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human waste in PUERTO GALERA go straight to the beach

I heard about the contamination of Boracay a few months ago which lead to issues raised concerning the presence of E coli in the island and I was alarmed.This time, another famous tourist destination in the Philippines is on the radar due to "sanitation issues." ---PUERTO GALERA.

I was in Pangasinan over the weened and one email caught my attention.Somebody came across my blog after searching for an alternative place to go for their summer vacation.She said she saw the FAILON NGAYON report on Puerto Galera so her family decided to cancel their booking in a resort in White Beach and are looking for an alternative instead---in this case, San Juan Batangas.

For sure, people are alarmed.In the tv program, Ted Failon reported of a small lake only a few meters away from White Beach.It's full of human waste.The concern is that, when it's high tide, all the waste could go straight to the sea. This causes concern to many-------except for the local government which is not doing anything about it.

puerto galera on holy week
human wastes in PUERTO GALERA go straight to the beach

What's even more alarming is the fact that the Barangay Captain interviewed during the show admitted that the lake has been there since he was born but he is not even aware of all the floating human waste in it.I saw the tv footage and it's really gross.

How can the local government do something about the problem if they are not even aware of it? Or maybe they know but they pretend not to know.That makes matters worse........
I was in Puerto Galera last year and the photos here along with the ones in my blog entries of the place were taken in White Beach during Holy Week of 2011.

here's the rest of the entries:

Whilst I didn't personally see the lake mentioned in the report, I noticed that resorts along White Beach are indeed sprawling out of control.The shops are already choking the beach front there's not much to walk at.There's no efficient zoning and going around is like walking in a maze of inns.This is one case of a tourist spot squandered as the local government was not able to take pro-active control of the situation. The human waste and garbage issue is reflective of this lack of planning and action of the local government.
 man_onthe beach

here's the summary of last Saturday's FAILON NGAYON report
(in tagalog)

"Masarap lumangoy sa mga magagandang dagat sa bansa ngayong summer ngunit matutuwa ka kaya kapag sa iyong pagtatampisaw ay bigla kang makakita ng lumulutang na dumi ng tao?Isa lamang ito sa mga suliraning dala ng kawalan ng kaukulang permit ng ilang mga resort na iimbestigahan ni Ted Failon ngayong Sabado (Abr 28) sa “Failon Ngayon.”

Una ng natiktikan ni Ted ang mga resort sa Boracay at ngayon, bubuweltahan niya naman ang mga resort sa Puerto Gallera na walang kaukulang dokumento tulad ng environmental compliant certificate, building permit, at even mayor’s permit.

Talaga namang nakakaalarma na ang patuloy na pagdumi ng mga karagatan dito lalo pa’t hindi basura, kung hindi dumi ng tao ang diretsong tumatapon sa dagat.Base sa pag-imbestiga ng programa, napag-alamang ang mga resort na kulang sa permit at walang maayos na drainage system ang dahilan ng unti-unting pagkasira ng Puerto Galera.

Ano nga kaya ang solusyon sa problemang ito? Bakit nga ba hindi maipasara ang mga resort na ito?


While Puerto Galera may not be the best of beach destinations, it continue to be a famous spot for both local and foreign tourists. It's proximity in Manila makes it a viable place for a quick retreat and I reckon that it will continue to be one in years---that is, if we do something about the issues of sanitation.

Blame greed among businesses in the area or the inaction of the local government? Both should do their part but more so, the government should step in and flex its muscles.This is sad.

I was in Pangasinan last weekend and I personally saw another tourist spot with a lot of potential in the process of decay.I will talk about it in one of my posts soon.................
should you want to watch it, here's the link 


  1. nabalitaan ko yan sa tv. :(

    mag gagalera pa naman me dis 19-21 :p pero sana malinis pa pag punta kows

  2. Nyay! Pupunta pa naman kami Galera next week. :(

  3. nkaka-alarma nga eto..
    sana solusyunan kagad eto ng LGU

  4. kung sa mga pools nga meron din eh,

    grbe mga tao prang walang respeto sa lugar at sa ibang tao, tsk2

    sana magawan agad ng paraan.. pangarap ko pa nman magbora :))

  5. kahit di pa ako nakapunta diyan pero di ko alam na ganyan na pala kadami ang tao diyan.

  6. tsk tsk.. isang tingin mo pa lang sa white beach ng galera, alam mo na agad na may problema dito..

  7. dami palang pupu hihi. Ang dami na pala tao sa whitebeach . dun na lang siguro ako sa pinuntahan nila gaye at melo recently.

  8. Sad ako nung nabalitaan ko ito... I hope magawan nila ng paraan hanggang maaga pa.. :(

  9. unti-unti ng nasisira ang mga likas na yaman. naku, darating ang araw yang galera at boracay magiging katulad na ng mga abadonadong beach resort sa batangas, cavite at quezon

  10. I also saw the segment in FAILON NGAYON, grabe talaga.. It's really sad.. May issues din na ganyan sa El Nido..

  11. awww.. that's bad.. kelangan agapan na yan..

  12. ay dapat nga maagapan yan. malaking problema kapag nasira ang gale dahil sa kapabayaan.

  13. ngayon ko lang nalaman yan, omg, sana malinis na agad.. may balak pa naman ako pumunta :---(

  14. i'm from galera, it's sad but true and until now wala paring ginagawang action, concerning this matter ang LGU! :-(


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