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The PUZZLE MANSION Tagaytay and Gina Gil-Lacuna's 1,028 puzzles and growing!

Chances are, if you will tell me 'jigsaw puzzle' prior to March this year, I would automatically dismiss it as child's play.That change when I came face to face with the 1,028 pieces puzzle collection of Gina Gil-Lacuna at the Puzzle Mansion in Tagaytay.

This vast collection of course landed her at the Guinness Book of World Record as the Largest Collection of Jigsaw Puzzle of Any Shape and Form.

The PUZZLE MANSION_Museum_Tagaytay (9)
Puzzle Museum at PUZZLE MANSION Tagaytay 
The PUZZLE MANSION_Museum_Tagaytay (4)
The PUZZLE MANSION_Museum_Tagaytay (10)

1,028 Puzzles and Growing!!!

And that number is growing.When we were at the Puzzle Mansion the other week,The Puzzle Lady (as I call Gina Gil-Lacuna) has added LAS HILANDERAS in her collection. Based on the painting of Velazquez, the puzzle is 214x 157cm and is made of 10,000 pieces.That's a wow and that sums her collection to 1,029 puzzles to date!

It was in the Puzzle Museum at the Puzzle Mansion where I learned that there are so many kinds of puzzles.Not just 2D,there's 3D, wood puzzle,glass puzzle and 4D or puzzle over puzzle.Cool!

  • 2D Puzzles
The PUZZLE MANSION_Museum_Tagaytay (7)
The PUZZLE MANSION_Museum_Tagaytay (6)
The PUZZLE MANSION_Museum_Tagaytay (5)
The PUZZLE MANSION_Museum_Tagaytay (8)

  • 3D Puzzles
The PUZZLE MANSION_Museum_Tagaytay (15)
The PUZZLE MANSION_Museum_Tagaytay (11)
The PUZZLE MANSION_Museum_Tagaytay
The PUZZLE MANSION_Museum_Tagaytay (13)
The PUZZLE MANSION_Museum_Tagaytay (16)

  • 4D Puzzles (Puzzle over a puzzle)


The PUZZLE MANSION_Museum_Tagaytay (12)

  • GLASS PUZLLES (me ganun pala? :)

The PUZZLE MANSION_Museum_Tagaytay (14)

  • EVEN THIS COCA-COLA is a puzzle. Wow!

LAS HILANDERAS is no easy puzzle.It is actually considered as the most difficult puzzle in the world.You'll know why if you see it in person.So many dark shades.No wonder it took Mrs.Lacuna more than a year to finish it.
The PUZZLE MANSION_Museum_Tagaytay (2)

Being in front of all these puzzles assembled has earned my respect for this hobby.Many of the puzzles you can see at the Puzzle Museum are large.And when I say large,I mean puzzles of 8,000 or 10,000 pieces.As if not enough,Gina Gil-Lacuna is currently piecing together what will be the LARGEST PUZZLE IN THE WORLDA 32,000 pieces Pop Art RAVENSBURGER PUZZLE 6 plywoods big.That’s around 8x24 feet.
the SOON to be LARGEST PUZZLE in the World

MICKEY'S RACING TEAM-- Gina Gil-Lacuna's 1st ever puzzle on display at
 the Puzzle Museum

Gina Gil-Lacuna's love for puzzle started 27 years ago with her first puzzle she purchased in Hong Kong.The puzzle depicting MICKEY'S RACING TEAM is on display at the Puzzle Museum.She has since collected other puzzles from the countries she visited.And she's been to almost everywhere!Which explains all the puzzles on display at the museum.During the interview with us bloggers,she revealed that there are still more under her bed waiting to pieced together.Wow!
Gina Gil-Lacuna doing the tour herself


Read the excerpt of the interview here:
GINA GIL-LACUNA: The Queen of Jigsaw Puzzles, a true inspiration

The Puzzle Mansion is located at Purok 4 Cuadra St. Barangay Asisan, Tagaytay city, Philippines

Tagaytay is indeed making a lot of buzz lately, thanks to the "Puzzle Lady"and her Guinness Book of World Records for the Largest Jigsaw Puzzle Collection in the World!

For inquires or reservations
Tel: 02 661 0019/ 0905 225 0229


  1. wow naman grabe talaga ang chaga nya ahh! lahat ng yan ginawa nuya mag isa deserve nya talaga ang guiness

  2. Ang ganda ng mga pictures! Very nice descriptions too of the puzzle collection of Ms. Gina!

  3. Truly..Pinoy artists are creative!!! I'll add this site to my blog to visit regularly for a new posts.

  4. I wanna go here! Do you know the directions if I'm coming from Caleruega? That's my first stop for this weekend. I'll be going via commute. I don't know if there are any jeeps that can take me there. Thank You :)


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