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Show how MAX YOU LOVE YOUR WIFE this Valentines month

How do you measure love?Is it even measurable?These are difficult questions to answer.This I can say though ----LOVE IS AN ACTION,NOT AN EMOTION.I have to constantly remind myself that,not just because it's love month but because love is something we need to express through our actions every single day.

Simple manifestations can go far.You cannot just keep saying "I love you" without a corresponding act to support it.As a lover, you should know what excites your wife,girlfriend or boyfriend.

Here are some of the things I do to keep the spark in my relationship with my wife.

Nanking Beef treat at NORTH PARK

The weather is so unpredictable these days that you never know how the traffic will be on her way home.Free her from the burden of having to prepare a hot meal and offer to order her favorite Chinese comfort food.

Yes,my wife loves soup and this Nanking Superior Soup from North Park put a big smile on her face.For me,it was a discovery of how good their Nanking Soup is.I ordered Nanking Beef with noodles for myself too!

Nanking Beef_NORTH PARK

Coffee treat at Starbucks

Our busy lives sometimes don't afford us time to slow down.Wouldn't it be nice to cuddle for an impromptu coffee treat?

I am a coffee fan and it amazes me how a good cup of coffee could slow people down and spark an intimate conversation.My wife loves it everytime I suddenly pull her inside a coffee shop.  

Blush on from The BODY SHOP

Surprise your wife with a treat from the Body Shop.Body scrub,lotion or perfume perhaps?

My wife loves make up and she found a blush on perfect for her.A pinkish blush on has been added to her cheeks other than the grin on her lips.

Towel from Robinsons Department Store

Before you became partners,you enjoyed hanging around over simple pleasures.

For my wife,simple pleasure means having complete toiletries in the restroom or in the particular day I took her to Robinson's Dept.Store ----some nice towels


Rubber Shoes from Adidas

Do you remember the Reebok shoes given to me by my student last December?CLASSIC LOVE: the REEBOK CL TRAIL .She has objected that it would look good on me as soon as she saw it out of the box.

Turns out she has her eyes on it.She tried several times to ask me to give it to her instead.Kaya naman pala.

My wife is a Physical Education teacher and I understand that she needs a good rubber shoes.And so I took her to Nike Store in Robinson's Galleria last time to buy her one.She ended up not finding the perfect fit so it was me who bought one so that she would have my Reebok instead.At the end of the day,she triumph in owning my dear blue shoes.hahaha


HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE YOU WIFE? That is a question you can answer with simple acts.Let MAXVIT help you.Because whatever her love language is,you'll need energy to show how much you adore her.

MaxVit softgel capsules can be found in leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide for P12 per capsule. Individually packed in flex foil, MaxVit is available in Convenience Pack of 5’s, and Box of 100’s.

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