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B3X TOUR 2013: Pic and Pick at the STRAWBERRY FARM

I never thought strawberry picking could be this fun.Seriously.I have been to the Strawberry Farm in Benguet several times but I haven't enjoyed the experience this much.

That until I was with a group of bloggers from MNL and Cebu for the B3X Tour.

Situated in a Valley,the Strawberry farm in Benguet is the perfect place to grow strawberry.I said that coz there are many other strawberry farms around Baguio City pero according to locals, (not from the strawberry farms) iba parin lasa ng mga galing mismo dito sa Strawberry farm.Mas maasin yung sa iba.

Pic and Pick at the STRAWBERRY FARM

In my past visits here,I didn't really get the chance to hand pick strawberry's myself.Mahal kasi.If you buy the readily picked strawberries,it's only 150php per kilo.But if you pick em yourself,that would be 350php per kilo.More than half the price!
So while doing the picking,we were thinking why it's so expensive.Perhaps because you have to pay for some sort of insurance.I mean,for collateral damage.For sure you will be hitting(damage) on other strawberries in the process so you have to pay more.You also get to pick the best,the big ones at least.But I heard the small ones are more tasty.True?


More importantly,I think it's about the experience.You don't get to see strawberries in a farm daily,more so pick some.When asked,the bloggers from Cebu actually consider it as one of the most memorable experience of the tour.It sure was memorable for me too.First time ko ring mamitas.Hehe.

And of course,strawberry picking will not be complete without the pic-ing.Camwhore mode uli sa strawberry farm.So it took us 2 hours to come up with 2 kilos of strawberry. Hahaha
me photo bomb!hahaha

Near the entrance to to the strawberry farm is a market where you can find a variety of products.From bags,accessories,shirts,wood carvings,coin purse (in strawberry shape),and even walis (brooms).There are other vegetables too that come cheap.I bought a kilo of broccoli for only 100php nga.


The strawberry farm in La Trinidad Benguet is a famous destination for tourists in Baguio.Not so much on the beauty of the place but for the experience itself.

B3X TOUR 2013 is the Baguio-Benguet Bloggers Appreciation Tour 2013 edition which is the brainchild of Cordillera Bloggers under the watch of Vincent Tabor who blogs for saw the 1st installment of this tour with nine (9) blogggers from Manila and Cebu as participants.


More on B3X Tour coming soon!


  1. ang fresh ng strawberry at laki di tulad nung nabibilli dito haha
    wa bang pasalubong dyan

  2. Waah, kakainggit naman haha. Di pa talaga ako nakakabisita ng Baguio at syempre jan sa Strawberry Farm :))

    *sabay hablot ng isang basket na strawberry*

  3. would like to try strawberry picking too.. naingget bigla.. you take very beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing them.

  4. thanks for sharing the pictures.. bigla tuloy ako naiingit.. i'd like to go back to baguio


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