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One of the Best Days of my Life at CRIMSON RESORT and SPA Mactan

MANILA: 11:00pm --I was talking to my last student in Korea over skype with barely 5hours of sleep the night before and at the back of my mind,I was thinking of how I am going to survive another long night as my wife and I had to leave for NAIA-3 in time for our 4am flight to Cebu.I knew I will make it somehow.I was positive something BIG was waiting for us in Cebu.

CEBU CITY: 6am--- we were in a taxi to downtown Cebu City for a courtesy call with Hotel Elizabeth and the Center Suites.The familiar sights greeted us.It was a bit gloomy that day as another storm passes Northern Luzon similar to the case during our first visit to Cebu City back in 2008.

Back then,our tour focused on downtown Cebu City.I knew Mactan island,where the International airport is located,is home to some of the world class accommodations but they are too pricey for me to afford.

Sometime early this year,I felt the urge to go back.I knew Mactan Island was calling me.

We were booked for an overnight stay at  CRIMSON RESORT and SPA Mactan which I knew will be the main event of the trip.

the bridge to happiness :)

I googled for pictures of the resort (as I usually do) before leaving the house.To be honest,the online photos I saw didn't excite me that much.I thought there's nothing that Grand of a landscape or building facade to entice the imagination.Perhaps because of the sprawling landscape of the resort.My mind was too stereotyped with the tall buildings dotting the Eastern coastline of Mactan Island.

But the moment we set foot on the property,the fresh resort feel set in.I realized that the sprawling setting of the resort is its biggest asset.

We were officially on VACATION MODE again!


CRIMSON RESORT and SPA is Asian inspired.It's classy and contemporary.The moment you step inside,that's the time you will notice that the entire Resort exudes of details.If the resort is food,it's tasty to the minutest bite.

We were taken to our room by a golf cart.It's not really far,One can just walk to any of the rooms scattered around this 6 hectare property by Filinvest Development Corporation (FDC).But I looooove golf carts!I remember Thunderbird La Union.So instead of making them carry my bag and walk, we took the golf cart instead.
That's when I realized the different feel of a sprawling seaside resort. CRIMSON RESORT and SPA Mactan has 250 suites and 40 villas..................

It was in one of the seaside Villas where we were taken, The Beach Front Private Pool Villa.OMG!

Beach Front Private Pool Villa 

• Four poster canopy king-sized bed with reading lights on both sides
• DVD Entertainment Center
• 42” LCD Television in the bedroom
• 42”LCD Television in the living room
• 22” LCD Television in the bathroom
• Sofa sleeper in the living cum dining room
• Open plan bathroom with separate shower & tub
• veranda & garden
• In room safe
• Hot & cold shower
• Coffee/tea making facilities
• NDD/IDD phones
• Wi-Fi

• Electronic entry lock
 • Private entry
• Private plunge pool !!!!

Private plunge pool = Happiness

Service is excellent.The moment you check in,somebody will be assigned to take charge of your needs.And they make sure your needs are really taken care of.Royal Treatment? Yeah,feels like VIP.

Remember the details I was referring to?Everywhere you look you see furniture of unique and intricate designs.I heard around 80% of them are sourced in Cebu.

We suddenly didn't know what to do.The room was soooooo nice we can just stay there the whole time.But we knew a beautiful resort was waiting for us.And the beach too!!! We took our time,sipped the complimentary wine and the fruits waiting for us at the table. 

We then forced ourselves to leave the beautiful room for a while and explore the property.Both me and my wife felt we wanted to do so many things at the same time.di namin alam uunahin namin.excited lang.hahaha


Did you know that Crimson Resort was originally designed as a clubhouse by its developer FILINVEST to cater to the homeowners in their high end housing project just in front of the property? Turns out they realized it could be a very profitable business when transformed into a resort property.And it is indeed profitable as Crimson Spa is famous especially to foreign tourists.

Cocktail at Tempo Lounge

 DSC_9733 DSC_9729

And here we go with the details attention to the interior and the furniture.

the chair!
 Tempo Lounge
a collection of locally built lamps

 We had some finger food here and cocktail drinks.To a good life! :)


Azure Pool Bar
We then found our way to the Pool Bar. There are some lounges near the bar and it was already getting dark.We took the time to lay at one of the lounges and simply feel the wind blowing from the beach and appreciate the feeling of being in this wonderful place.


then we took a quick dip........... Crimson looks splendid at night. Romantic vibe sets in when the lights are on..........

Crimson_resort Mactan at night


Mactan is home to many good restaurants and I wanted to maximize our 30-hour stay in Cebu so we decided to go outside the hotel for dinner.My wife didn't like the idea but I managed to convince her somehow.We tried Zubu Chon and I will talk about it soon.

I was also a bit upset about the decision because we came back at around 9pm and we were scheduled for massage at AUM Spa and I wanted to use the sauna facility first before proceeding with the massage but it would mean cutting on our 1hour 40 minute massage if we do so,so we went ahead with the massage as scheduled without the sauna.Sadness.

It was the best massage I ever had!Will talk about it in a separate post as well.Soon.

read my detailed review of AUM SPA here:


There are four restaurants which serve continental and Asian-inspired cuisine in distinct surroundings.SAFFRON CAFE is where guests can feast on a breakfast buffet which is complimentary to all in-house guests.This is where we had breakfast of course and I will again talk about it in a separate post soon :)
read my specific post on SAFFRON CAFE here:


The next day, we made sure we woke up early.Is 8am early?hahaha.We wanted to try the beach and luckily,the sun was bright that day.My wife immediately donned her bathing suit and went straight to swim.Sorry,can't post her photos here on by also followed suit to check if the water is good.

Did you know that the sand here is artificial?Like in other resorts in Mactan,sand in Crimson was  taken from somewhere else.Similar to Siloso beach of Singapore ayt?But the sand here is better.I guess it's also from surrounding areas of Cebu.It's kinda yellowish but its good.The sign on the beach says CAUTION: Deep water, and so I made sure I didn't go far off from the shoreline.The water is clear and my wife and I had a very pleasant swim.I love it!

 beach_Crimson_Resort Mactan

WATER ACTIVITIES at Crimson Resort

There are various water activities that you can do while at Crimson Resort,kayaking,speed boat tour wake boarding or knee boarding, jet ski or dive, parasail or snorkle, or a thrilling banana boat ride. Name it and they have it.

kayaking at Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan

Our CRIMSON RESORT and SPA Mactan  was indeed pleasant.Actually,pleasant is an understatement.I say,one of the best days of my life. Yeah,I was humming the song BEST DAYS by Matt White while I was at the beach that day.

Every time I look at you
You always look so beautiful
Driving on the road again
The Chevys packed than and it is dust
And I would take some photographs
So I can dream of you

Can't say I've felt
Such twisting in my heart this way
We picture Ted and Avon sleeping
While you stay awake
The fire's burning softly
Singing songs so close to you

Do you believe
In love at first sight?
I think you do
We're lying naked under the covers
Those are the best days of my life
 Crimson Resort Cebu
Felt like honeymoon to me.For the nth,there is joy in knowing that I made my wife very happy.Mactan Island didn't fail me and Crimson Resort and Spa  exceeded my expectations.

Thanks Crimson Resort for the treat!!!

CRIMSON RESORT and SPA Mactan is a Winner Certificate of Excellence 2012 by TripAdvisor.Now that means something.Find them on Facebook
ans twitter .

Call Reservation
Tel Nos. 63-32 401.9999 and 63-02 728.0005


  1. sungka ba un haha imba ee
    ganda ng theme/ design dyn love it

  2. ganda ng mga villa nila.. andaming mong pics ah.. sulit talaga diyan at enjoy.. namiss ko tuloy yung punta namin diyan sa Crimson Resorts

  3. sooo nice naman ng nth honeymoon mo! :) sabi nga nila maganda daw jan sa crimson. Never pa aq pumunta jan... looks inviting lalo na ung food! As always.. Awesome shots!! :)

  4. nice! first time i heard about it! mukha ngang clubhouse hehe. love the private pool!!! =)

  5. Wow, tuloy tuloy lang talaga ang pagta-travel mo parekoy ah :D

    Nice shots!

    and I'm back to blogging nah :)

  6. wow longest post evah!

    well i guess with a place like that, stories could be endless :)

  7. natuwa naman ako sa sungka sa lobby ba un? hehehehe... ang laki!!!!
    ang ganda ng place na pinuntahan nyo ah... honestly maganda ung asian inspired theme sa crimson resorts....
    sosyal din ang bar!!! ilabit!


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