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BEACH RESORTS IN SAN JUAN BATANGAS: Kabayan Beach Resort #LaiyaBeach

Kabayan Beach Resort (formerly Laplaya Beach Resort) opened in 1996. It's one of the first beach resorts to open in La Iya San Jaun Batangas and it has kept it's popularity through the years by constantly upgraded it's facilities and amenities. It is a budget accommodation aimed at families and group travelers.

To be honest, when they said it's an old resort, I immediately thought of a run down place.I was surprised therefore at how they were able to keep the property in tact despite the fact that some of the accommodations are made by bamboo. I guess a couple of upgrades have been done through the years. Certainly couldn't compete with all of the new and chick accommodations sprouting around La Iya beach  but it is a standout within it's price range.

Kabayan  Beach  Resort San Juan Batangas
KABAYAN beach resort batangas

The rooms are indeed very affordable.It's best that you travel in groups.They actually have a dormitory room for 14 pax and that's good for only 6,000php.Good deal ayt? That's less than 500 per head.



dormitory room for 14 pax and that's good for only 6,000php.Good deal ayt? 
That's less than 500 per head.
Another thing that I like about the place is that it's really family friendly. A  spacious living room is a feauture of each accommodation and a kitchen complete with all the utensils and cooking materials.This feature is something I have not seen among all the three resorts we visited and I personally think that this being able to cook is very convenient if you are traveling in groups or with your family. A fridge is also available for use plus a water dispenser with a gallon of water, free!!!

Oh. I also would like to commend the availability of many public restrooms for day trippers.At least di aabutin ng 10 years mag-antayan if you feel like washing after the dipping on the beach.

The thing I don't like though is the pool use.A separate 100php charge is required even if you are a guest. They should have included it in the room rate instead so as not to sound like they are discouraging people from using the pool. :)


I wasn't able to eat much in our next resort destination during the La Iya Batangas Resort hopping experience. The reason, the lunch served in KABAYAN made me ate a lot. They served Filipino dishes like kare-kare, tinola, lots of seafood, and my favorite dessert ---SPECIAL UBE or shall I say UBE SPECIAL? whatever.It's very delicious.I think it is famous not just in Kabayan but also in the area so be sure not to miss it when you visit San Juan.It was not served in other resorts we visited though other than Kabayan so I give Kabayan a thumbs up on this one. wink **wink**

kare-kare in Kabayan Resort
with fellow blogger Riz  of (my left) 
and fellow guest reviewer MaFe (right)

Day Tour Entrance Fee:

Php100/head - 12 years old and above.Php 50/head - 11 years old and below.8:00am-5:00pm
Activities includes
Beach Volleyball
cove hopping
table tennis etc.


The resort boasts of many large cottages along the beach which I see as a big PLUS. You can rent one at around 1,500 and that is already good for the entire duration of your stay.

Kabayan Resort my not fit the discriminating taste of chick and sossy travelers but this place is definitely a BIG SELL on groups and families on a budget. The place is not GRAND but the rooms are comfortable and clean.KABAYAN RESORT San Juan Batangas is the perfect package for a budget conscious family/group weary of a quick beach getaway........

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  1. the place was nice.
    ang ganda nman sir ng chicks n ksama nyu...

  2. maganda yung place lalo na yung rooms. hehehe.

    natakaw ako sa kare-kare. parang maghahanap ako sa mga karinderya ng kare-kare with bagoong.

  3. tiyak madami ang pupunta ngayong summer diyan dahil sa ganda..

  4. Ube the best! :)

    Effect lng ung post ni mommy Rich!

    PS: Super nice pix.. super claro!! Bravo! :)

  5. I love this suggestion! Ilang araw na akong nagbabasa ng blog mo to find the best budget place for me and my family. Alam mo na, uuwi ang lola diba?

    E hindi naman kami tatlo o apat lang pag nag outing and for sure ako lang ang taya, hahahah!

    This is the best place for me and my family. I will just haggle with the pool use (o kahit hindi na). The best pa nyan pwede kaming mamalegke para magluto. Wheee!

    Salamat dito.

  6. saan po ang exit or land mark papunta jan?


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