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GERRY SHAN'S PLACE: eat-all-you can buffet in Baler

Food post muna bago maumay sa entertainment scoops na sunod-sunod 
at may nakapila pa :)

Food is inseparable to travel.Of course you have to eat.And finding the best eatery in the place you visit is tantamount to finding its soul.You don't necessarily have to look for the most expensive restos.During our last trip to Baler Aurora more than a month ago, there is this cheap place they call Jerry Shan's Place which is the best deal you can find town in terms of value and taste.

Remember my rant about the torturous wait over dinner at Bay's Inn? , well, you will not experience the wait here (as long as there are available tables.Gerry Shan is always packed but we didn't find trouble waiting in line which only lasted a few minutes.

 the best eat-all-you can buffet in Baler: GERRY SHAN

Let me show you how packed the place is on a Saturday evening and I guess even during other days.We went here for dinner.
All you need to do is pay 150pesos per head at the counter.That's the time when they give you a plate and you can get your food at the buffet table then eat-till-you-drop na.The meal includes the usual, menudo,fried chicken,lechon paksiw,chopseuy.Kung dika choosy,pasok na sa banga yan! The important thing is---malasa yung mga food.And take note, bottomless Iced Tea plus me mga desserts pa like rice cakes and fruits.
I would like to emphasize that.We were not starving that night---compared when we dinned in Bay's Inn where we were already starved to start with tas ginutom pa nila kami lalo---but we all agreed that the food is tasty. We decided to walk back to our accommodation para matunaw ang ibang kinain.:)
let's look at the crown again

Ask me why its cheap?I donno.For all its worth, I think it's safe naman.Nobody complained of an upset stomach afterwards.So I am keeping this post simple--bottomline is, if you are looking for the BEST 9yeah,best talaga) eat-all-you-can-buffet in Baler Aurora, Jerry Shan is the place to be.Very affordable, tasty plus less the struggle of waiting.I never thought my 150 pesos could go this far :)

Jerry Shan is located in Quezon St. Brgy 2 Baler.


  1. Would definitely go there! Pupunta ako Baler this weekend! I'm so excited! :D

  2. sarap nmn nyan minsan mas masarap pa kumain sa mga regular resto kesa dun sa high class mas masarap mas tipid mas busog

  3. hondoming tao.

    nung kumain kami dyan last time, wala yung buffet. :(

  4. Thanks for the post... will surely include it sa itinerary namin pagpunta ng baler.

  5. wow sulit na sulit nga kapag ganyan. =D

  6. wahh seriously nde pa aq nakapunta ng baller at bet q yang buffet na yan!! lafangan na ang labanan. in fairness mura lng xa ha. :)


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