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BOY PICK UP THE MOVIE set visit in Antipolo

Whenever somebody mentions set visits, I remember Kamana Sanctuary Resort Subic where some of the final takes of movie My Neighbor's Wife were taped . That was the first time I got the chance to meet Dennis Trillo, Lovi Poe, Jake Cuenca, Carla Abellana, Dimples Romana I was in cloud-9 during that time. There I go with my being a fan boy again.It can't be helped.

I loooove set visits.They allow you to be intimate with the stars and literally rub elbows with them.Unfortunately, when Regal invited me for another one, for the film BOY PICKUP THE MOVIE, I was not free.........

BOY PICK UP THE MOVIE set visit in Antipolo

I immediately contacted my group and asked who is free.Lucky were Gio Bustamante and Jiger Funtera.They got to meet and greet,interview and photograph Solenn Heussaff,Sam Pinto, Dennis Trillo and of course Ogie Alcasid who takes the lead role BOY PICK UP in the movie produced by GMA Films and Regal Entertainment.Lucky them!


In the movie, there is an underground battle among Pikapistas and Boy Pick-Up remains to be the all time, undefeated champion in wooing the gorgeous Neneng B (Sam). Despite his fame and legend, Boy Pick-Up lives as normal and solitary life. When his landlady asks Boy to love her in exchange for several months of rent due, Boy is forced to look for a new job.

Boy applies as a pastry chef in Heaven’s Bakeshop, a bakery owned by Angel (Solenn Heusaff) and falls head over heels in love with her.

photos by JIGER
 Unknown to Boy, a dark force known as Bagwis (Dennis) is operating under his nose to destroy him and his love life in order to defeat him in the pikapista battles. How will Boy emerge from the darkness? Who will help him succeed? And how will he regain his foothold of the Pikapista championship crown? Now only one question remains: Bakit?

The other cast members of the movie are Sam Pinto, Gwen Zamora, Sarah Lahbati Jackie Rice, Ellen Adarna, Eri Neeman, Antonio Aquitania, Diego, Boy 2 Quizon, Moymoy Palaboy, Lilia Cuntapay and Pepe Smith.


Well, that's all I can reveal about the movie for now but definitely write another entry soon.For now, it's about letting the word out about the movie, and the experience of my blog correspondents in the set visit.Didn't say much about that as well but one thing is for sure, they got starstruck with Sam Pinto and Solenn daw.hahaha
 Gio and Jiger are both photographers of the YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHERS PHILIPPINES.

BOY PICK UP THE MOVE is directed by Dominc Zapata and will hit the cinemas JUNE 6.
here's to their official FB page:


  1. booom! parang angelina, spoiled brat siguro this since sumikat sa taong bayan dapat gawing movie.

    minsan naaaliw ako sa pick-up lines pero minsan nakakainis dins.

  2. sollenn was beautiful even without make up.
    boy pick up the movie we'll see how it goes


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