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Monday, April 9, 2012

cheap accommodation in Boracay: SUNSHINE PLACE

Although we stayed in ALTA VISTA DE BORACAY during our 2nd visit to Boracay, it was still a mix of budget and luxury accommodation. I am not rich so I usually travel with financial caution.Although it would be nice to pamper yourself with high end living, I don't usually go for very expensive accommodations unless I have spare cash to spend. Better be safe than sorry. So during our last major tour, I decided to have a mix of budget and medium-end accommodation. 

We arrived in the island of Boracay late afternoon since the flight was from Manila to Kalibo and not Caticlan. The flight was a bit delayed that day and the 1-hour shuttle ride from Kalibo to Caticlan and 30 minute water ferry to the island almost meant it was almost dark when we got to long beach . Having anticipated that, I thought having an expensive hotel on our first night in Boracay will not be practical. I therefore search for a budget accommodation in Boracay, in this case, SUNSHINE PLACE.

  cheap accommodations in Boracay


cheap accommodation in Boracay, SUNSHINE PLACE

I found SUNSHINE PLACE --(contact #:0929 273 3858 or 0920 920 0557) online trough the blog of my good friend Chyng Reyes, you know, when Chyng says it's good enough,it's good enough. I believe her. I knew it was still off-peak season in Bora but I wanted to make sure me and my wife wouldn't have to go through the agony of searching for a place to stay when we get there. Lazy mode. So immediately booked the place for 1,500 pesos. I thought it's a fair price for an Inn near the beach of station-2. That, until I met this lovely couple in the shuttle on our way to the island from Kalibo.

And oh, there's no wi-fi gere so I suggest you bring your own internet stick when you choose this place. Buying a per hour bundle in kalibo Cable could be a pain in the neck.:)
Cable tv-- check!!

He told me a little secret. It's cheaper when you walk-in and inquire. You can negotiate for the price (make tawad) as it is easy to walk away should you decide the price is not good enough. They've been to the island before (one story season) so he knew. The price he said could go as low as 1,000 pesos when you walk in. That's when I thought---what a waste. I should have saved 500 pesos and that would go along way.hahaha

I mean, I'm honestly okay with 1,500 but knowing that I can actually get the same place less the price if I just walk-in made me feel that way. Well, lesson learned. Next time. Esp, pag di peak season. :)

About our room, it was spacious with two (2) beds, a small tv connected to cable network. A personal refrigerator and nothing else fancy. A very simple room with a lot of space perfect for a family holiday. My wife was also smiling when she discovered that the bathroom is also spacious. The thing is, there's only the two of us. I could live with a smaller space. I think it's more intimate. Our room in Sunshine Inn though has a balcony.Perfect for somebody like me who loves to contemplate after a long day. 
Just like the place where our new found buddies who told me about the little secret on off-peak accommodations in Boracay where we left our baggage when we checked out the next day and went island hopping. Look at the photo below. Their room faces the beach, it has a balcony the way I love and they a smaller but more intimate and well decorated room. Envy, envy, envy. hahaha. Best of all, they got it for only 1,200 pesos. ouch. Next time, next time. Di maka-get over.lols

Casa Fiesta is the name of their place. Nice. Envious me ^^

Address: Station 1 Balabag, Boracay, Aklan, 5608 Malay, Aklan
Phone: (036)288-3898(Landline)/0919-246-6522(Mobile)
Email: casa_fiesta@yahoo.com
Casa Fiesta Boracay ^^

There. When in Boracay, you can try budget accommodations. There are so many of them in Station 2 just along the beach.SUNSHINE INN is an example of that. Yes, I still recommend the place. I think its spacious and decent. Just don't forget better consider walk-in inquiry during off peak season.It could save you a few bucks. Enjoy!!!!



  1. mgnda nman ang rum.
    buti nkatawd ka.

  2. very affordable ang rooms. Ayos to. :)

  3. thanks for this tip, hoping for a good weather and will try to walk-in when I go there this October.

  4. Hi...among name ng hotel ang na booked ng new found friend mo?

    1. Casa Fiesta -- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Casa-Fiesta-Resort-Boracay/136082259811428

  5. pwede na.. gusto ko simple pero kumportable naman..

  6. Will try this hotel when we go to Boracay.

    Btw, just followed your blog. Hope you could follow ours as well.


  7. hi! ask ko lng po wat inn un 1200 per night? tnx

  8. Is this Hotel rooms or Paying Guest Accommodation of students? I hope it is cheap Hotel in Boracay for stay 2-3 days. Sunshine Coast Seo Company

  9. hehe i never knew nagsstay ka din sa mga guest houses. hehe

  10. Affordable and comfortable. Great choice for a budget-friendly trip'. I personally recommend Boracay Philippines Resorts for great and affordable stay in Boracay!

  11. Hi ano name ng hotel n nabook ng friend mo?

    1. Casa Fiesta -- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Casa-Fiesta-Resort-Boracay/136082259811428

  12. Great! Ngayon ko lang din nalaman na mas mura pala pag nag walk-in and pwede palang mag haggle haha ganda pa ng nakuhang room ng new found friends mo. Next time I go there, we will try the Sunshine Inn for Boracay Accommodations. Cheers!


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