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More and more travelers who go away either for business or pleasure are discovering the bliss of having a good massage to top the overall experience.As such,more and more accommodations are realizing that a Spa component among the services they offer is integral in luring the discriminating customers.

Alegre Beach Resort has answered the demand by opening-----Alegre Spa.

Alegre Spa offers a range of services from massage,bath treatments,head,face,ear and eye treatments,foot treatments,even facial.See the complete list of treatments here:
We tried having massage during our stay.Nothing beats a good massage treatment at night when you are about to retire for a relaxing sleep.

Alegre Spa

I looked at their spa menu and I was surprised at the many massage type they offer.Other than the usual Thai,Swedish,Shaitsu massage,they also have Hilot,Hawaiian lomi-lomi,Javanese Signature,African Khanya Energy Balance Massage etc etc.Wow,it's like looking at a food menu with many new things to try.Wished I could try all of them at the same time.Kidding.

My wife and I settled for Indonesian Massage--both our first time to experience such treatment.


The Spa at Alegre is relatively small with only two rooms with two beds each.Only four people could therefore be accommodated at the same time.It is best if you make reservations beforehand to ensure you have your much needed massage.Watch for it though,they are constructing a separate section specifically for the Spa.A lot of good things are coming to Alegre.

The interior is dimly lit to ensure the most intimate and comfortable massage experience.One can either shower in their room or at the Spa.For those who love taking the Sauna before having a massage,Turkish Sauna is available.Reminds me of the Turkish Sauna at Matabungkay Beach Hotel which I haven't blogged about yet.
 We were asked to change our clothing and put on a disposable underwear.Then there's the robe which has 'batik' print (if I am not mistaken) or something similar to that effect.

I love the massage bed.The cushion is very comfortable and the bed itself is made specifically for massage.It's sturdy so you wouldn't hear any cranks every time the masseur push your body.The cranky noise could get annoying specially if you feel like napping while having your treatment.

I would also like to mention the towel they are using.They use this big towel similar to beach towels (less the stripes or muliti-colors) and it feels heavy so it comfortably hugs the body.At one point when the towel was laid to cover my upper body,I felt as if it was pressing me tightly on the bed that it felt comfortable indeed.It also insulates the body against the air conditioning in the room.


The masseur assigned to me was really good.He was able to hit the important pressure points especially on my back.He constantly asked me if he was applying the proper pressure.


Indonesia is home to many world’s best spas, mixing the modern and ancient art of Balinese and Javanese traditional treatments. Discover more comfort and relaxation using aromatic oils, starting from the feet and ending at the head using a variety of massage strokes.

I noticed that Indonesian Massage is similar to hilot.Characterized by short, strong strokes.The difference is that in Hilot,heated banana leaves are applied on certain spots especially at the back.Since there's no need for any application,like the banana leaves, the whole of 60minutes is focused on the massage itself.That translates to more strokes.Love that!
Tipping is optional.Alegre Beach Resort adheres to non-cash transactions on services within the resort,say you order something in the resto,or when you have a massage.They just ask you to sign something and you will have to pay for all of it before you check out.They ask for a deposit of 3,000php upon checkin.Should you decide to give a tip to your masseur,they will ask you to sign how much and pay it later on the the front desk.Makes business transactions clean and convenient.

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My first Indonesian massage experience at Alegre Spa would definitely make it to the TOP 3 Best Massage Experience I had.Would love to try the other treatments next time :)

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