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PAN-AY CHURCH: beauty in old age + the Biggest Church Bell in Asia?

If you think Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral is already the grandest in the area of Roxas City,think again.Around 30 minutes outside the confines of the Capital of Capiz lies the town of Pan-ay where the 3-century old Sta.Monica Parish Church is located.It's popularly known as PAN-AY CHURCH.

If you think Immaculate Conception is old,this one is ooooold.If you feel that Immaculate Conception is wow, this one is woooooooow!Yang ganyang pakiramdam.:p

There's beauty in old age.
 Pan-Ay Church Roxas City 
 PAN-AY CHURCH: beauty in old age


Thanks to my buddy Francis who served as my "walking google" when I was in Roxas City and Kalibo,I easily found this church.From Baybay area in Roxas City,we contacted a tricycle to take us here.Francis said it normally costs 80-100php one-way but the tricycle driver we contacted priced it at 60php.Ako naman nahiya kasi pakiramdam ko ang layo.We made kuya wait for us instead (kesa umuwi syang mag-isa sa Roxas City) and gave him 150php later.



"Sta. Monica Parish Church stands as a reminder of the First Christian Faith in the island. In 1566, Fr. Martin de Rada, O.S.A was the first to proclaim the Gospel in the island of panay at the riverbank of Bamban (now known as the town of Panay). Now, Panay is known as the Heritage Capital of Capiz because of the rich history and the deep culture it owns.

Sta. Monica Parish Church is a 3 century-old church which homes the biggest bell in Asia. The bell was cast in 1878 from 70 sacks of coins, 7 ft. wide by 7 ft high, weigh of 10,400 kilograms (10.4 tons).

Sta. Monica Parish Church is internationally renowned Parish Church, declared a National Historical Landmark by the National Historical Institute, and a National Cultural Treasure in 2004 by the National Commission on Culture and the Arts."  --


 Since the Church is famous,a lot of people come here in groups.I commend the church for assigning somebody to guide visitors and give them insights of the place.Francis and I were lucky coz after getting a few shots of the facade, (with us on the frame) a small group came so the guide told us to join them in the tour.

We were told by the guide that the church was made of coral and this giant piece of wood was one of the beams of the original church.The wood is still on display at the right isle of the church when facing the altar.Other wood from the old church were reused for the stations of the cross tablets adorning the side walls.

You can also notice several altars---all 5 of them.The ones on the side were altars from the old church,they had it preserved and incorporated in the church adding to the rustic grandeur of Pan-ay Church's interior.
inside_Pan-ay Church

We were then directed to the front corner of the church to the stairs leading to the bell tower.



I am actually confused now.Some claim Pan-ay Church Bell is the Biggest in Asia,some say it's only 3rd.For whatever is true,I lay witness to how big it is.It can actually fit a few people standing inside it.Huge,huge!And there are also many bells around it.At the bell tower is a constellation of bells of different sizes.Cute
 3rd_largest bell in Asia_Pan-ay_Church

syempre me "under-the-bell photo din kami ni Francis.lols

from there, you can see the roof of the rear of the church.
Before heading back town,Francis took me to the Old Spanish Well at the side lawn of the church close to Sta.Monica Museum which was unfortunately closed that day.Sayang,sabi ni Francis maganda museum nila.Next time. :)  

Old_Spanish_Well_Pan-Ay Church

The visit to Sta.Monica Church reminded me of the old churches in Bohol.Napapa-Bohol tuloy ako.Might go back there this year.Fingers crossed :)


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  2. wish i can visit old churches too. it's my dream to see these old structures that have seen the country's deep history and survived to tell some of the stories :)


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