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seafood galore at BAYBAY Roxas City

Time to check if Roxas City lives to its name as the Seafood Capital of the Philippines.

Close to the airport is an area they call Baybay. Baybay is the local word for the sea or seaside and true enough,Baybay is the beach area of Roxas City where there are many restaurants selling fresh seafood and offer "paluto".It's past what they call  "Peoples Park" which is an open space for people to stroll while contemplating on the seaside view.This is Roxas City's answer to Manila's Baywalk.
Buttered Scallops at Bebing's Seafood Restaurant Baybay Roxas City

Back to the restaurants,my new buddy Francis took me to Bebing's Seafood Restaurant.Be aware,most (if not all) restaurants along Baybay are 'kubo' (hut) type restaurants.Pang-cowboy ang place.A kind of setting fit for an indulging seafood experience.

We immediately ordered our food to give allowance for cooking.Picked the usual stuff---shrimp,crab and squid.Francis added liempo and a kind of clam I haven't tasted before.Fresh buko for our drinks.


ORDER from these Fresh Catch


There are other choices too


What we ordered:

Cooking time was surprisingly fast.Perhaps because the restaurant was not completely full.I was surprised that the squid I picked (4 pieces of em on stick at first) apparently looked smaller and sorry-looking when cooked and placed in a platter.For 90php, I thought it's kinda pricey.Of course I realized later on that it's actually cheap already.
1 pc crab--90php
4pcs pusit ---90php
buttered shrimps---90php

The food is really tasty,the crab,yum!And Francis was able to convince me to try Buttered Scallops he ordered and it was the "star" of the day.
Buttered Scallops ---100php
fresh buko!
with Francis --- @coyxxx

All in all, we paid only 560pesos.Or shall I say Francis did.He insisted to pay despite my protest.Ang babait ng mga taga Roxas!lol.Seriously, thanks Francis! And to think about it , 560php for all these is already cheap.(Biglang nagmura nung libre.hahaha).I mean, come on!You try Seafood Stations along Roxas Blvd. and you will get my point.All the food that we tried were really delicious.I have reservations for the buttered shrimps though coz I though they don't taste that fresh.Still, I would recommend you try dining in Baybay if you drop by Roxas City. Buttered Scallops is not to be missed.

ROXAS CITY with the title of  "Seafood Capital of the Philippines" ----passed!

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  1. Nagpalibre ka na naman Anton hahahaah XD

  2. Yes! This is where my mom is from, so I get to visit Roxas City once a year since I was a baby. The problem is, I'm allergic to fish... Coming from a family who's from the Seafood Capital, that is a big woah. Nonetheless, I still enjoy the other seafood dishes like scallops! Those look good. :)

  3. wahaha di ko gusto ng mga shell foods
    onting sea foods din lang ang natritripan ko haha
    kahit dagsa din samin ang mga yan ee di ko
    talaga nakahiligan


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