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where to eat in El Nido: SEA SLUGS + PUKKA Resto Bar

You don't go cheap on food on your first night in a new place.Dapat pyesta-pyesta muna.So we looked for restaurants along the beachfront even if we know it's much cheaper inland.Tripadvisor mobile app was there to help with with what restaurants are famous in the area but not so much on how to get there.We ended in SEA SLUGS.

 SEA SLUGS Restaurant El Nido

Mahilig ang mga kasama ko sa ihaw-ihaw so the smoke coming from grilled pusit (squid) enticed them.I ordered one along with and shrimp sinigang. Quite pricey.Medium sized squid with stuffing costs 180php and the sinigang na hipon costs 250php. I wouldn't bother if it is 250php if only it tastes good.But the so so taste made me feel that it is pricey.Waste of money.

I added kangkong to add variety into the selection but it was a complete waste of money.Walang lasa! The sinigang was okay but not 250php worthy and the squid is just so so.I guess it was more on the experience, the idea of eating along the beach at night with lots of foreigners around.

We then thought of having beer before calling it a night.We walked a few meters more and found ourselves at PUKKA RESTO BAR.It's a nice seaside pub with a funky crowd dancing in the beat of live reggae music.El Nido town's beachfront reminds me so much of Puerto Galera except that it's a little more subdued here.Despite a few beachfront pubs playing loud music,most of the beach is still quiet and dark.


We enjoyed our time here more than we did at SEA SLUGS. It's not the we enjoy drinking more than dining but the food at Sea Slugs is really pricey and forgettable. I love the feel-good-vibe at Pukka Resto Bar.

TIP: If you are on a budget, stay away from beachfront restaurants.You can get the same quality of of food, even better, with almost twice less the price if you try the other restaurants inland.Just walk a few meters from the beach. We wasted extra money for for so so food but for the sake of feel-good-experience, okay lang.

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