their wedding venue of choice, where they would also have their bridal shower and spend their honeymoon. While receptions and wedding ceremonies have been held at various corners of  the garden the most unique is a twilight wedding setting at Sonya’s Herb Greenhouse. Guests have described the experience as something out of a dream, specially when the pebble-stoned pathways of the B&B are lit with colored glass lanterns."" 
 Have I already mentioned the food? Being at SONYA'S BED AND BREAKFAST means you are assured of a food selection fresh from the garden.All natural ingredients. I think that nails it. Makes me think of a cleansing diet.hahaha. As a smoker myself, this is exactly what I need!

 "Home-cooked meals are also included in the accommodations because Sonya treats guests as family. Her braised chicken with carrots and baby potatoes might trigger memories of a sunny kitchen always smelling of mother’s cooking. Guests on extended stay may expect a variety of dishes (try the callos!) to perk up their appetite.
view full List of RATES here:

"For those who want to renew their inner selves there are therapeutic and creative activities such as cooking with herbs and gardening lessons, flower arrangement and wreath-making sessions. When she is available, there’s also a yoga class for beginners taught by Sonya herself that sets the mood for a surreal restorative experience. These are only a handful of ways among a multitude of possibilities that guests of Sonya can experience at her B&B to nourish both body and soul."

This is what I really need. My readers are all aware that I am online 24/7.If I'm not blogging, I'm on twitter or Facebook.Makes me feel sometimes of how sedate my life has become.If all of a suddenly you don't see me online for a few days, you know where I am. I might be at SONYA's BED and BREAKFAST trying to reconnect to my good old self. :)


  1. Wow I love the place. Ang spacious ng bathroom hehe. Have been hearing great things about sonya's pero I've never had the chance to go there

  2. ang cool ng lugar!!! napaka peaceful cguro jaan at relaxation talaga ang mapapala mo. :D at bumebest yung mga kwarto! nice! nice!

  3. a great place para magpakita ng "dark side" haha joke

    pero honestly, napaka peaceful tignan nung lugar...., great for recreation :))

  4. hahaha---loko ka @T.R.Aurelius---it's a decent place. I would love to confine myself here.hahaha

  5. That's exactly what we want spend MORE time in a peaceful place, to avoid stress in Manila.


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