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you don't wanna miss FLAVORS OF ASIA at Marriott Manila

Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.You don't have to go to these countries to sample their food, Marriott Manila is taking them to you!Marriott Cafe will be at the center of this month-long celebration. Four Oriental flavors in one restaurant?.Mala United Nations con pyesta lang! :)

My wife and I visited Mcafe last week to check if it is indeed true to what they are promising.After going to Malaysia last month,I felt that my literacy for food has increased a little and I am actually dying to sample more Malaysian dishes which I missed during the Kuala Lumpur trip. FLAVORS OF ASIA at MCafe,let's see how authentic it could get.

My favorite ---chef Thanathorn from Thailand at Mcafe's FLAVORS OF ASIA

Again,the dilemma every time I am in a buffet with so many selection.The tendency to go looking around not knowing what to eat first.So I came up with the plan.I started my taste test with Malaysia first.....
 Renaissance Kuala Lumpur’s Ruhizad Muri

I made sure I talked to the chefs from the four countries and chef Ruhizad Muri was there very friendly to assist me.We actually talked for a few minutes coz he noticed me wearing a shirt with MELAKA print.We talked about KL and Melaka and he even suggestion different places and food that I should try when i return to Malaysia.

I later on requested that he suggest something for me to try.He started mixing some vegetable,meat and seafood in front of him and came up with Stir Fry Vegetable and Seafood with Rendang and Percik Sauce. (ang haba ng name!)

 Stir Fry Vegetable and Seafood with Rendang and Percik Sauce.

 took only a few minutes to prepare but the product was delicious.I told chef Ruhizad Muri I am not into very spicy food so he just put the right amount of sauces on it.I like the combination of vegetable,meat and seafood in it.A parade of flavor!Must try!

Here's the other selection available at the Malaysian food section

(rice with coconut milk)

JW Marriott Jakarta’s Dadang Wahyudi

i went to the Indonesian section next where chef Dadang was waiting.I also got to chat with him a bit.These chef's are very friendly! On the menu are beef rendang, phad kaprow pla dook ( deep friend catfish with basil sauce).I tried both couple with stuffed squid which I thought was Indonesian but turns out to be from Vietnam.

Beef Rendang is the must try in this selection. It is of course a very famous dish in Indonesia with a taste similar to that of curry.I actually thought it tastes like caldereta (drier and spicier version).The beef was tenderly cooked.yes,it's spicy,pero di OA ang pagiging spicy.I like it!
 phad kaprow pla dook 
( deep friend catfish with basil sauce)
beef rendang
my meal consisting of beef rendang,stuffed squid and phad kaprow pla dook

JW Marriott Bangkok Thanatorn Krobsuay.

Then to one of my favorite sections.And my favorite chef! Chef Thanathorn of Thailand who is also a Facebook buddy. We met last year in one of the cooking class in marriott Manila which I covered as a blogger. .

He instantly recognized me during my approach and he even cried my name, Antonio!!!! Music to my ears.

With him are the  the classic Thai dishes like Grang pet ped yang ( red curry with roasted duck) and tom yam goong (spicy prawn soup).Kao phad kaprow goong ( shrimp fried rice with chili and basil) of course could not discounted from the meal. I sampled all three.Bliss!
 tom yum goong (prawn soup)
 Kao phad kaprow goong ( shrimp fried rice with chili and basil)

I also asked chef Thanathorn to prepare something for m.He mixed carrots,papaya in strips,added chili,garlic,fresh tomato and started pounding it.he also placed a few drops of citrus in it then topped it with shrimps.And the result-----(pictured below) ----a food he said is famous for women in Thailand because its what they usually eat when on diet.If diet food is this good,it's easy to go on diet after all.My wife should live in Thailand.hahaha

Sorry I missed jotting down the name of this dish but I have already asked chef Thanathorn over Facebook.Will update you as soon as he
a famous diet food in Thailand
I think I should take a coarse on cooking,
my plating sucks!
Chef Thanathorn even approached us later on an we took photos with him.:)
friendly fellow from Thailand!


Renaissance Riverside Saigon Phan Tien Hoa

I felt sorry for Vietnam.I was already stuffed by the time I went to the Vietnamese food section I only managed to try A gỏi cuốn, Vietnamese Spring Roll.There are four vairieties,bacon,fish,shrimp,beef.I tried shrimp.I like the fact that its not fried and it's wrapped in Vietnamese bánh tráng  (rice paper).Played with the rice paper in my mouth.I love the smoothness of it.Not very similar but that's the reason why I love siopao because of the smooth bun naman.

 The rice paper is kinda makunat though so you have to bite hard and pull a little more.The Spring Roll itself is good but the sauce which goes with it (as given to me without asking what it is made of) was kinda off to my taste.I find the taste strange.Cant describe basta strange.Siguro dilang ako sanay. :)
A gỏi cuốn,
 (Vietnamese Spring Roll) with shrimp accompaniment

Oh,by the way, I also tried Vietnamese noodle pala.I tasted what my wife was eating and  I am familiar with the taste of course.I remember the Pho we ate in Macau with our friend Ro Anne. :) Macau tas Vietnamese food?hahaha
And this stuffed squid happens to be Vietnamese food pala.Good coz I like it!
stuffed squid


Why I didn't eat much of Vietnamese noodles?I was reserving the remaining space in my stomach to these goodies!!!Dessert!!!
vun bai tury
(pandan leave jelly) ---Indonesia
cucur kudok pisang 
(banna flitters with honey) ---Malaysia
crunchy and taste!
sago gula melaka
(pearl sago with palm sugar) ---Malaysia
very similar taste to cendol--maybe because of the palm sugar,I think yeah.
pumpkin custard 
dadar gulung
(Indonesian pancake with stuffing)--my favorite!
(sticky rice) --Vietnam

Sticky indeed.Too sticky it easily gets deformed when scooped.Parang biko :)
mung bean sweet soup

I remember when I was young,when my mom cooks mongo,I get a small amount before the seasoning and accompaniments are added then add sugar in it.Parang ganun ang lasa :)

my plate of rice cake from four countries :)

Of course a buffet at Mcafe will never be complete without the gelato ice Cream!


And in case you still long for maki or the desserts Mcafe is famous for,they are still available,don't worry.

If in any way the food inspires you, the four chefs will also conduct a special cooking class for only P1, 500 net inclusive of a hearty lunch----

July 9, Thai;
July 16, Malaysian,
July 23 Vietnamese; and
July 30, Indonesian.


Dinner Buffet at Marriott Cafe
Php 1850 Sunday to Thursday • Php 2000 Friday and Saturday

FLAVORS OF ASIA at Marriott Manila is from July 1-31,2012.You don't want to miss this!!
For inquiries or reservations,
call Marriott Café at 988-9999.


  1. ang sarap naman. never tried cooking or eating any of this except for the indonesian food. haaay..nakakagutom. hahaha

  2. wow - asian cuisine at its finest :) kakagutom naman.

  3. spell HANSARAP kakapanglaway naku haha


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