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CAGSAWA RUINS Fun Shots less Mayon Volcano View

Seriously,I haven't been to Cagsawa Ruins (since it's my first time in Bicol Region),but because this church ruins is sooooo popular, (maybe even more popular than Mayon itself) I felt like I have been to the place many times.Since we were already in Legazpi, why miss the opportunity of seeing it in person?Who cares if it is a touristy place.

We went here because it has been almost 48hours and we haven't done anything significant yet,other than our stay at The Oriental Hotel of course!

Why is Cagsawa Ruins Popular?
Because you get a good view of Mayon Volcano from here.It's at the backdrop of the church ruined when Mayon decided to get bitchy and buried more than 1,200 people who took refuge in the Church.

Mayon was again bitchy that day and it didn't appear for our pictorial in front of the church.Darn! :)

How to Get to Cagsawa Ruins

To get to Cagsawa Ruins from downtown Legazpi City,you can take the jeepney which passes through Daraga Albay(Camalig, Guinobatan, Ligao, Libon, Polangui, Oas).It will take around 30minutes from Embarcadero to Brgy.Busay if the traffic is not heavy.Just tell the driver you are going to Cagsawa Ruins and they will drop you at the junction where you will ride the tricycle for 10pesos each.Actually,pwede nang lakarin from kanto.It will take you around 10-15minutes brisk walking if you have time to spare.

This is a church ruins,so imagine a church where there is a gate (you pay 10pesos per head entrance fee) and around the gate are shops for souviners.Inside the gate,there are more shops and restaurants.

We had breakfast one of those restaurants.We originally thought of dropping by Daraga town to eat thinking it might be a lot more expensive in Cagsawa Ruins but one of the passengers in the jeepney said there are good restaurants in the ruins at reasonable prices.He mentioned Jimaynah's in particular.That's where we ate breakfast before going around.

Adobado (Chicken Adobo) -- 140php
Bicol Express
Pancit Bicol--15php
Kusido (fish sinigang) --160php
Bicol Express (2)
Bicol Express -- 150php
Ginisang Bolinao Sa Sili_Albay
Ginisang Bolinao sa Sili (Dilis) --- 30php
Church of Cagsaua

The spiritual administration of Cagsaua from 1587 to 1595 was under the parish of Camalig.An early church was burned in July 25,1636 by the Dutch who ransacked the towns bordering Legazpi Bay.This church built after 1724 by Fray Francisco Blanco was burried by rocks and lava during the eruption of Mayon Volcano in February 1,1814.The authorities of Cagsaua meeting at Ligao on July 6,1814 decided to incorporate their town as part of Daraga.The first centenary of the destruction of the church was commemorated on Feb.1,1914 with a huge pilgrimage to the ruins where high mass was celebrated.  


At the ruins,some people will approach you to take fun shots with the church belfry as the background and if you are lucky, with Mayon Volcano imposing from afar.As I said,Mayon was covered with clouds that day so it wouldn't show in our pics.Good thing Cagsawa Ruins is in itself recognizable even without the volcano.Anyhow,I thought about dismissing the offer at first,but after a few unsuccessful attempts,I gave up.

They will offer to take photos with your camera and they don't ask for any specific price ----donation will do.At ang galing nilang mag-set ng dslr ha.Tinuruan pako ni ate.lols.And they know many tricks too.They will tell you on what spot to go and what to do.All it also takes is one click for each frame and that's it.They are so used to it.So creative!We gave 100pesos to our instant photographer.Everybody happy!Some of the photos were taken using my friend's dslr so I have no copy. 

 CAGSAWA Ruins Fun Shots 

And there's another reason why you should be at Cagsawa Ruins ----the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) Tour! With the backdrop of Mayon (again,if you are lucky), and lava rocks scattered around Cagsawa,it sure is a fun and thrilling ride.My wife and friend Mitch loved it so much.I will talk about it in my next post so look for it.Cheers! 


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  1. cute nung last pic.

    taga bicol ang dad ko pero sa malayuang tanaw ko lang nakita ang mayon at di pa ako nakakapunta dyan sa ruins na yan....

  2. haha kakatuwa naman ang mga shots na ganyan
    nauuso talaga lately yan ahaha
    last shot syempre ung the best

    sarap nung mga foods ahh

  3. Ang sarap nung foods.. Especially Pancit Bikol! :D


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