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GLOBE and MAXIS kept me connected in Malaysia

One of the dilemma of being in another country is how to stay connected.The need is not just to keep sending and receiving text messages or calls but to access your social media accounts as well. I brought three phones with me on this particular trip.Two of which are smart phones on postpaid terms with two of the major networks in the Philippines.The other one was an old LG phone which I plan   to use for calls and text.

The question is,to  buy or not to buy a local sim?
GLOBE and MAXIS kept me connected in Malaysia

 We were handed out this sim card in Malaysia which I reckon is an internet sim. Wasn't able to use it though because the two smart phones I have with me are network locked.Don't wanna break the warranty and stuff so I just gave it to my friend. Sayang,should have been cheap---RM20 will allow you 1-week unlimited internet.Damn!


So the trick was to find alternatives.Hotel wi-fi in Kuala Lumpur was really fast so I had no problems while in the vicinity.The thing is,I hardly stayed in the room.So the trick is to find an alternative.

That's where *143# came in. This asterisk 143 pound sign thingy is amazing!It makes everything easy! I effortlessly navigated trough the menu and chose roaming promos for Malaysia. The best deal was $27 for three days of unlimited surfing.Go lang nang go! :)

I connected my blackberry Globe postpaid and bam!tuloy ang ligaya! :)

I was doing live tweets while on the bus to Malacca,while checking some local food in Bukit Jalil,while waiting for the Hop-on,Hop-off bus to pass by Menara tower.$27 might be a bit pricey but the joy of being on the loop is more than enough of offset the concerns on the bill.When abroad,being connected is everything :)


Ah,yeah,I remember my blackberry and iphone got drained while I was still on the bus back to KL and I had to meet my friend Ryan over dinner so I had to activate my third phone out of desperation.I bought a local sim for RM20.I thought it was a good call though coz trough it I was able to call not just Ryan but a few other friends in KL.I think diko pa nga naubus load ko.Mura lang ang calls sa kanila so buying a local sim is a good alternative while on tour in another country.

So there, that's how I managed to stay connected to twitter,facebook,foursquare,yahoo mail as well as text and call while in Malaysia.And for all its worth,I won the most # of tweets for the KL Blogger Adventure Contest.

Now you know how I did it.haha!



  1. huwats.... taklo ang nyelpone mo? susyalista!

    kaya pala kahit nasa MY ka e todo chwirrer and update. ayows!

  2. hehe atleast they do have wide coverage haha and
    yamaaaaaaaaaaan hahaha

  3. I am here to help you



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