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WORRY FREE TRAVEL w/ GLOBE: useful iPhone apps while on the road

I was in Bicol Region for  four days navigating the provinces of Camarines Norte,Camarines Sur and Albay a few days ago.Except for Calaguas island where cellphone signal is impossible to any network,my mobile phone company Globe  kept me on the know all throughout the tour.

The final leg of the trip, (Legazpi,Albay) proved to be a bit challenging.I have to admit I didn't research much on the place coz I thought it would be such a breeze.But the weather was uncooperative during our stay that I had to go from plan A to plan B.The problem was,I only had plan A.The rest,I had to compensate on real time mobile searches.This the time when you appreciate a reliable mobile data subscription. Using my favorite iPhone travel apps, I was able to maximize my stay in Legazpi and pulled out a few discoveries.

Here are two iPhone travel apps which kept me in the loop.......



"This Google ad-supported app utilizes your iPhone's GPS to find your current location, then provides categorized lists of nearby shops, restaurants, and even hospitals."

AroundMe is your quick help for finding something around you.Restaurants,banks,supermarkets,hospitals,parks ---there are so many categories to choose from.And it's fast.Along with the establishments list is the approximate distance at which where it is from your location.When you click on your choice,you will see the map where it is located.Very handy.

The down side about this app is that if you are looking for a "good" restaurant for example,it would not be much of a help because there are no reviews included.Other than the comfort of knowing that the thing you are looking for do exist nearby, it is not very helpful in giving you advice on the establishments you are not familiar with whether they are worth the try or not.In that case,I rely to my other favorite,tripadvisor.


"This Web-based app pairs your GPS coordinates with content from the TripAdvisor website, so you'll need a data connection to use it."

I am a Senior Reviewer at Tripadvisor with 31 reviews and 28,000+ readers to date.95% of my reviews though are about hotels and have never used the mobile version of the app until recently.I was surprised at how helpful the iphone version is.

Searches here are narrowed down to three categories.Hotels,Restaurants and Places of Interest.As always,the user reviews of what you are looking for are very helpful as it gives you an idea on what to expect.Unlike the AroundMe app which searches depending on your actual location,Tripadvisor data is built in an could be accessed anywhere.If you are in Binangonan Rizal for example and you want to know the Things To Do in Legazpi,it's possible.You will be given a drop down list with reviews.Same goes with the hotels and restaurant.

Both AroundMe and TripAdvisor proved to be very helpful during my last out of town trip.That is of course possible because of a reliable mobile network connection.Thanks to Globe and these awesome travel apps,I feel more confident I don't miss on the fun while on the road!



  1. bet q ung find me. mukhang maggamit q yan pag uwi q. thanks! :)

  2. I will probably be back again to browse more, many thanks for the data.


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