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10 Reasons why I keep coming back to PUERTO DEL SOL BEACH RESORT

I am picky so the fact that I keep coming back to a particular place means there's something in there to come back to.If a place like PUERTO DEL SOL BEACH RESORT in Patar Bolinao Pangasinan doesn't satisfy you, pa-checkup kana,something is wrong with you.

Here are the 10 Reasons why I keep coming back to PUERTO DEL SOL BEACH RESORT.
 PUERTO DEL SOL BEACH RESORT in Patar Bolinao Pangasinan

1.Nearby attractions
 Bolinao---Patar in particular--- is for me "Small Pagudpud" ,except,it's closer in Manila.

Sea Cave
Rocks Formations
White Beach

They have em.All within close proximity from each other.All you need is a day to enjoy it all,unlike in Pagudpud where you need at least two days.So,if you need a good escape,go to Western Pangasinan instead.

 at Patar White Beach

photo taken in 2010 at Patar White Beach
at Bolinao Falls #1

Bolinao Falls #2
at Bolinao Falls #2

at Sea Cave
Patar Lighthouse

2.Sea Cave (exclusive property)

The Sea Cave is a private property of the resort itself althought it's a few minutes away.You'll get to sea cave before you get to Patar Lighthouse (tanaw na from there) and White Beach.

Near the sea cave is the Rock Formations.It's a seaside area battered by strong waves from the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea) and the rock took a rugged yet beautiful form through the years.

Try camping here like what me and my wife did early this year.Just make sure you coordinate with the resort so that they can arrange it for you.

You can read about our camping at the Sea cave here:  camping in SEA CAVE BOLINAO for our 12th Anniversary.

3.Wide Range of Room Accommodation

It is a misconception that Puerto Del Sol (PDS) is expensive.For sure,it is the highest accredited Resort in Bolinao by the DOT and the most sosyal accommodation in the area --and that comes with a price.But the thing is,they offer a wide range of accommodation which I am sure will fit your budget.

If you have a lot to spare,go for Casitas facing the beach at an overnight rate of $315nett.Honeymoon? The Bahay Kubo (premier suite) at $235nett is perfect for you.They also have Mansion Villas (deluxe rooms) for $140nett.

Backpacker? They have kubo accommodations at $70nett which they sell at a promo rate of 2000php nett on certain seasons.Good for two na yan.

The latest addition is the DORMITORY where 7 bunk beds can accommodate up to 14pax which they sell at around 12,000php .That could even go down to 9,000php for the entire room.As I said,always check their website and/or Fb page,hobby lang nilang mag sale. :)

DORMITORY --rates could go down to 9,000+ php for the room.
a peek inside PUERTO del SOL Bolinao plus DORMITORY ROOM rate

4.La Playa Restaurant

 One of my favorite spots in the Beach Resort.Mapa-lunch or dinner,napaka-romantic ng place.And very relaxing too because of the beautiful white beach-blue sea-and-faraway-white surf which breaks as it hits the coral plate protecting the resort from strong waves.Here,you can feel the resort difference.

Indulge in delicious food while enjoying the view and feeling the sea breeze.Gaganahan kang kumain.

5.Amazing Food ---BANGUS CORDON BLEU

Try their specialty----Bangus Cordon Bleu.They have mastered this recipe and I always admire how they make the milkfish crunchy and boneless while keeping it in tact.Spell delicious.


Bangus Cordon Bleu

6.The Beach

The sand on the beachfront is not bad,same quality of sand (yellowish) as that of white beach area and the water is really clean.

Some people complain that the beach is too shallow for swimming.The area is characterized by a coral plate so you can walk around 500meters before reaching the breakwater ( not advisable to go beyond the breakwater coz it's a sudden drop after that). Could be annoying for adults who love swimming at the sea but good for kids.Very minimal probability of drowning unless intentionally left unattended.If you really want to swim,go to the White Beach.Seriously,there's no resort at the white beach area.All you can see are cottages for day trips.Sure,you can also rent those cottages for an overnight stay and that's a different experience altogether.


7.BIG Pool

PDS has a big pool where you can swim to your heart's delight.

I suggest you check the itinerary below for a complete experience para walang feeling deprived sa beach.hahaha
Puerto Del Sol Beach Resort



12 midnight ETD Cubao
6am :ETA,Bolinao Town

7:30am --11am: Bolinao Falls #1 and #2
11am: Early check in (Puerto del Sol)
12:00noon: LUNCH at LA PLAYA seaside restaurant,
rest a bit,refresh
2:00pm: Start of Patar Tour ( Patar Lighthouse,Rock Formations,
enchanted cave.white beach
4:30PM -- swimming--White Beach
5:30pm--Sunset by the beach
6:00pm ---back at Puerto Del Sol (relax,relax)
7:30pm: dinner
8:30 onwards---- Swimming (Pool) , Cocktail Drinks at Poolside Bar

sunset at Patar White Beach

DAY 2:

8am: breakfast
8:30-12 noon--explore Resort and Beach Area (personal time)
+ relax at the jacuzzi by the pool.
 12 noon: check out
(back to Manila )


8.The Poolside Bar

I am not one who loves alcohol but I do know how to celebrate.Age has taught me to drink to celebrate life rather than to drown oneself in alcohol because of life's troubles.It was at the poolside bar where we have a few cocktail drinks during our stay some of which were originally created  by the Manager of the resort Mr.Bernie and named after the family members of the resort owner.We had it after dinner and it was a perfect time to slow down after a very busy day.



The 2nd day saw a more relaxed schedule for us.Tinodo na namin ang energy nung 1st day para relax relax na ng 2nd day kasi for sure magkakatamaran na once muscle pains start to manifest.After breakfast,and after the not-to+be-missed stroll along the beach,it was at the Jacuzzi by the poolside where we spent hours relaxing and chatting about the tour the day before and life in general.As with the restaurant, (La Playa) I have many good memories of the Jacuzzi. Nothing fishy ha.Defensive :)

10.Wedding by the Beach

Many people dream of a "Beach Wedding".Sinu ba ayaw? Walking down the isle during sunset and a perfect view of the beach.

How do you dream of being wedded? I am sure at some point you though a "Beach Wedding" would be a good idea.I thought about that too a few years ago until I realized it's more expensive than a Church Wedding.That's why I envy couples who marry by the beach.

During our stay at Puerto Del Sol, a wedding was to take place.The calm sea  and wide beachfront  is an advantage for Puerto Del Sol Resort.I was able to snap a few photos of the wedding setup by the beach and patiently waited for the actual ceremony.I gave up when it was almost sunset and the wedding hasn't started yet as we had to join our peers at White Beach.But since ang bilis magdilim pag Nov-Feb,namiss din namin ang sunset.Wedding and sunset missed.Sad.

But I will post the other photos of the wedding venue soon along with the wedding packages Puerto Del Sol offer for those who are interested.

To tie a knot by the beach at Puerto Del Sol, why not!
 Beach Wedding @ Puerto Del Sol 
wedding by the beach
 The calm sea  and wide beachfront  is an advantage for Puerto Del Sol Resort
wedding reception by the poolside


These are the 10 Reasons why I keep coming back to Puerto Del Sol Beach Resort.

I am sure you will have your moment here and you will also find more than one reason to keep coming back.Cheers to happy travels!

+63 (2) 637-8963, +63 (2) 635-2547, +63 (2) 631-5103


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