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Seafood Overload at MARINOLD Bar and Grill Seaside Macapagal

Because I was inspired by the seafood experience in Baybay Roxas City,I thought, why not try Macapagal Boulevard?

Both places offer a seafood market with a "paluto" concept.Meaning,you buy your fresh seafood from the market in the complex,pick a restaurant,and have it cooked by that establishment for a particular charge.

Craving for seafood? MARINOLD BAR AND GRILL is the answer.

Seafood Overload at MARINOLD Bar and Grill Seaside

Marinold is located in the inner side of this maze of seafood-paluto-restaurants in Macapagal Blvd.It's at the lower left corner of the complex.

We were personally invited here by Sir Bernie who is the new manager of the place.Under his watch,several changes have been made at the bar and grill including the renovation of the place.Mr.Bernie used to work with well known hotels and resorts,and his years of experience in the sector means good food and top service.

Marinold_ROXAS blvd (2)
 Other than the newly renovated place,they also have a live band on Saturdays.A perfect time to be here with your barkada or family. 
The band deserves a mention.My wife was all ears on the young girl on the microphone.She can easily belt out high pitch oldies as if making no effort at all.My wife kept telling me they should audition her in one of those talent shows on national tv.She's a natural!


Other than the live band,Marinold Bar and Grill has an ongoing promo.Buy 2 buckets of any local beers and get 50% discount on any sizzling oulutans of your choice.

Tuna Sisig. Before:225php Now:112php
Pork Sisig: Before:225php Now:112php
Squid Rings:     Before:225php Now:112php
Pork and Tofu: Before:225php Now:112php
Native Duck Adobo: Before 310php Now:155php

Tuna Sisig
We tried all of it and I particularly like the Tuna Sisig.I usually order pork sisig for pulutan so having tuna instead is a welcome change.

The Native Duck Adobo is something that you cannot find in Seaside other than in Marinolds Bar and Grill.I heard it's one of the top sellers here.Look for it.At discounted price,I am sure your barkada will enjoy it.

 Native Duck Adobo

Of course my favorite buttered Shrimps could not be discounted from the list.We were too full to finish all the food so I even asked the waiter to have it wrapped for take out. :)
I mentioned Mr.Bernie,the new manager,you can easily approach him for your needs.I observed him going around talking to customers.I admire this man for going out of his way to make sure everybody is satisfied.

He is an expert in mixing alcoholic drink.He came to our table to join us and he taught me a few tricks.I was awed how he can improvise a drink.And he almost got me drunk with the 'slammer'!hahaha  

my wife having a chat with Sir Bernie
Sir Bernie preparing a slammer

If you happen to be craving for fresh seafood,look for MARIGOLD BAR and GRILL at Seaside Macapagal Avenue.Best time to go is on Saturdays when there is a live band to serenade you with love songs and you get a big discount on beers and paluto.Try their tuna sisig and you will not be disappointed.And the Native Duck Adobo too,perfect for pulutan!
MARINOLD Bar and Grill is located in
Seaside, Macapagal Blvd. Pasay
For reservations,call : (02)804-0417


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  2. Yummy seafoods! :))

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