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THE SPA at SONYA's GARDEN and their Signature Massage

I was in SONYA's GARDEN a few years ago with some buddies from work. I remember we stayed in Tagaytay and visited Caleruega before going here.Caleruega of course is a famous place for retreats and its Transfiguration Chapel is a well sought wedding venue for the elite.When we got to SONYA's GARDEN, it was then that I learned that if Caleruega is to wedding ceremonies, Sonya's is to Wedding Receptions. But this amazing piece of heavenly place in Alfonso Cavite is bigger than reception and dining.

The restaurants are not just the attractions here, Sonya's is also popular for its PANADERIA (bakeshop) where they bake fresh bread everyday using organic ingredients, the  COUNTRY STORE, where guests purchase some of the offerings from Sonya’s restaurant, like bottles of Sonya’s Secret Salad Dressing and sun dried tomato pasta sauce. The crunchy broad beans mixed with her Garden Salad are also sold by the bottle here.Bone china dinnerware,  hand-embroidered linens from Vietnam found all over the garden, wooden pasta fork, incense burners with a special wooden box stand,satin bathrobes, beaded jewelries from Baguio, Mangyan-inspired accessories and chic garden hats, they have all of it here.

But we were here for the Panderia and profile pictures around the garden a few years back. That time, I promised myself to go back one day and try another of what SONYA's GARDEN is well known for---their SIGNATURE MASSAGE.

Sonya's Garden_massage rooms 
THE SPA at SONYA's GARDEN and their Signature Massage

THE SPA at SONYA's GARDEN is at the core of Sonya’s advocacy on “the art of doing nothing,” which she encourages all to practice, is allowing the self to indulge in relaxing activities that ultimately becomes one’s vehicle for self-rediscovery.This was the perfect time for us to try it as my wife and I were both exhausted by our climb in Mount Maculot that weekend.
Services at the SPA are a fusion of European and Asian traditions merged with some modern techniques. The most popular of all is Sonya’s SIGNATURE MASSAGE. It is according to my therapist a combination of SWEDISH, SIATSU and Thai massage. Shiatsu relaxes the muscles, Swedish strokes improves blood circulation Thai massage.

We were here on Lunar New year, January 23 at around 2pm.The massage area is quite packed with guests so we had to wait for around 30 minutes. We were lead to a couples room on the ground floor.........
Here's how the massage area looks like. Capiz shell doors and wood on concrete white floors made a good appeal on me.......
Sonya's Garden_massage 
hallway leading to the massage rooms

single room

There are three beds in the couple's room. I asked why. So that maybe a third wheel could be accomodated? Kidding. The room is very big I guess so they decided to fill it with a 3rd bed so as to fill the void. There is a hot and cold shower inside so you can clean yourself before the massage. that's what I did so I asked my therapist to wait a few minutes.
inside the couples room

the shower room inside the massage room

Once you start, you could notice fresh flower petals on a basin one you lie flat on your belly on the massage bed. Cool.Therapists could be male or female depending on your choice. If you are into really hard massage, I suggest you request for a male therapist unless you are the sadistic type who wants to burden your masseur with the required heavy strokes. There are only a few male therapists though so it would be better to mention your request once you make the reservation. We had no choice so my wife and I both went for female masseurs. Back in Boracay Mandarin Spa, my wife and I also stayed in a couple's room. She had a female therapist while I had male.Should it be allowed, my wife said she would prefer a male therapist too since her muscles are also tight.
rice grain HOT PACKS

 As I said, we were assigned female therapists and the one given to her is quite old so we had to remind them from time to time to increase the pressure. The combination of the three strokes is indeed relaxing. And one thing I love which I never tried in other massage facilities is the introduction of HOT PACKS. I heard they are stuffed with rice grains inside, they put it inside the microwave to heat and are placed on certain pressure points on your body. They could get really hot so be sure to communicate with your therapist if the heat too much for you to handle. But its really relaxing. Pang alis daw ng lamig sa katawan :)
Sonya's signature massage 
After 1 hour of SONYA"S SIGNATURE MASSAGE, my wife and I were rejuvenated. On our way out of the massage area, we ran accross some customers have food spa in this love lovely section. Sorrounded by garden, this peaceful place is a perfect place for self pampering.

CLICK HERE for a complete list of their SPA SERVICES and prices


SPA PRODUCTS and others

And if you want to bring home some of the Spa goodies with you, they have a sore next to the Reception area where you can buy Spa products and other stuff. It's here where we saw Cherry Gil looking  for something to buy. My hunch is that she also had massage in Sonya's.......:)

sonya's body oil

My stargazing session was interrupted when the front desk receptionist called my attention and introduced me to the Mrs. Brown, the manager of Sonya's Garden.She was very warm and I was surprised when she said she is going to show us another aspect of the place, the world renown ----BED AND BREAKFAST---another reason why you should try SONYA's.

Will be featuring it on my next post. tata!!!!

DISCLOSURE: The Signature massage costs 785php for 1 hour
and was extended to us free by SONYA's Garden.

Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines
(near the vicinity of Tagaytay City, Philippines)
For reservations, call or text the following numbers:
+63-9175329097 / +63-9175335140 / +63-9175231080


  1. Didn't know they had spa at Sonya's Garden. Went there last time for Valentine's. The breeze in there was great! Nice place for a retreat with someone special!

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  3. and nice pics as well, wanna go there too :)

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