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The BLOOMFIELDS Concert at Matabungkay Beach Hotel Batangas

I guess I am already missing summer this early in the rainy season..................

We already have our first tropical storm in the Philippines I know.Rainy season has officially started.So the questions is,have you already have your summer beach party?Hope you did!At any rate,we Filipinos love going around regardless of the season.Yes, we cannot say that our travel end with the summer season.As a matter of fact,many airplane companies do sell promo tickets during rainy season.I personally had my most memorable vacations during July-September season.

Speaking of beach parties, I remember the BLOOMFIELDS Beach Concert last time in Matabungkay Beach Hotel Batangas.

 The BLOOMFIELDS Concert at Matabungkay Beach Hotel Batangas

We were invited by the hotel as official guests that time.Read my review of Matabungkay Beach Hotel here: .I remember too well at how clear the sky was on that night and how the tranquil beachfront of Matabaungkay transfored into one lively concert place.
We all know the BLOOMFIELDS ayt? The group mainly plays rock and roll with sporadic ballads and mellow hits.I love the way they transform our favorite 60's music into something hip that the young generation would not find jologs.
that's me topless (with Linus Tiu --left---and other bloggers)
---beach party eh, walang kokontra!lol

Here's a short description of the band members  from their official facebook page:

Rocky Collado - Drums and Vocals
Lakan Hila - Lead Guitar and Vocals
Dino Pascual - Rhythm Guitars and Vocals
Louie Poco - Bass and Vocals

 Rocky Collado is fondly called “Gene Krupa of the Philippines” and “Doctor of the drums” due to his unparalleled talent in drum playing. His famous rendition of “Little B” is always a highpoint in their performance. Rocky is also a very talented singer, a gifted visual artist and the resident “talker” of the band.

Lakan Hila
plays the lead guitar and the keyboard. He comes from a family of musicians which explains his proficiency in virtually any instrument he attempts to play. Lakan is responsible for the amazing leads during instrumentals often playing the keyboard with his guitar still firmly strapped to his chest.

Louie Poco is the bass player and the master of rock and roll showmanship. He is often seen jumping off stages, standing on tables and doing all sorts of maneuvers. He is also the go-to guy for blaring songs. He has the perfect raspy, high-pitched voice for authentic rock and roll.

Dino Pascual is the youngest member of the group. He plays the rhythm guitar and is also the resident balladeer. He has a strong but soothing voice that is always a hit with the ladies. His acoustic roots also allowed him to bring diversity to the band’s repertoire.
Lakan Hila
 Roccky Collado

They opened the night with their  of renditions of classic Beatles hits like “I Want To Hold Your Hand”, “In My Life,” “Hey Jude,” “Blackbird,” “A Hard Day's Night,” “Twist & Shout,” as well as hits like “Crazy Little Thing Called Love among others.We were on our feet early on.I really love the youthful.My memories raced a few years back.Let's admit it, we all got excited with this group of young lads on suits with their guitar.

After the break though, the band members stripped their suits and on their beach shirts.they were full of energy, especially Rocky Collado and Lakan Hila. They were very so into their gig.You can see how they enjoy what they do.At one point, each of them went around and teased the crowd.Rocky gulped a bottle of San Mig light while Lakan played the guitar on the table.Caught all of it with my camera!!!Twas a fun night!!I am a fan all over again!

Rocky Colladogulping a bottle of SanMig light to the crowds delight.
game kung game! :)
Lakan Hila playing his guitar on top of a table :)


Woke up the next day to a  delightful breakfast and a signed album of The Bloomfields.!!!!yay!
Thanks guys!Thanks Titus for the head start!

the latest album of The Bloomfields

BLOOMFIELDS_hit the ground running_album 
I looooove the single NOT ENOUGH in their latest album

--PUBLIC Gig Sched for JUNE 2012:

02 - Ayala Mall's Style Origin, Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater
(infront of Jamba Juice), 730pm
07 - Thunderbird Resort Rizal, 9pm
08 - The Vue Bar, Bellevue Hotel Alabang, 830pm
14 - Thunderbird Resort Rizal, 9pm
19 - 70s Bistro, 830pm
21 - Thunderbird Resort Rizal, 9pm
28 - Thunderbird Resort Rizal, 9pm
29 - Tiendesitas, Pasig, 10pm

Yes,it's already rainy season but if you want to have a quick retreat with family or friends and are afraid of taking a plane due to concerns over weather disturbances (it's a hit and miss ayt), you might want to consider Matabungkay beach Hotel as an alternative.The place is memorable to me.As memorable as that hot hot hot summer concert of The BLOOMFIELDS.Here's to their cool website!

Yes, they do play in bars and do corporate and events gigs as well.
For inquiries and bookings: --- (0917)5007010


  1. concert pala.. parang ikaw yung nagshow eh.. evil grin >_<

  2. ganda ng ambiance ng concert nila ha

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