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inside the DARK CHAMBERS of TAAL CHURCH: A Taal Heritage Tour

I was not accurate when I said in my yearender travel summary that 2012 actually ended in Binondo.Before the year's end,I got an invitation from a blogger friend Ramil of for a walking tour of Heritage Houses of Taal Batangas.It was a roadtrip/daytour with eleven (11) other bloggers.I've been in Taal before but it was more of a side trip on our way back to Manila from Mt.Maculot.The only thing we saw was the church and it was only on the surface.The guided tour we had this time around in coordination with the local tourism board took us into a deeper appreciation of the rich and well preserved history of Taal Batangas.

We started in the famous Taal Church otherwise called Basilica de San Martin de Tours.This is actually considered the largest church in Asia.Saw the section where priests stay.Not exactly the quarters but at least the area where church officials accept guests.Had a quick peek into their kitchen and even the gym where priests and sacristans exercise.Yes,they also do workout.On the living room one can see old furnitures as well as artifacts of pillars from the old church which fell out from its facade.

The guide gave us insights into the history of the church and the fact that the current structure was not the original church.It was constructed in the higher portion of the town after the violent explosion of Taal Volcano which completely destroyed the old church.
One of the most interesting part of the tour was the climb to the church tower.We had to go through dimly lit corridors and narrow stairways which are kinda creepy in certain sections.This is not for those who have phobia over closed spaces as the way could only allow one person at a time.If you are broad-shouldered,you even have to fold em a bit to fit.


On the top,you can see the three new bells which are electrically operated.I thought they look too small to ring the whole town but they are really loud when activated.So I heard.The old bell of course which is quite huge is on display in the front yard of the church.The view from the bell tower is nice.You can literally see the whole downtown area and nearby Lemery.It was there where I realized Taas is already close to the sea.The wind breeze provided relief after a sweaty hike to the top.

The tour of the church didn't end there.We actually crossed to the other tower (which is unrestored after it was damaged) passing through the roof of the church.There is a rode to hold on to and climbing the front wall gived another perspective of the church and the town below.

After the tour of Taal Church,our next destination was the Agoncillo Heritage House otherwise referred to as the White House which I will be showing in my next post.Till then.Happy reading! :)


PS: This tour was not sponsored.We paid for everything, gas,toll fees, meals,guides and souvenirs.We appreciate the cooperation of the local tourism board though and fo giving us a wonderful guide.Also,kudos to Ramil for coming up with the idea and for carefully planning for this tour and for driving for us too!Till the next joyride Ramil!


  1. nrating ko n rin minsan ito sir, lapit lng ako d2. still astig p rin ng mga shots mo.

  2. Ganda nung church!
    Parang maze yung corridors leading to the roof top. :)

  3. parang yan ung ginagamit nila sa mga period movies ahh
    katakot ung first shot parang pang horror


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