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cheap accommodation in Baler Aurora: KL JAVERS Homestay

I still have a lot of things I wanna write concerning my trips prior to Aurora but I wanna do this one first as I know that there will be so many people who will heeding to Baler and I don't want them to experience the same inconvenience I encountered booking for a place to stay.

Our trip was last weekend, yeah, April 6-8 and it was HOLY WEEK in the Philippines so looking for an accommodation was indeed a pain in the neck.I texted so many resorts along Sabang Beach two weeks before our scheduled tour but to no avail.Some even replied that they are already fully booked for the entire month of April. That's good because it means tourism in Aurora is really picking up. But that meant bad news for me and my friends who have been dying to try surfing and whose vacation is pegged at local holidays.

Good thing I didn't give up, until I saw one discussion over Pinoy Exchange where a fellow travel blogger, Marx of posted something on the topic.I immediately contacted Marx and I was relieved when i learned that the place he found also online has another room available. It was more of a desperate move in my case. Bawal na ang choosy. What I am saying is, I usually google for the place and try to inspect the photos before I decide, but on this occasion, I just texted the owner, Mr Vincent and the rest is up to faith. I couldn't even remember the name of the place. But after staying there for 3days,2nights, how can I ever forget KL JAVERS Homestay in Baler Aurora.......

 cheap accommodation in Baler Aurora: KL JAVERS Homestay
First of all, I thought we are going to end up in a rundown accommodation. But KL JAVERS Homestay is far far far from my expectations.I was very happy to learn that this nice place only costs 1,200php per night for a room for 4pax. And there were six (6) of us and we only paid 100 per pax for the two extra persons. That's for an airconditioned room take note.
KL JAVERS_ Homestay
Of course this is not at par with hotel accommodations but the home ambiance is a welcome thing. There are so many things I like about the place. The couple who maintains the place, Kuya Vincent and ate Angie are very nice. they warmly welcomed us in their place. Remember that this is a homestay and the occupants of the place have all the rights to set the rules depending on the degree of privacy they are willing to sacrifice. But they acted as if they had friends who came by and pay them a visit. During the length of our stay, we all felt like it was our "family home"too. Now this post is starting to sound intimately personal.Sorry can't help it.

Back to the accommodation, we stayed in a room at the 2nd floor.All 6 of us in 1 big room.While the other blogger Marx and his companion stayed downstairs. I got to talk to Ate Angie for a while about the place and that's when I learned a few things. It's a family house that they didn't intend to have rented but she was able to convince her mom last year to eventually have some of the rooms available for home stay.To date, there are three rooms available. Our room being the biggest could accommodate up to six pax while the two rooms can fit four each. One more thing, madaling kausap ang mga owners (the owners are easy to approach). That's what I like the best.

nagkalat ang mga bagahe namin.hehe

our room


Very important! There are two restrooms in the house, One for boys, one for girls. Clean restrooms.As for drinking water, be sure to bring bottled water coz water in Baler is non-treated.They basically use water from the mountains.Free flowing ang tawag nila or bukal (spring water).



This is another good thing about KL JAVERS or any other homestay for that matter. You can bring some supplies and cook! My wife Teresa woke up early the next day and did so for us. We only paid a minimal amount for the gas and the rice. The owners even assisted us the next day in buying coffee and pandesal for breakfast.


KUYA VINCENT the artist

Also learned that kuya Vincent, the owner is an artist in Baler. Ate Angie opened one room where his paintings are being kept and I would say I like his paintings. Too bad he was kinda busy during our stay, I didn't get to interview him about his art. Will do so when i come back kuya Vincent ha. :) 

Kuya Vincent's paintings.


Ate Angie on the other hand is a furniture makes.And the house is a living testimony to their art.


That's my group with the owner Ate Angie
Also included are Marx and his friend 
mukha akong hindi happy but inside I was kumping in happiness.naks!hahaha
that's blogger Marx in red tee.


KL JAVERS Homestay
Gloria Street Baler
Contact Kuya Vincent -0908.341.8527

iI haven't mentioned it pala.KL JAVERS is only a few meters away from the Central Terminal con Central Market so I guess you know what that means. It's very convenient especially if you are also going to tour around Aurora, for example MOTHER FALLS, Artists Village, Giant Balete Park as these attractions require you to go outside Baler opposite Sabang Beach. Also, contacting a van-for-rent or a tricycle would be a lot easier coz you are near the terminal. Same goes when you arrive or leave baler,ilang steps nalang ansa terminal kana. (just a few step and you are already in the terminal.

If you are after surfing which is in Sabang beach, it's only 10 minutes and 15pesos away from KL JAVERS as well. The museum is also walking distance and some of the places where you can eat affordable meals (which I will be blogging about one by one) are also nearby. We strolled to Gerry Shan for the best eat-all-you-can buffet ever on our first night in the town. Ang sarap lang, one summer night, bagong ligo, palakad-lakad sa town.hahaha

So when in Baler Aurora, you might wanna try KL JAVERS Homestay. If you are taking the bus, it's the same road leading to the main entrance of the Central terminal opposite Petron Gas Station.Please refer to the photo above for further identification. Enjoy!!!!!

PS: This is NOT a sponsored post
watch out for my detailed posts on what we tried in Baler and will be linking em here one by one
as they are made available.tata!


  1. a nice house! like its unique exterior :) cool!

    ops i first thought KL = Kuala Lumpur lol

  2. it looks very homey! and the paintings look very interesting!

  3. OMG! Thank you for this post. Will be waiting for your other posts. We're planning on going to Baler. Dapat this vacation kaso wala kaming reservation and my parents have been pretty spontaneous about our trip. Ito we'd be planning na dahil masyadong malayo ang Baler para gawin namin ang ginawa namin sa Bataan. Nung di kami makahanap ng resort na may vacant, bumalik kami Bulacan... lol

  4. wow... nice to read your blog... and happy you already visited our province...

  5. naku0---perfect yan sa family mo Gelli---better text early kasi 3 rooms lang meron sa house. :)

  6. wow... nice to read your blog... and happy you already visited our province...

  7. very warm ang dating. Para ka lang napauwi sa provincial house. nice place to stay pag mag-hahaler-baler :D

  8. wow..thanks for sharing this...sakto next month pupunta rin kami ng Baler...^_^

  9. perness, this is a really good find! mas mura to kesa nakuha namin before. mas spacious pa!

    surfing photos na dali! =)

  10. I love the place. It is a free advertisement coming from you. Hope kabayans can visit and stay such a beautiful accommodation.

  11. My gang's planning on a trip here on March. Well,ako na nagvolunteer to find a place to stay etc.This home, exactly fits what I have in mind.Thanks a lot.

  12. Thank you. pinaplano naming pumunta sa baler sa april 2. field trip namin. emisy @

  13. Good for how many pax this house?

  14. how much po ang rent ng house?

  15. I suggest you contact them for pricing.cheers!

  16. pki reserve nmn po sa April 1, 2014..

  17. please reserve the house for April 1..thanks

  18. This is the worst homestay ever. I'm saying this out of my experience as we just stay in the house from Sept. 06 to 07. When we contacted the owner to ask for reservation, he did not inform us that smoking and alcoholic drinks are not allowed. He also told us that check-in was 2:00PM and check-out was 12:00NN but on the second day of our stay, Angie told us to make sure that all of our things should be out of the room by 10:00AM. Because of too much dissapointment with the place and the owners, we decided to leave immediately (around 7AM) and never return to this hell!

  19. Hi! Does anyone know if they are still open for guests or if you have any other contact number for them? I cant contact them on the number posted on this site.. Thanks!


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