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MALIA 2013:Can You Afford It?

It goes without saying that you want to book your Malia 2013 holiday this year. However, if cashflow is a little on the slow side you might be thinking that you have to give your stint in the sun a miss this year. Think again. With a bit of crafty forward planning, Cinders, you will go to the ball (beach/pool/club)!

Put in the Hours.

Can you put in extra hours at work (if on overtime rates then so much the better!). If that’s a no go, what about a second job? Ok, so it sounds about as appealing as a day out with your dear Auntie Gladys right now, but it’s got to be worth it for a week on the Malia beach, right? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Deliver pizzas, stack shelves, set up a dog walking business (you entrepreneur, you!). Extra cash that you’re not used to having in your pocket quickly adds up.
 Malia beach, Crete
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Save Those Pennies
Are you guilty of picking up expensive coffees everyday? Or maybe you have a magazine habit, like your takeaways, or have too many pairs of box fresh trainers to count? Whatever your bad money habits, now is the time to go cold turkey. Get yourself an old school whisky jar and, whenever you’re tempted to spend, pop the pounds in there instead – seeing them stack up will be great motivation to keep on saving.

Go Last Minute
Once you’ve got a tidy stash put away, it’s time to hold your nerve. Don’t be tempted to book too soon. Wait as long as you dare for last minute deals on clubbing holidays to hit the internet, then bag yourself a bargain, getting more for your hard won savings.

Once you’re on that beach, round that pool or in that club, all those late night pizza delivery stints will be well worth it. Malia 2013? It’s on!

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