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BOY PICK UP THE MOVIE: pi-pickup na sa June 6!

What is your favorite pickup line?I'm sure you have one. Pickup lines have become so famous these days that not knowing how to throw one is like being detached to reality.While I am not good at it, I enjoy hearing people exchanging pickup lines.I love watching Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition and the teens in the show never run out of it.

Here are some of the samples:

Ryan: Apoy kaba?
Karen: bakit?
Ryan: Kasi  " Alab you!!"

Tom: Mais ka ba?
Karen: Bakit?
Tom: Ang corny mo kasi!

 BOY PICK UP THE MOVIE:pi-pickup na sa June 6!
Karen: Yelo ka ba?
Tom: Hindi. (Tawa) Bakit?
Karen: Sarap mo kasi ihampas sa pader.---nyahaha!

And of course, the show BUBBLE GANG also has a segment  on Pickup Lines.It has a strong base among kids,teens and adults alike. And it is in this segment of the longest running gag show on Philippine tv where BOY PICK-UP THE MOVIE capitalized.


In the film, there is an underground battle among Pikapistas and Boy Pick-Up remains to be tge all-time undefeated champion in wooing the gorgeous Neneng B (Sam Pinto) . Despite his fame and legend,Boy Pick Up lives a normal and simple life.When his landlady asked him to love her in exchange for a few months worth of rent,Boy declined and looked for a new job.

Boy applies as a pastry chef in Heaven’s Bakeshop.The bakery is owned by Angel (Solenn Heussaff) and falls head over heels in love with her.

Unknown to Boy, a dark force know as Bagwis (Dennis Trillo) is operating under his nose to destroy him and his love in order to defeat him in the pikapista battles.How will Boy emerge from the challenge? Who will help him succeed? And how will he regain his foothold of the Pikapista championshion crown?

The gorgeous Solenn Heussaff takes the leading lady role


The movie boost of a powerhouse cast. Ogie Alcasid,being the protagonist, Solenn Heussaff as the leading lady and Dennis Trillo as the villain.

Also in the movie are Sam Pinto,Gwen Zamora, Jackie Rice, Ellen Adarna and Sarah Lahbatu.Also joining them will be Antonio Aquitania,Boy 2 Quizon,Diego,Moymoy Palaboy,Eri Neeman, Pepe Smith and Lilia Cuntapay.
I heard this is a special participation by the Asian Tv Awards Best Comedy actor recipient ---Michael V.?
the lovely Sam Pinto 
 Gwen Zamora
Boy Pick Up's ANGELS???? :)
Dennis Trillo's role in the move is daaaaark!!!
 Ogie Alcasid

I was at the GRAND PRESSCON of the movie and I like it when Ogie Alcasid said this----

 "Ang bentahe nung isang proyekto is yung proyekto mismo.I think we have a winner in this project.Sa panahon po ngayon yung 1hr na tawa is precious" ---Ogie Alcasid
 Eri Neeman
Moymoy Palaboy



BOY PICK UP THE MOVIE is directed by Dominic Zapanta


with Ogie Alcasid.....wala lang.lols

you should watch this trailer.kawindang!hahaha

BOY PICK UP THE MOVIE is co-produced by Regal Entertainment and GMA FILMS and will hit cinemas June 6!!!!



  1. Natawa ako nung namisspell mo last name ni Sarah Lahbati. I thought you were being defamatory, then it turns out, that was just me. LOL :D

  2. actually., ang swerte swerte ni ogie dito eeh., hahaha si Solenn ang pinaguusapan., whew., okay lng cguro maging joke time sa movie., bsta leading lady eehh., so HOT., OMG!


  3. Ganda ng mga nasa post na to ah.. pi pick up na!!

  4. BOOM!! sa huling picture. :)

  5. na bother ako sa lipstick ni gwen hahaha
    i love sam pinto xa tlga dpt mg no.1 sa fhm


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